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David Owen you need to refund all my deposit money asap or i will make available all the video and screen shots to prove all the statements made above.

Hector Rosas Jr answered 2 years ago Glenridge Capital is a scam!!! 

To make it more enticing they offer large amounts of bonus funds that skyrocket the worth of your account.

Got scammed out of thousands of dollars. 

Mar 01,  · Review of Opportunities, choices and options must be grabbed when they are available. Glenridge Capital binary options trading gives you the opportunity to improve your life. That is why 1/5.

Golden Opportunity When you visit the home page of Glenridge Capital, you are greeted by beautiful, scenic views of mountain tops and incredible skyscrapers. It has a golden and forest green color scheme just like the color of money, allowing you to imagine what life is like for the wealthy. Its slogan of Make Your Options Count should get your adrenaline pumping.

Along the top of the page, you will see the following tabs: It is easy for you to fantasize about the profits you can make trading, just like you would if you won the lottery. Of course, this is a brilliant marketing tool. Start Quickly Sometimes, when you invest more than units of your currency, you can get an extra risk-free trade at Glenridge. The brand promotes that it only takes 5 simple steps for people to trade assets. Some users have complained of it being very slow to use, freezing in mid-stream at the worst possible times.

You can trade commodities, currencies, indices and stocks at Glenridge Capital. You only have 35 assets to trade, including only 4 indices. In the modern age of binary options, the limited assets on Glenridge Capital are a bit disappointing. Of course, the broker is new, so we all hope that they will add more assets. There are a variety of time frames, which is nice, including 60, 90 and seconds. There are also daily, weekly, monthly and yearly trades.

The broker claims to have a smart phone app, but it is not easily accessible from the website. Glenridge Capital does not allow you to automate or add an API onto its platform. This can be disappointing, if you found a great way to make money using a fast trading bot.

This amount is pretty basic for the binary options industry. Here are the key variations found within these Glenridge Capital accounts: Basically, Glenridge Capital uses the concept of deposits, withdrawals and amounts based on units of your local currency.

Here are the five Glendridge Capital account types: Entry is for beginners, requiring a deposit of to 4, You get 3 x risk free trades, an eBook, trading tools and personal analyst. It is like gambling with your winnings and losing everything. So if you actually win any of your trades you have to keep trading until you will eventually lose everything you invested. These are reasons why I confirm my honest opinion on them: K You can never use any correspondence other than e-mail to them No SEC authorization to do any business in the USA Whatsoever promises made by Glenridge Capital are NOT made in writing so they can escape any litigation if and when investors drag them to court.

Glenridge Capital answered 3 years ago Thank you all for your constructive feedback. It is quite helpful to hear from past and present clients so we can improve upon our services. I would first like to address the original question regarding third-party robot software. While you are welcome to make use of such systems, Glenridge neither endorses nor negates them.

There are many ways to trade, and robot autotrading is just another avenue. Some traders enjoy relying on a third-party to make trades for them, while others prefer to make trades on their own. It is simply up to the taste of the trader. In regards to withdrawing profits, Glenridge absolutely processes every single request that is submitted properly and meets the necessary requirements. Specifically, in order to withdraw, clients must first send in the required verification documents.

The other requirement involves bonuses. If a clients takes a bonus, he must first meet the required trading turnover to be qualified for withdrawal. The turnover amount is stated clearly on the bonus form that every client must sign before they can receive the bonus. Glenridge Capital is a fully transparent company. We encourage clients to read the terms and conditions before investing any funds or signing up for any bonuses in order to avoid the type of confusion and frustration expressed in the above comments.

Joel answered 3 years ago I do not agree with the response posted by glenridge capital. Whether its third party or directly with the broker.

They are all the same scammer. They lure you into parting away with your funds and if you decide to withdraw the next second, they started telling you stories that they never mention at the initial stage.

David Owen you need to refund all my deposit money asap or i will make available all the video and screen shots to prove all the statements made above. Mark J answered 2 years ago Hi, my name is Mark J.

I then ask for a refund. I sent the documents in and like many of you said, the documents needed to be resent. Then in January they locked me out of my account and asked for the same documents to verify my account. On March 17, I sent the documents in for the third time.


Not returning 500.00 dollars US account balance 

Warning: Glenridge is a Scam! They are not licensed or regulated. Glenridge Capital was an unlicensed binary options broker that opened in Glenridge Capital’s phone number is; USA: [ ].

Aug 03,  · Consumer complaints and reviews about Glenridge Capital Inc. in Canton, Georgia. license #. Roofing1/5. Read the comments on the Glenridge Capital Review by other traders about their experience. 0 Vote Up Vote Down. Thomas Lundgren answered 3 years ago. Glenridge capital is a scambroker who do not pay back the money that is deposit. 

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Consumer reviews about Glenridge Capital Inc.

Glenridge Capital Complaint Review: Glenridge Capital / Ryan Daniels Binary Trading Scam Tel Aviv Israel. Read the latest user reviews about Glenridge Capital Inc. in United States, Georgia. Consumer complaints and company contact information.

I transfered money from my bank acc to the glenridge broker system acc. Without my knowledge, my husband invested all of our savings with Glenridge Capital. In addition to giving our savings he was told to take out a loan to get.

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