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When you combine my Selling Options tactics and the weekly options, you'll open up a new universe of trading and income opportunities for yourself and your portfolio.

And when you search from the Pokki menu, Windows Store apps are now included in the results. 

Additionally you do not need to know the regulations between the brokers and be an stock market specialist!

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Wix Review: Pricing Options Wix is available for free for as long as you want, but if you require professional features like your own domain name or priority support, you must choose from one of their five premium plans ranging from “Connect Domain” to .

The desktop taskbar also remains visible when you switch to the Windows 8 Start screen or All Apps screen, so you can easily return to the RetroUI Pro menu from anywhere in Windows. The RetroUI menu is itself a taskbar toolbar that can be turned on and off. Thininx provides a variety of ways to customize the program. Clicking on a desktop icon called RetroUI Settings offers several sections of options to configure. You can choose to open the RetroUI menu by pressing the Windows key, bypass the Windows 8 Start screen after logging in, and even hide the Windows 8 hot corners.

You can change the size of the TabletView screen and display its icon in the taskbar. Another section lets you control the Enforce feature to control if and how Windows 8 apps open in their own resizable windows. Other options allow you to set the default language, change the color of the Start menu, and disable all Windows 8 feature. Finally, a desktop icon called RetroUI Pro tutorial displays a series of slideshows to fully explain all the ins and outs of the program.

You can download a free 7-day trial version of the program. RetroUI Pro offers a novel and clean way of uniting the Start menu with the Windows 8 environment and is well worth the price. You can set up the orb to display the traditional Start menu or the Start screen.

You can also select the menu style, themes, and a variety of other features. The Start menu appears in the traditional two-pane format with shortcuts to your programs and folders on the left and links to Documents, Pictures, Control Panel, and other areas on the right. As in Windows 7, you can control which items appear on the Start menu, which ones appear as links, and which ones as menus. You can also still retain access to the new Windows 8 features. For example, you can set the Windows key and the Start screen hot corner to open the Start screen.

If you want to avoid the Windows 8 UI instead, you can disable the Charms bar and hot corners to stay fully in the desktop. Other free and equally good Start menu replacements are available, but Start8 is still worth considering.

Clicking on the Start orb displays a familiar two-column menu with your programs on the left and various Windows settings and locations on the right. You can switch the left view between all your programs and just the most recent ones. You can even access Modern apps either through individual shortcuts or an entire folder.

A search field at the bottom lets you find programs, settings, and files by name, while a Shutdown button allows you to shut down or restart Windows, lock your PC, sign out of your account, or switch to a different user. You can easily customize StartIsBack by right-clicking the Start orb and selecting the Properties command.

You can then choose which programs you want to appear, how to sort them, and whether or not to display links to Modern apps. You can change the look of the orb and the color of the menu itself. You can also tweak some key Windows settings, such as whether to bypass the Start screen and go directly to the desktop, what Windows does after you close a Modern app, and what happens when you press the Windows key.

StartIsBack starts you off with a free day trial. The program doesn't offer a lot of bells and whistles.

But if you want a simple, down-to-earth Start menu, StartIsBack fits the bill. You can tweak the behavior of the program's Start orb to display a familiar two-column Start menu or the Windows Start screen. Should you choose the Start menu, you can opt for the classic look with your programs on the left and the standard Windows features and locations on the right.

You can open both desktop applications and Modern apps from the menu. The familiar Search tool and Shutdown options are also accessible at the bottom of the menu. Right-clicking the orb presents a menu with options to launch the Start screen, open File Explorer, trigger the Run command, and access the full Shutdown menu. The right-click menu also provides a link to the settings and customizations for Start Menu 8. From the Settings window, you can enable or disable various Windows settings, change the image for the orb, choose which features should appear in the menu, and tweak the style and appearance for the menu.

Available from Iobit, Start Menu 8 is a basic Start menu with enough options to tweak it to your tastes. It's also free, so you can run the full program for as long as you like.

After installation, the program asks if you want to run it as a basic, standard, standard plus, or professional user. Each increase in level offers more features. You can start off as a basic user and then upgrade later on if you wish. As a basic user, you can click on the familiar Start button orb to display the program's Start menu. Shortcuts to various programs and certain folders appear on the left pane, while links to Documents, Pictures, Music, Control Panel, and other familiar spots appear on the right.

You can also switch the left pane to display a list of recently used applications. A search bar at the bottom of the menu lets you locate and open applications, folders, and files.

There's even an option to easily run a program or file as an administrator. You can customize and configure the program directly from the Start menu. This lets you add or remove shortcuts that appear in the menu and on the Windows desktop.

A more detailed configuration screen allows you to change the commands and standard folders that display on the menu as well as the font, icon size, background image, column width, and a variety of other options. If you opt to run the program as a professional user, you can also create Task menus, which give you direct access to specific applications, Web sites, documents, and other content.

You can download a free day trial copy of StartMenuPlus8. StartMenuPlus8 offers an array of features and options, almost too many. I found the program a bit confusing, not so much using it as configuring it. Having to choose from among four different user roles just to launch the software was unnecessarily cumbersome.

And the more detailed configuration screen seemed cluttered with too many options facing you all at once. If you're looking for a simple, no-frills Start menu, there are better choices here. But if you're willing to spend the time learning and customizing StartMenuPlus8, you may want to give the trial version a spin. Clicking on the program's Start Button brings up a menu chock full of goodies with access to all of your Windows 8 applications, settings, and files.

Icons on the left side of the menu point you to your apps, Windows settings, the Windows 8 Search tool, the Run command, and recently-accessed files. Clicking on the Apps icon lets you choose to see all of your apps, only desktop apps, or just Modern apps. You can view your Start Menu folder, My Documents folder, recent items, or even a random folder of your choice. A Tasks icon easily brings up the Windows 8 task switcher so you can jump from one Modern app to another.

Icons running down the middle of the menu link to the My Computer folder, browser, the Windows 8 Start screen, your e-mail, calendar, and a host of other apps. With a HELOC, similar to a business line of credit , you can draw funds as you need them and you only have to pay interest on your current balance.

While a HEL or HELOC can provide your startup business with capital at a lower interest rate than many other kinds of startup financing, keep in mind that each will use your home as collateral.

This reduces the ways you could collateralize other potential loans in the future. Small Business Credit Cards Both personal and business credit cards can be a relatively cost effective way of financing your startup. You can cover expenses with your small business credit card while waiting for payments from your customers, preserving cash and earning rewards at the same time. Small business credit cards have many benefits for your startup business, including: Cashback and rewards programs let you earn extra money for your business just by charging purchases to your card.

Employee cards that allow you to restrict what the card can be used for gas, office supplies, etc. Personal Loan from a Peer-to-Peer Site Peer-to-peer P2P lending lets you borrowing money through an online service that matches you directly with individuals and institutions.

Lending Club is the largest P2P site that connects borrowers to investors in a matter of minutes. Terms and Qualifications Historically, P2P sites such as Lending Club have focused on providing 1 to 5-year personal loans for the purposes of paying off credit cards or consolidating debt.

However, these personal loans can also be used to start, buy, or operate a business. Recently, P2P lenders have also started to offer small business loans, but these are usually reserved for more established businesses.

To qualify for a P2P loan through Lending Club, your credit score should be above check your score for free. If your credit score is below , consider a lender like LoanMe. You can get prequalified in minutes with LoanMe by filling out an online application.

Visit Lending Club 5. Equipment Financing Equipment financing can be used to purchase equipment, vehicles, or machinery. It can be obtained through equipment dealers, banks, and online providers. Equipment financing can help startups finance equipment and preserve their cash for other needs. Terms and Qualifications Equipment financing can be structured as a loan or an equipment lease. They all work similarly, but mostly differ with how the ownership of the equipment works at the end of the financing term.

Here are the three most common methods for these financing options: Equipment Loans With an equipment loan, the purchased equipment is owned by you. The loan allows you to spread out the payments over 1 — 5 years. You make monthly rental payments in exchange for the use of the equipment.

At the end of the lease term, you can purchase the equipment at its fair market value, extend the lease, or return the equipment. Check out our equipment lease calculator to help you determine which leasing option might be right for your business. Financing equipment rather than paying for it all at once helps you to keep more cash available for other business expenses. Since equipment financing is collateralized by the equipment itself, it is typically easier for startups to get approved for than unsecured business loans for startups.

Both programs target new or underserved businesses. You could end up paying origination fees of 0. Terms and Qualifications SBA loans can be difficult to qualify for.

There are a wide variety of SBA loans available but the two programs most likely to help provide startup business loans are the Community Advantage Program and the Microloan Program. The lender is an SBA-approved intermediary, such as a CDC community development corporation , a bank, or a non-profit institution. You can read our article on how to apply for an SBA loan to better understand the step by step process. SBA loans require strong credit scores above check your score for free.

The primary benefit of an SBA loan is the low interest rate and long repayment term, making your monthly payments lower than they would be with other loan options. However, they are made by traditional lenders who have very strict qualifications and underwriting standards. We recommend applying with a local lender who knows you and your community the best.

Additionally, as a startup your SBA lender will expect that you present a well prepared business plan. Each year, you create a new option pool that addresses the following needs: These grants are used to hire new employees at market levels. These grants are intended to reward employees who have been promoted. Promotion grants should bring the recipient up to the level you would hire her at today for her new position.

This pool should be reserved for non-executives. As I said before, cliffs cause people to raise their heads to consider alternatives and should be avoided at all costs. Consistent, Early Evergreen Grants Most companies put considerable effort into the size of their equity grants for new hires. Fewer companies, especially young ones, put significant effort into thinking about follow-on grants.

Evergreen grants are the most common area where technology startups fail to invest time until far too late in their development. The average tenure for most technology employees is two to three years, and waiting until your first employees hit year four is just too late. Instead of an ad-hoc process, the Wealthfront Equity Plan offers a transparent, consistent and fair program of equity grants that employees can build into their long-term expectations.

As a result, not only do you avoid cliffs, but you also tie both long-term tenure and contribution to their ownership stake. The best part is that, as your company grows, you always grant stock in proportion to what is fair today rather than in proportion to their original grant.

Based on our calculations, the Wealthfront Equity Plan should result in approximately 3.


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DO NOT JOIN Start Options before reading our unbiased Start Options Review here and now! Complete Start Options Review - Is Start Options a legit business, or is it a complete scam? Our goal is to collect all the facts in one place .

Start Options promises to help you get rich quick through an automated cryptocurrency trading program. Find out if it’s a scam or a legitimate opportunity today in our review. What is Start Options? Start Options is a bitcoin-based investment scheme that claims to give you easy profits through some type of referral system. You sign up, send the company money, then start . *start/end times for this option may not align exactly with the current times of option 1 listed above PROS Supports the research of a later start time for . 

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We start this review with the most important information for choosing a brokerage firm - commissions. Options traders get a great, $ per contract rate. No-load mutual funds are priced at a highly competitive rate as well - $20 per transaction. To sum up OptionsHouse review: the firm provides some of the lowest commissions on most /5. Professional Trader Reveals The Shocking Truth, % Honest And Detailed Review lokersumbagut.ga binary option robot review report. Skip to content. Social Network. Binary Option Robot Info. The Best Resource for Binary Options Trading! Start making money today with the Option Robot. It is extremely simple!

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