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Now, you can initiate trade easily, keep track of your stocks and manage portfolio, all in one place.

In case of a normal closure, such accounts are then suspended for debit and credit, and intimations are sent to customers. Yes No Can I open more than one account? 

Please ensure you have sufficient margins in order to avoid penalty. Yes No Are joint holders of accounts allowed to nominate?

Important notice to Demat customers 

Demat Account & Demat Services India: HDFC Bank Demat account offers you a secure and convenient way to keep track of your securities and investments online. Opening a Demat Account Online is simple and easier to operate Demat Account Opening - HDFC Bank's Demat Account offers virtual & secure way to store & track .

Whenever you want to buy mutual fund units, you can give the instruction duly filled up and submit to the respective Asset Management Company AMC. As can be seen, this will help you to manage your investments well as managed centrally in one place.

Automatic credit of benefits such as Bonus or rights issues: Your Demat account will be automatically credited with any bonus or rights share issue announced by any of the companies whose shares you are holding. In case of cash dividend, your bank account will be credited with the bonus amount. Making nominees of Demat account: One can nominate anyone from your family who can receive the securities in case of his or her sad demise.

This way you can conveniently manage all your investments in securities and mutual funds in a single Demat Account without the hassle of handling physical paper.

Verify all names as per our records Verify all signatures as per our records Forward the request documents to the relevant Registrar or AMC. The Conversion credit process normally takes around 30 days but may vary depending on the Registrar and AMC.

If your MF units have not been credited after 30 days, please contact us at www. If your request is rejected, please contact the branch where it was submitted. We will help to rectify and resubmit your Conversion request. When we receive your Redemption Request, we will: The monetary proceeds are sent by the Registrar or AMC directly to your Bank Account or address registered for the demat account through which the redemption was requested.

View more Re-materialisation of Securities This is where electronic securities are converted into physical securities — the reverse of de-materialisation. It is important that you refer to your tariff or branch for remat charges during submission of your remat request.

Commodity customers can submit their Physical Delivery Request Form for collection of commodities from the warehouse. This process is also called remat of commodities.

A transfer of Demat Holdings is a simple process and can be done by submission of a single page signed delivery instruction slip to the DP. These transfers can also be done from the convenience of your home or office through the Internet. Demat Holdings are automatically received in your Demat Accounts. Securities held in Demat Accounts are extremely convenient to maintain. A single request to update your address or dividend bank mandate needs to be submitted for a single Demat Account and the updated details will be applicable to all securities held in this Demat Account.

The Depository System in India has become very popular and most brokers refuse to deal with physical holdings. With this you can hold, view and maintain all your investment categories i. What documentation is required for Demat request submission? Both these forms are available on our website under Forms Centre. These shares are fungible, which means that shares of a security are the same as any other shares of that security. How long will the dematerialisation process take? The entire dematerialisation process will normally take about 30 days.

Can I, as a sole holder of the share certificates, add one more name as joint holders at the time of dematerialising my share certificates? However, if you want to transfer the ownership from your individual name to a joint name, you can first open a Demat Account as the sole holder account A and dematerialise the singly held share certificates in this Demat Account.

Once done, you can then open another depository account account B in which you are the first holder and the other person is the second holder and make an off-market transfer of the dematerialized shares from the account A to account B. Charges will be levied in accordance with the tariff applicable to your Demat Account. Can I dematerialise shares that are pledged with a bank, which is a DP as well? Yes you can do this, provided you have the permission of the bank.

Can odd lot shares be dematerialised? Yes, odd lot share certificates can also be dematerialised. Can debt instruments and Government Securities be dematerialised in the same Demat Account? Yes, debt instruments, bonds, mutual fund units and Government Securities can also be dematerialised in the same Demat account where equities are held.

However, for holding commodities a separate Demat Account must be opened. What is Transmission Cum Demat? What is Transposition Cum Demat? Physical certificates jointly held can be dematted in a Demat Account held by the same holders, irrespectively of the order of holding in the demat account, if the demat request is accompanied by a Transposition cum Demat form.

Is transmission cum transposition possible under the same demat request? Yes, transmission cum transposition is possible under the single demat request. The marriage certificate should clearly reflect the change in name due to marriage. Additional Self Attested ID Proof, held in married name, may also accompany the request to strengthen your case.

However shares held in a married name may not be dematted to a Demat Account held in a maiden name. Will I get back the same certificates after rematerialisation? The registrar will print new certificates with a new range of certificate numbers. You will usually be allotted a new folio number.

However, if you already have an existing folio number you may be allotted the same number. What should I do when I have received a letter option letter from the company asking for my option as to whether I want physical shares or dematerialised shares after transfer?

Can DRFs be rejected? What are the reasons for rejection?


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Account Maintenance; Demat/Remat; Trades; Pledge; Corporate Benefits Account Opening: Opening a DP Account with Sharekhan. You can open a Depository Participant (DP) Account, either through sharekhan branches or through Sharekhan Franchisee center. There is no fee for opening DP accounts with SharekhanI. Sharekhan Research Riverting Metal - 18 Mar 16 Oil fell in Asia today, ending a brief rally stoked by news US gasoline inventories fell after OPEC kingpin Saudi Arabia shot down hopes for an output cut.

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