Typical scams might begin by unknown people contacting you by phone, email or fax and informing you of an amazing investment opportunity that will make you lots of money. Boost your Dubai career! 

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Job Sites Scams 

Dubai Scams Here you will find the list of companies in Dubai that are scams and websites, people, emails, you should avoid for your safety. Saturday, April 14,

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I came across a housing scam in JBR. I found an ad on Dubizzle | OLX about a room available for rent in apartment , Sadaf 2, JBR 1. The ad has been taken down but here is the link Flats & Apartment Room for Rent Dubai, UAE I called the number.

We often get reports of scams in Dubai both on the streets and also in the cyberworld as well as Etisalat phone scams- find the latest news here. Is there a list of common scams in Dubai somewhere? If not, it is high time we had one, my blood boils when I think about scum who profit from the. 

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Street Scams in a Variety of Flavors

Dubai is a thriving investment center and oasis in the middle of the desert. But, a recent surge in scams in Dubai are damaging the country's reputation. To avoid getting cheated or scammed, consumer education is extremely important. The Dubai Financial Services Authority (DFSA) has created a special section on their website and updates it regularly with the latest scams that might affect DIFC and investors.

Job Sites Scams. As you look for a job in Dubai, you will come across lots of websites that claim to offer a service that helps job seekers find a job. While expats hardly ever fall victim to violent crimes in Dubai or Abu Dhabi, they are more commonly the victims of scams. In fact, con artists are just looking for gullible foreigners they can scam out of their money.

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