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In this review of the Quantstamp ICO we cover what they have done different, what they are planning to do in the future, and the very real proof that they are offering to all of their clients.

They allow you to see actual proof of each and every audit, they allow you to run your own audits from their library, and they aren't storing information in a centralized manner that would invite problems. 

Whether you are an experienced trader or you just learned about it yesterday, you can handle this software with ease.

Ease Of Use 

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They call this their "proof of caring" model and it shows the level of trust that they have in their product. Basically, they want people to share the problems that they have caught, to show others that they got the help that they needed, and they are so confident that people will spread the word that they aren't going to market themselves, relying only on the traffic that they get from word of mouth.

Making It Easy To Scale Quantstamp knows that different people are going to need to trade at different levels and at different speeds. They haven't put any limitations on their products, instead they have focused on making it easy to scale up or down. This means that they are better able to serve the people that they hope to work with. As an individual user, this is honestly very important. I often feel like it is impossible to find security options that actually fit with my needs and ensure that I am going to get the same protection as someone who is trading for their entire group.

I feel more comfortable with a product that has actually been designed to help out someone in my exact situation, rather than one that just happens to work for my needs. Automation The core of the Quantstamp system is intense and resource heavy automation. It takes a lot of computing power to run the program and it may even be too much for some systems to handle. However, it is better able to go over every single piece of code, running every possible scenario and catching problems that might not even be detected for years with normal methods.

This automated process ensures that the protection they offer is absolute, with no room for errors. The automation also allows a large array of tests to be undertaken. The process does take a while, longer than I was actually expecting, but less time than it would take a human to do the tests themselves. In the time it would take me to just check over my code, it checks it, tests it, verifies it, fixes any problems, and runs a new audit.

The end result is code that is flawless and ready for real world deployment. The Human Touch Finally, they realize that humans are behind every single security breach.

This means that humans are particularly good at finding problems, even with the strictest security protocol. Quantstamp has decided to provide real financial incentives to black and white hat hackers so that they will report problems. This has led to some of the best hackers in the world working under the Quantstamp umbrella, giving them the human touch in addition to their automated offerings.

With this particular program that will never be the case. Ease Of Use It may seem like one has to be an expert in order to do well in the binary options market. While this may be generally true, people who use this particular program have the potential to do well regardless of their past experience. This is because the interface is user-friendly with simple instructions.

As a result, even those who are fairly new to this world can follow along. There are even visual cues that will help you figure out which action should be taken at any given time. The Investment While the program is free of charge, you will be required to get a broker. For many people, this is not a small sum of money. Keep in mind that you should never invest anything that you cannot afford to lose.

As with any other investments, there is always the chance that things will not go the way that you want them to. For this reason, Channel Ranger is not a one size fit all program.

Keep in mind that this amount is minimal compared to what is required of some programs. There are systems that require thousands of dollars to get started, and this is certainly not doable for everyone. When you compare Channel Ranger to those, it is clear to see why this one is preferred by a large number of people. Think about it this way: If you cannot, this program is obviously not for you. Accessibility In order to use this program, you need to have an Internet connection.

While this is probably not a problem for those who are web savvy, people who like to do investments offline will not get to take advantage of this. There is a desktop version you can access without opening up your web browser, but there will still need to be an Internet connection for it to work.

This means that it is right a great majority of the time. Yes, there is still some risk, but it will lead you in the right direction the majority of the time. These odds are greater than the average system and a vast improvement from an amateur trying to navigate this world on their own.

Getting Started Have you ever purchased a program and you had to tinker around with it for quite some time before you were actually able to make it work for you? There are many people who do this and they end up quitting before they are able to see any results. One of the best things about this program is that you are able to start right away. You can pretty much read the instructions and be ready to start in minutes. For those people who have very low patience and are all about seeing results it is ideal.

The Creator is a fairly honest guy. This may seem like a blanket statement, but coming to that conclusion was actually quite simple.


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