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Becoming a Life Coach — Part 1 3.

Payments are made weekly via Paypal. 

Sears Wellness Institute also offers a Master health coach certification that takes between 24 — 30 weeks to complete depending on how many life stages you decide to receive training in.

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ExpertRating Inc. is an online assessment company which measures, analyses and improves people skills. Our services are ideal for companies looking to run multi-competency assessments for hiring fresh talent and certification/training of .

This network for freelancers was formerly known as CrowdSource. They have all sorts of short task work available including image tagging, website categorization, transcription, writing, and editing. Upwork — Read Upwork review — Open worldwide.

Easily the most popular freelance network, formerly known as oDesk. Be careful because not all jobs listed on Upwork are legit. List your pet sitting service in the Dog Vacay database and set your own rates. This could be a good way to get clients for a pet sitting business.

Rover — Read Rover review — This is a service that allows dog owners to connect with professional pet sitters. If you are looking to start doing pet sitting to earn additional, or even full-time, income, Rover might be a way to get going with that. If Rover approves your profile, you'll be listed in their database of pet sitters.

See more pet sitting companies. In addition, they have other types of positions that are home-based available as well, including community support positions. Alorica — Read Alorica review — US only. Employee position offering some benefits. This company was formerly known as West at Home.

Amazon — Read Amazon work from home review — US only, varying states. These are customer service positions open to different states. I most often see these around the holidays. Training is paid, interview takes place in-office. This is an employee position that typically asks for at least 2 years of past customer service experience. This company occasionally has work at home reservation rep openings. The position is not always listed, so you'll just have to look under their customer service category on the jobs page for their website to see if there are home-based openings.

Concentrix — Read Concentrix review — US. There are no fees to start. This a home-based job allowing you to provide customer service to Cruise. Work remotely providing support to members and physicians. Starts out as an in-office job, but you will gradually move over to working from home. Employee position with benefits packages and year-round work.

Work at home tax support openings are often available. This is phone work. Pay rate not listed, but I have seen some old job postings stating that it is in the teens. Work at home jobs providing customer service to Kelly's clients.

This is more of a staffing agency because they work with many well-known companies that use Kelly to find workers. This is independent contractor work and pay is per minute of talk time. A well-known retailer with occasional remote phone-based customer service work. Sykes — Read Sykes review — US only.

They hire work at home customer service reps in many areas nationwide to aid their clients. Full or part-time positions available. This is also an employee job offering some benefits. Transcom — Read Transcom review — Formerly known as Cloud They handle different types of calls for clients, including customer service, sales, and tech support.

Work from home jobs providing customer service to Williams-Sonoma customers. Provides customer service, but also occasionally sales and tech support services for their clients. You work at home handling inbound calls, chats, and emails for XACT's clients. See more work at home customer service jobs. Pay is weekly, either hourly or commission depending on which is greatest. Commission-based phone work from home jobs with required weekly quotas to meet. The work involves lead generation for automotive and mortgage companies.

It's an independent contractor position with paid training. Your earnings will depend on performance. Work up to 35 hours per week. You are paid per minute of talk time.

Earn money welcoming people to new neighborhoods and introducing them to various local services. You work on commission. Teleperformance — Read Teleperformance review — US only.

It's an employee position with paid training and some benefits. Phone Jobs — Other Aira — Read Aira review — This is a way to help the blind and visually impaired complete everyday tasks and also get paid.

You must be a US resident and you will work as an independent contractor. Most often they only hire Canadian residents, but there is an occasional need for US-based workers. The work involves tele-fundraising, calling on behalf of various Canadian non-profits. While this is cold calling, you are contacting people who have already opted in to be called.

Work at home as a market research interviewer for MaritzCX. The pay starts out at minimum wage with potential for increases after 30 days. Vocalabs — Read Vocalabs review — US only. Full or part-time work available if you're hired. Note that this company receives many applications, so if you apply, you are placed on a waiting list to actually do the work. Phone mystery shopping paying around minimum wage. Employee position and seasonal. No experience is required to start these work from home jobs, though you do have to take a test.

Work from home jobs doing short tasks and evaluating internet search results for a better searching experience. Independent contractor work with a minimum of 10 hours per week required. Lionbridge — Read Lionbridge review — Open worldwide. Work at home jobs doing search engine evaluation and other types of short tasks for this company. Lots of non-phone work.

KarmaHub — A newer company, but my readers have said they are paying. You have to email them to get information on jobs. Their email address is located at the bottom of their homepage. See more search engine evaluation jobs. However, the difference is that this way, Amazon handles all the shipping and dealing with customers for you. You just source the items, pack them, and ship them off to Amazon, and they handle the rest.

If you have crafts to sell online, this is something to use instead of, or in addition to Etsy to help maximize your profits. Most people are familiar with eBay, considering how long it's been one of the most popular ways to sell your stuff online. It remains as popular as ever, and it's still a great work at home option if you can learn to get it to work for you. Teespring — Read Teespring review — Sign up and begin designing T-shirts using their user-friendly system.

There is no guarantee your shirts will be made and sold, you must get a certain amount of interest before that happens. See more ways to sell your stuff online. Must have college degree. This is more transcript editing than actual transcription. It is an independent contractor position. Work from home doing insurance transcription for Allegis. A minimum of 2 years of past transcription experience is required.

Babbletype — Read Babbletype review — Must be a native English speaker. Work from home jobs doing different types of transcription work for Babbletype's clients.

Payments are made weekly via Paypal. Work at home doing short transcription tasks for CastingWords. Payments are made via Paypal. Flexible work, allowing you to work anytime provided they have tasks available for you to complete. No prior experience is necessary and your schedule is flexible. May just be part-time income. This company provides transcription services to the entertainment, corporate, and legal industries.

This company looks for experienced transcribers, and a skills test must be completed before you're hired. The company claims to pay twice monthly via direct deposit.

Literably — Read Literably review — Open worldwide. Work from home transcribing grade school students reading aloud. Work at home doing law enforcement transcription.

Pay is made monthly and some past experience may be required depending on the position. Quicktate — Read Quicktate review — Open worldwide, though you must have a tax identification number to apply no matter where you live.

A background check is also done. This company has been around for a long time and they are also very beginner-friendly. First, the company offers what it calls Flexi-Pass courses, which include both self-paced online classes and plentiful batches of live, instructor-led training ILT sessions. Those Flexi-Pass courses include projects, job-ready tasks taken from the industry, which learners can test and develop in maintenance-free online sandbox called CloudLabs.

Finally, Simplilearn maintains a completion rate of nearly seven in ten 68 percent , a feat compared to other online course platforms, which average around ten percent. Certainly, caveats abound, and I will speak to them in the course of this review.

However, for professionals looking to prepare for and complete certification exams, Simplilearn offers a unique online platform. Catalog and Credentials Simplilearn's catalog possesses the breadth, but not necessarily the depth, of the alternatives. In addition to a range of business courses e. View All 8 Photos in Gallery However, if you dig into any given category, the catalog narrows.

For example, at last check there were just two courses available under finance management and seven under virtualization and cloud computing—all tailored to beginner or intermediate learners. It total, Simplilearn boasts about courses, compared to around 4, courses on Lynda or Pluralsight, and more than 40, on Udemy. That said, raw numbers alone don't tell the whole story. For example, many of Udemy's courses are glorified how-tos and Simplilearn lists dozens of its self-paced courses on Udemy.

Moreover, despite its thinner catalog, Simplilearn offers courses recognized by major accreditation bodies. In addition to typical self-paced courses and bundles of courses something like Udacity 's Nanodegrees , Simplilearn offers a kind of course you won't find on other platforms: Compared to the formal experimental you see within Coursera and EdX , Simplilearn's structure is minimalist.

To the left, you can access the Syllabus, a table of contents comprised of lessons and constituent video segments, a certificate which unlocks after you watch 85 percent of the video clips , and a back button, which returns to the course dashboard. To the right, you can open a Learning Tools panel, which includes an area for notes, access to discussion boards, and downloads, which, for Java Essentials, includes an eBook comprised of video slides.

While other self-paced courses include automated assessments, Java Essentials, a refresher, only included video clips. Those video clips are boilerplate—a voiceover with PowerPoint slides—and heavily chunked. In fact, I couldn't find a clip longer than a minute, and many were as short as 15 seconds.

I understand that microlearning is all the rage, but in practice, it's difficult to communicate much of anything in 15 seconds. Moreover, the first half-dozen segments of Java Essentials provided the sort of context that anyone embarking on this course ought to know.

I found that, by the time I reached the second lesson after 41 video chunks , I suffered from lecture fatigue. Thankfully, the segments do flow together, thanks to an auto-play feature. Nevertheless, I would have welcomed some integrated assessments, activities, or, at the very least, variation in clips. Even video markup, which I critiqued in Khan Academy , would have provided welcome variation. The Big Data and Hadoop Developer course shared and extended many of the components of the Java refresher.

Big Data included more lessons 12 compared to three and thus far more video segments.


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Aug 31,  · Consumer complaints and reviews about ExpertRating. Scam. Education1/5.

Here are some reviews and testimonials by ExpertRating certified professionals: * I could not have applied for the job that I have know without my certification. * My employer recommended ExpertRating * ExpertRating helped by offering a certifica. check if is a scam website or a legit website. Is fraudulent or infected with malware, phishing, fraud, scam and spam activity. Use our free trust and review checker. 

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Consumer complaints and reviews about ExpertRating. Scam. Education, Page 21/5. Mar 05,  · While is is not an endorsement of, there are no obvious red flags that would mark it out as a scam. Scam sites tend to be very short lived with fake contact details, this does as least seem to be long-lived and Resolved.

We checked Expert Rating for scam and fraud. Our comprehensive review will show you if Expertrating is legit and whether it is safe. check if is a scam website or a legit website. Is fraudulent or infected with malware, phishing, fraud, scam and spam activity. Use our free trust and review checker91%.

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