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Flintstones Slot Conclusion With the Flintstones being such a successful series over the years, there was actually some pressure on WMS to replicate this success at the slot.

While that does not guarantee their Flintstones game will have a progressive jackpot bonus if it does the chances are good there will be multiple jackpots up for grabs. The bonus games require the player to look up to the second display area where short animations may play out revealing various prizes or prize-determining factors such as random Wild symbols, multipliers, and cash prizes. 

Prize functions The icon in the form of a hut in the Flintstones slot performs the functions of the scatter. It takes as much as 3 bonfire symbols anywhere on the reels to trigger Free Spins, The game switches to nighttime mode and everything darkens.

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The beloved classic of western animation, the Flintstones, finally has a virtual slot machined after it. The Flintstones first aired 56 years ago, if you can believe that. It initially aired until , but it has been brought back in a number of revival series, spin offs, movies, and a slew of merchandise.

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The Flintstones is an animated cartoon that many of you reading this review will have grown up with. Fred Flintstone was the main protagonist of the series, where you’d follow the exploits of him and his best friend Barney Rubble and /5(11).

Apr 08,  · The Flintstones gaming machine was developed by Playtech on the basis of the animated series with same name. An unexpected gambling continuation of the cult TV show awaits players on 5 reels/5(4). Finally! We’ve been waiting since the stone age to actually get an official Flintstones slot machine available online. WMS have had the Flintstones land machines for what seems like forever but now, Playtech have gotten their hands on the rights to produce an online version! No more playing scarcely concealed tributes like Cave King or Stone Age, /5(). 

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The Flintstones Slot Game Review

Dec 15,  · The Flinstones is an online slot machine game developed by PlayTech. It is played on 5 reels and 4 rows, with 13 icons. 2 of them are Scatters, and one is Wild that replaces all symbols except the Scatters. This slot is similar to Jurassic Island. The theme of the machine is inspired by the Flintstones cartoon and its characters, with its /5(63). The most popular bonus game in the pinball-style slot is the Yabba Dabba Doo bonus. Almost every familiar character from the show gets involved with this one in one (although Dino has his own bonus game where he .

Remember the Flintstones and their hilarious adventures when you play this cheerful Slot machine. In rocky homes, in times dating back to the Stone Age, they will lead their exciting life, and will do that with perks for you, online, as you play this game. Flintstones slots. The Flintstones used to be one of my favorite cartoons when I was a kid. I loved it so much, I would walk home from school at lunch time packed lunch in my hand, watch it, then go back to school.

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