MACD Histogram: Trading the Long Trends and Maximizing Your Profit

While the debate on what is more effective and how can we use one tool over the another continues, one basic fact remains that technical tools form the backbone of trading and help traders prepare for eventualities and euphoria alike.

In his book A Random Walk Down Wall Street, Princeton economist Burton Malkiel said that technical forecasting tools such as pattern analysis must ultimately be self-defeating: 

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Stochastic Indicator 

MACD ColorHist Alert Indicator is a Trend Following momentum indicator with Alerts function implemented. It looks much more clear then the Original one.

They have been adapted here for measuring market cycles - they produce high resolution outputs with exceptionally short amounts of information, an ideal combination for market evaluation.

This is a very fast crossover trade trigger indicator and if used in conjunction with a good trend-following tool it is predictive and can be applied in strategies coming soon. Instantaneous Trend Indicator iTrend: Trend indicator with nearly zero lag and about the same smoothing as EMA.

Trade signals are generated by crossing of the trigger line and iTrend line. Center of Gravity Indicator: Another Ehlers oscillator - I have not experimented much with this one - may require an additional trend indicator to help function best - do your own testing. An early Ehlers indicator that attempts to measure market cycles. Same as Cycle Period indicator. Another Cycle Measuring indicator, more robust than the one above, but with only one line - no crossovers.

Fisher Cyber Cycle Indicator: You get a little more reward on it is when you wait for it to break out outside of this major tine here.

And then look for it to come back and see how low it can go. It may not come all the way down here. You could look for things like a double bottom, etc. But just look for it to come back down here and then take a profit down here. So those are two options for you. The signal that the energy has changed no longer is dramatic to the downside. So we drew it. The two major ones. Just create more clarity for you. Best Trading Indicators to Use So it comes in here, holds that one, gets a little below it, comes back up to the middle and holds this one.

By the way, notice that it also kind of provides diagonal support resistance. Now, here is the point of the second type of exit. Once it gets above the upper major tine, I call these my two primary tines.

So this is then a very aggressive move to the upside for it to break above; see, last time we were looking forward to break below the tine to get out. So I consider that to be often an exhaustion move. It actually did make a higher high after that. But look what it also did in the meantime, which is very cool. So this is where, I would get out on an exhaustion move. Comes down here, right? So that went up. Did it make a little higher high after where I got out?

And then, well, what happens then when it finally does break down below this final tine, look at that, sure enough, that trend reverses and it goes down. So that is one of my favorite trading indicators, strategies, drawing tools, etc. Test it out for yourself, see how you like it. Yeah, it is free. But from a spiritual point of view, if you got value from it, then you have an obligation to pay it forward. Share it with other people.

And one of the best things you can do also is leave a comment. I love your comments, even if you disagree with me or maybe have something to add to the conversation to help other traders who are watching this. I have a very special offer to you. It is a super high win-loss ratio.


Simple MACD Strategy entry and exit rules: 

Definition and History Of MACD. MACD stands for Moving Average Convergence Divergence. As the name indicates, this is a momentum indicator that follows the trend.

If you are looking for a LONG term (Daily) strategy with good winning odds Simple MACD Strategy is for you. Enter trade once per month and let profits run! MACD ColorHist Alert Indicator is a Trend Following momentum indicator with Alerts function implemented. It looks much more clear then the Original one. 

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This are the available settings for MACD ColorHist Alert Indicator:

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