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Other than NinjaTrader, there are many more third party packages and software that you can use.

You can call it TWS. 

Rates can go even lower for truly high-volume traders.

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On Demand Learning at Traders' University Interactive Brokers' Traders' Academy is intended for financial professionals, options, futures and forex trading.

Information on applying these tools is scattered across the IB website, contributing to a sense of disorganization, although the tools themselves offer great value. However, be forewarned that the learning curve is steep because the software's Java core is text-based, requiring deep drilling into menus to configure trading and data screens for different requirements.

Once mastered, the interface can perform powerful and sophisticated trading and analysis functions, in line with the needs of professionals and serious-minded trader-hobbyists. Pros Navigating between market venues and instruments is easy and intuitive once you've mastered the software. Trade execution is lightning fast but unforgiving, so check twice before loading in market orders and hitting the entry button.

Most trading categories can open into secondary screens that offer more comprehensive data and execution capabilities. For example, FX Trader presents a more traditional view of currency pairs, with boxed pairs highlighting pip changes in multiple colors. Meanwhile, FX Matrix provides a snapshot of the most popular pairs in an easy to read format that quickly identifies emerging opportunities. Cons Charting capabilities are unusually weak and incomplete compared to many brokerage systems, a drawback compounded by the sophistication of other platform features.

The platform lacks long look-back periods, industrial strength indicators, or easily managed chart views. IB has made improvements over the years in reaction to customer complaints, but many users will need to tap other sources to meet their technical analysis requirements. Pros The apps support watchlists, orders, trades, scanners, alerts, notifications, portfolio news, and market briefs.

Configuration is much simpler than the desktop experience, offering adequate access to positions while away from the trading desk. But do not give up instantly if you realize you have no idea how to work with it. It has some basic functions like order entry, bookkeeping and charting that we have mentioned earlier. Of course, it would not be complicated if it had only basic functions. TWS also has a lot of other features like news feeds, algorithm support for unusual orders, trading assistants for specific types of trading….

You do not have to use these if you do not want to. It takes some time to get used to the solution, but it is extremely efficient and useful.

You will see a summary of securities available only if you type in any stock symbol. Watch lists can include practically anything you can think of! Many loyal clients prefer the Classic view, but I hold on to the Mosaic one. No broker can give you an experience like TWS can. Did you know that watch lists can have up to different columns? Besides learning how to build watch lists effectively, I have found only one disadvantage.

That is supporting too many investment types. This all can be too much for new customers. I only found 8 tools for mark ups. That is certainly surprising because of the depth of its functionality. The basics elements are definitely present: But, there are many important tools missing. For example support and resistance lines and channels are not included. If you leave pickiness aside, the charts that are found on TWS have all the basic functionality that is required in order to succeed.

The Traders Insight feature allows you to stay up to date when it comes to the financial market If you leave out charts, TWS is also a home to many other tools which are not covered in this specific review. As proof, you can say that there are about 63 different order types available for customers to use and that is by far the most in the whole industry of trading.

TWS platform is ranked among the best platforms in the whole industry of trading. We jumped to that conclusion after assessing TWS and considering over 58 individual variables. Although some tools that TWS has are a bit less successful than other top-listed platforms, such as charting, TWS platform definitely wins when it comes to ranking in general. IB WebTrader is definitely a good solution for those clients who travel without an access to their desktops. It is also a good solution for those who want to monitor their portfolio or to monitor watchlists.

They can also place trades along. After I have loaded WebTrader, I have found a detailed summary of my portfolio and margin requirements. This was found along a full spectrum order ticket. What does this mean? It means, when I say full spectrum, that trading is supported for all asset classes.

What will pulling quotes provide? It will provide only a basic high-level summary. That is is an extremely rudimentary chart and I truly recommend you to avoid it.

Together with a high-level international market summary tab, basic stock screening is also there. At the end, what is the main focus of the WebTrader? Its main focus is to monitor portfolios and manage specific orders. It is very successful when it comes to accomplishing these orders.

Security If you are worried about your security when it comes to Interactive Brokers, you should not worry. The security features are built into the TWS.

Account login requires a credit card sized card that has a lot of numbers. This is sent to your house and it must be used every time you want to log in.

If you want to, the connections are encrypted with standard SSL encryption. You might think that the physical token is very annoying, but it is very good to keep hackers away from your account if they somehow find out what your password is. Are you worried about money transfer? There are some restrictions that should prevent anyone from transferring money from your account without your consent. Mobile Trading Many people cannot start their day without using their mobile phone.

That is why mobile trading with Interactive Brokers is an enjoyable and easy experience. All devices are supported. Mobile trading is very important nowadays because it is the easiest way to reach the customers. Only thing that customers need to do is glide and slide with their fingers down the screen. It is affordable and simple.

You can access your account anywhere and anytime via mobile applications. It is a great deal for those who cannot access their accounts otherwise in certain moments. Trade Execution The execution times are amongst the fastest in the industry Many things are very complicated when you talk about trading.

There are many issues present. You think about how quickly your trades execute or how much things cost. You can easily get lost in the calculations and generally when you start dealing with it.

When it comes to my personal experience, International Brokers was a great option for me. They offer good executions for many things and they are generally better than other brokerages. But it is important to say that they are generally not really that good when it comes to execution of one or a few number of exchanges.

The other firms tend to be much better. However, International Brokers is very good considering the huge amount of exchanges they operate on daily. Third Party Connectivity You probably know that TWS has a lot of great functions, but it is actually not the best available software there is.

Many applications require other software. When it comes to my bread-and-butter futures trading, I surely recommend a so called NinjaTrader. It has many features that I find necessary and I am very satisfied by its service. This is a third party package. API is an abbreviation for application programming interface. Other than connection third parties to Interactive Brokers, API can also allow you to program some automated strategies absolutely on your own.

Those automated strategies take place in conjunction with one more software TWS. Other than NinjaTrader, there are many more third party packages and software that you can use.

All you need to do is explore a bit more about them and find out what suits your plans best. Find out what works for you and do as you like. Many users will be very confused on this topic. Sometimes it is just hard to understand how some things work. Most people will not understand the difference between any of the services listed and mentioned. But, in the end, everything will work just right. You need to put some effort in order to figure out how some things work and then your success begins.

In general, you are able to make everything turn out fine. When it comes to charts, they have 68 optional studies. It sounds great, but the bad thing is that charts are not flexible at all. For example, you are able to make some settings on your own.


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Interactive Brokers' forex vendors provide 60% 2 of global market share. Our tight spreads and substantial liquidity are a result of combining quotation streams from 16 of the world's largest foreign exchange dealers which constitute more than 60% 2 of the market share in the global interbank market.

INTERACTIVE BROKERS LLC is a member NYSE - FINRA - SIPC and regulated by the US Securities and Exchange Commission and the Commodity Futures Trading Commission. Headquarters: One Pickwick Plaza, Greenwich, CT USA INTERACTIVE BROKERS CANADA INC. The risk of loss in online trading of stocks, options, futures, forex, foreign equities, and bonds can be substantial. Options involve risk and are not suitable for all investors. Before investing in options, read the "Characteristics and Risks of Standardized Options". 

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