The FSMA also reminds the public that in the vast majority of cases, persons who invest in firms that do not hold the requisite authorization never recover the sums invested.

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BT - Blackening around the Ball A slime ring may be viewed around the ball with patches of black specking or zones intertwined in the slime growths. If you suspect that an unregulated person has committed an offence of a commercial or fraudulent nature, you may wish to refer your case to the Commercial Affairs Department.

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Detection of the SRB is therefore made difficult because SRB may not be present in the free-flowing liquid over the site of the fouling but are growing deeper down in the biofilms. The sulfate-reducing bacteria are an unusual group in that they utilize hydrogen rather than oxygen as the basic driver for many of the metabolic activities.

As a result of this, the SRB are anaerobic and are inhibited by the presence of oxygen. Sulfate reduction appears to be coupled to the formation of ATP a major energy driver in metabolism by a proton motive force PMF derived from electron transport. The bottom line is that the sulfate is reduced in a step-wise fashion to H2S while releasing energy for growth. It is the H2S which creates the problems through electrolytic corrosion, "rotten" egg smells, bad taste problems and the formation of black slimes.

This product now reacts with the diffusing ferrous iron to form black iron sulfides. Generally, where this happens, the blackening may be seen as granular structures held within the slime ring that is commonly not totally black. When this happens, the liquid will tend to go cloudy. Usually, this is seen as a gel-like clouding most commonly in the bottom third of the BART inner test vial and shows that anaerobic heterotrophs are present and active.

In this case it is likely that the sample being tested contains some residual hydrogen sulfide which has rapidly reacted with the iron in the test vial. Where this happens, it is recommended that the water sample be aseptically aerated to drive off the gaseous hydrogen sulfide from the sample before conducting the SRB-BART test.

While the aeration would admit oxygen to the sample, the SRB should survive through being protected by the other bacteria within the slime formations. Detailed descriptions of these is given below: BB - Blackened Base The reaction is recognizable by the formation of a blackened deposit in the basal cone of the test vial. It may be first observed by looking up into the underside of the cone of the inner test vial.

Blackening frequently starts as a 2 to 3-mm wide ring around the central peg and gradually spreads outwards. Black specking may also occur on the bottom 15 mm of the walls of the test vial immediately above the cone. The liquid medium should be clear see reaction CG below and there should be no slime ring around the ball. BT - Blackening around the Ball A slime ring may be viewed around the ball with patches of black specking or zones intertwined in the slime growths.

The slime itself is not a characteristic of this reaction but the blackening is. The slime usually is either a white, grey, beige, or yellow color and tends to form on the upper side of the ball. The blackening often begins as a specking which gradually expands to patches within the slime.

Combination of BB and BT Blackening occurs both in the base and around the ball although the length of the inner test vial may not be blackened. The other recognized reaction is a negative for SRB but commonly occurs where there are aggressive anaerobic bacteria present.

Often this reaction will precede a positive reaction for SRB i. This negative SRB reaction is: It is recognized by the appearance of cloud-like structures in the colorless liquid medium. Usually these form from the bottom up and initially at a height of 20 to 25 mm up the side-wall of the inner test vial.

This clouded zone may expand to render the liquid medium turbid. These clouds are relatively stable structures and have defined edges. Deep-seated anaerobic bacteria dominated by Desulfovibrio BT: Often this growth reaction appears almost gel-like and has a fuzzy but distinct edge. This quotation is based on details of goods as supplied by you the customer.

Where no specific guidelines were given we used our own discretion and made follow ups on guidelines within reasonable boundaries. Please note that because we have no control over suppliers, no guarantee can be given on delivery times.

Goods they have in stock should be delivered to us within two to three days. Goods to be ordered might take a while longer. This has been our main focus and speciality for many years.

Service 2 Consolidated loads. We can also consolidate separate invoices into one invoice where necessary. Speak to us about your requirements. Service 3 Sourcing service. Goods can be sourced and secured on behalf of clients. We do quote to within a reasonable range of certainty. Service 4 Cross border clearing. We can facilitate cross border clearing since we are registered as transporters. Service 7 Insurance of your goods can be arranged as soon as we know how the goods will be split and transported after which you will receive an official quotation.

Service 8 Bigger loads. Since we have a network of reliable sub contractors this is possible. Our Harare office makes control of cross border transportation much easier.

You will love our friendly and efficient services Photographs Ideal Location! We are strategically located in Gauteng - the industrial hub of South Africa. The SRB team is completely dedicated to ensuring that your goods are safely transported cross border. We ensure that the correct documentation accompanies goods being shipped.


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