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It is sometimes incorrectly referred to as the IS-2M, but that designation actually refers to a much later modernization program from the s.

And the TE5 does have very good frontal armor especially when angled. But there is a lot of info here to help you decide if you want this tank or not. 

However, I think its too agile.

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For a heavy tank like the IS-7 that moves around a lot these two values make it hard to pull off quick shots since you will need to sit still to have a chance at hitting near where you are aiming. You can negate the low damage per minute by making sure you are loaded prior to engaging a tank since it will give you the edge in damage output for about 30 seconds.

This only works against tanks with less than alpha since it requires the difference in damage for each round to give you the leg up on them. This will allow you to damage them and even though they might have a damage per minute advantage you will be able to destroy them since they cannot damage you. The frontal armor scheme is a piked nosed design like the IS-3 meaning that most of your frontal armor is at its strongest pointing directly at the enemy tank firing at you. For a full weak spot guide for the IS-7 you can follow the link below that will give you effective armor values and break downs of the entire tank.

The lower frontal glacis only has mm effective armor and outside of this area the IS-7 does not have many other weak spots for enemies to use against it. The remaining hull armor is extremely tough and the frontal turret is immune to most shells as well.

This is why if you can keep your armor pointing at the enemy and also prevent them from hitting the lower glacis you almost becoming immune to all incoming shells. To do this you will want to use small hills that your 6 degrees of gun depression can still work on, destroyed tanks, and small cover such as rocks to cover the lower glacis.

Mastering this and knowing what areas of each map benefits the IS-7 will turn the tank from a good tier 10 tank to one of the best tier 10 tanks. Another plus to the IS-7 is that its side armor is also difficult for enemies to penetrate if they do not know where to aim.

The lower sections of the side hull are very weak but once you move further up the side armor you encounter spaced armor and thicker turret armor. IS-7 Mobility Looking at the listed attributes for the IS-7 it appears to be a very mobile heavy tank with its horsepower and speed limits. The top forward speed limit is The IS-7 also has a 1, horsepower engine which with its weight would lead you to believe that it is as fast as most medium tanks.

Unfortunately the IS-7 suffers from poor terrain resistance that makes it just as mobile as a TE5 since it struggles to move around unless it is going downhill. This is a balancing factor since without it the IS-7 would be as fast or faster than many mediums, have fantastic armor, and a hard hitting gun. With the terrain resistance in place you will still have great speed potential on some maps like El Halluf if you use the high top speed to your advantage.

Otherwise the IS-7 is on par with many other heavy tanks as far as speed goes but the high top speed opens up options other heavy tanks cannot do. IS-7 Miscellaneous Attributes Small miscellaneous attributes can make or break a tank and it can be difficult to know these stats without playing the tank.

This makes it difficult to fight on most hills since usually 8 to 10 degrees of gun depression is required. With m view range and m radio range the IS-7 is merely average in these two areas for a tier 10 heavy tank. Going into a battle you should always pick out which areas will provide you locations to point your frontal armor at the enemy, make your lower glacis difficult or impossible to hit, and where plenty of enemy tanks will be.

Thus increasing BR means nothing for it. Best possible bet is to get its mobility nerfed or increase its reload its assisted reload not autoload ffs. Make it comparable to maus. Killatomate85 5 days ago i love how the OP-7 out-accelerates my Vickers, especially when driving uphill. Wtf is this joke i shot his side armor from 10m away with mm shell it sayd undamaged wtf?

Go for cuppolas at close range. The USSR would be proud of this review. It has more frontal weak spots but its more agile. However, I think its too agile. Turret rotation speed and 0 to 40 is amazingly fast. I think it can use a bit rotation speed nerf to encourage flanking. The trouble is, this things mobility is so ridiculous that it is almost always the one with the initiative, and when they run in packs..

Most tanks have extreme trouble even penning it and those who semi reliably can do minimal damage. And yeah Is7 blows up every tank it faces without any trouble including T54s.

Tell me which tech tree shit at 8. Front shots are for those only, but now. Third, having to rely on a pure flanking shot on a VERY small gap of it to ensure he's dead is basically rekindling the IS6 trauma another broken piece of shit, but it at least isn't capable of killing the heavier opposition from so far.

This thing is broken as is, BR bump is best choice, let the 7. Seth Dunbar 6 days ago I personally think the IS-7 should be on the tech tree or has a bundle item. Everyone should have a fair chance to get the IS It being in the tech tree would be like the is6 in the tech tree when it was broken.

The is7 is the is6 when it came out but way way worse.


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May 05,  · IS7 Review - posted in Heavy Tanks: I JUST got my IS7 about 2 days ago and I feel that I have played with and against IS7s enough to do a proper review of this tank. Ill start by going over the characteristics of the IS7. This review is even longer than my M48A1 Patton and T57 Heavy review. But there is a lot of info here to help .

Tank Guide: IS-7 Posted By: WoT Guru March 6, The tier 10 Russian heavy tank IS-7 can either be a dominate tank on the battlefield or . Development of the IS-7 started in the spring of Prototypes successfully underwent trials in and However, the IS-7 never saw mass production. IS-7 video review covering the main vehicle characteristics and its combat behavior. 

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The IS-7 is a Soviet tier 10 heavy tank. Development of the IS-7 started in the spring of Prototypes successfully underwent trials in and However, the IS-7 never saw mass production. The IS7 is the Only tank so far now that enforces a pixel hunt (and let's not trust Gaijin with their stupid trend of weird optics that EAT ENTIRE APHE AND OTHER HE FILLED SHRAPNEL). IS6 afyer that fix is more bearable to deal against, but is the only one that's close to being Broken as the Fucked 7.

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