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I have contacted them a couple times concerning:

According to other posters, getting them on the phone is hopeless. Submit position entry and exit orders for up to different instruments manually or using pre-programmed rules. 

Implement custom position entry conditions using Excel spreadsheet formulas. January 25, at

Automate Trading Using Excel Formulas and VBA macros 

Welcome to the website of RVB Company. Founded in as RVB Shipbrokers, RVB Company has developed itself over the years into a multi-functional maritime service company, with a focus on the global markets in tanker chartering and tank storage.

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At Virtual Brokers you have flexibility to choose the commission structure based on your trading profile. And don’t forget, when using the VB Webtrader platform, you will also gain access to our Classic Commission Structure.

Open an account Start your free trial Login Login * Username * Password * First page to land Dashboard Banking Research Centre Account Summary Change Account Password VB WebTrader V VB WebTrader Light New Issues Offerings. We at V.B. Insurance Brokers Ltd. are very proud and excited to announce that we have teamed up with Access Roadside Assistance, to make available another roadside assistance alternative to AMA. Access Roadside Assistance was established in and works with a network of independent tow truck companies to provide assistance in . 

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NET & Visual Basic Projects for $ - $ Hello, I need a app for scanning and trading on Interactive Broker's TWS platform. The app has to have two components: Component 1: 1. Connect to TWS 2. Select first 50 stocks from the database. Automate order execution w/ Interactive Brokers Excel Trader using spreadsheet formulas and VBA. Stocks, futures, and Forex. Build your own trading algos.

Canadian Online Brokerage Review – Virtual Brokers. Mailing Address Yonge Street, Suite Toronto, ON The web-based platforms offered include VB WebTrader, VB WebTrader Lite and Meridian. Canadian Online Brokerage Review – Virtual Brokers. Your information: Name (required). Virtual Brokers also added VB WebTrader Light as a simplified and lighter version of its predecessor. WebTrader Light was created for clients who prefer simplified order entry. A unique feature in the online trading industry, you can easily toggle between the light and full version, customizing your trading experience.

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