You'd have thought the "Royal" Albert would have been a bit more circumspect in his choice of name for his offspring!

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Its Latin name is bidens connata.

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Funny bingo calls | funny bingo number names | rude bingo lingo. Size x Your browser does not support the video tag. Download Tweet Report. Red Bus Bingo.

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Some of these bingo number names include “young and keen” for 15, “droopy drawers” for 44, or “dirty knees” for While most are meant to be funny or make players smile, some rude bingo calls do exist.

Celebrity names always create funny bingo calls – Andrea Corr, Gok Wan etc. Many bingo calls aren’t funny until you explain them – Snow White’s number, Sherwood Forrest etc. It may be that you can stop and explain the meaning. Dec 08,  · The bingo rhymes — or ‘bingo lingo' — cover many of the numbers from 1 to 90, some of which date back decades. In many bingo halls, the caller will say the number and they players will respond with the rhyme/5(5). 

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These rhymes quickly moved into bingo halls as a way to clarify all 90 numbers on the board. From far away, 42 and 52, for example, can sound the same, so these nicknames served as a way to tell the two numbers apart. The number 88 visually represents a lady next to another lady. Refer to 81 above. Players can reply with 'Wobble, wobble.' 89 Nearly there 89 is one away from 90 (the end of the bingo numbers). Almost there 90 Top of the shop: 90 is the highest (top) number in bingo. Shop refers to the entire game of bingo (and also rhymes with "top").

bingo calling numbers bingo calling cards bingo number calls bingo call outs bingo calls rude rude bingo sayings bingo lingo rude rude bingo lingo rude bingo numbers. We have always enjoyed our legs eleven, two fat ladies eighty eight, or two little ducks for number twenty two. From Kelly’s Eye to Top of the shop, Tasty has got you up to speed with all the well-known, funny bingo number calls.

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