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How do I view Mini-Options within an option chain? 

The form you see is managed by the IWRun call in the project file created by default in each stand-alone IntraWeb application. You'll find an updated list of third parties on www.

Investors lift Canadian commercial real estate to record quarter 

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For example, I have a Google account, so I may choose to use my Google credentials. I should point out that I got the bulk of the content for the Logon. If I proceed to use my Google account by clicking on the Google image, the current browser session will be navigated to Google, where I can enter my normal login credentials, as shown below: Once I have entered my usual Google OpenID compliant credentials, I will then be returned back to my previous page that I was on before I went off to the OpenID compliant web site to allow me to login, this obviously being Google in my case.

This is shown below after I have logged in using my Google credentials: This is what the code in this article is all about; it shows you how to work with logging in to an OpenID compliant web site and to also use Forms Authentication to manage the Authentication cookie. In the example above, we basically did this: This immediately realised we were not authenticated yet, due to the lack of a Forms Authentication cookie, and redirected the browser session to the Login.

If the login process is successful, we are directed back to the original page that the user wanted to view that's the ReturnUrl which Forms Authentication provides for us , that was not possible until the user was authenticated. Luckily for us, ASP. NET MVC comes with the very hand AuthoriseAttribute, that can literally be applied to your controllers that will restrict access of callers to the controllers actions unless they are authenticated. Which in our case means, we have logged in and have a Forms Authentication cookie stored in the session.

This is what the demo code's controller looks like that requires authorization to occur before the user can view the results of calling any of the actions: As I say, I got the bulk of this page from somewhere, but just can't seem to remember where, so if you think you know where it came from, let me know. Anyway, the login page's View looks like the following: The only really important thing that happens is that the page is submitted from the following JavaScript; all the real work happens in the AccountController's Logon action code.

Page that needs authorization is requested. If the response is found to be AuthenticationStatus. Authenticated, the user is deemed validated, and then more details about the user can be requested from the OpenID provider's response, which is accomplished using response. Here is all the code for AccountController: Linq; using System; using System. After registering, the online provider typically gives you an Id or secret key for your app.

Build the authentication request URI The request URI consists of the address where you send the authentication request to your online provider appended with other required information, such as an app ID or secret, a redirect URI where the user is sent after completing authentication, and the expected response type.

You can find out from your provider what parameters are required. It must be a secure address it must start with https: Uri startURL ; System. Uri endURL ; Connect to the online provider You call the AuthenticateAsync method to connect to the online identity provider and get an access token. The method takes the URI constructed in the previous step as the requestUri parameter, and a URI to which you want the user to be redirected as the callbackUri parameter.

ToString ; break; case Windows. ToString ; break; default: Web namespace contains an AuthenticateAndContinue method.

Do not call this method. It is designed for apps targeting Windows Phone 8. Notice that the cursor indicates that something is happening, yet the ProgressBar still looks like it did at the start empty. As soon as the loop, which represents our lengthy task, is done, the ProgressBar will look like this: That really didn't help your users see the progress!

Instead, we have to perform the task on a worker thread and then push updates to the UI thread, which will then be able to immediately process and visually show these updates.

An excellent tool for handling this job is the BackgroundWorker class, which we talk much more about elsewhere in this tutorial. Here's the same example as above, but this time using a BackgroundWorker: ReportProgress i ; Thread.

Please be aware that while the BackgroundWorker does help a lot with multithreading related problems, there are still some things you should be aware of, so please have a look at the BackgroundWorker articles in this tutorial before doing anything more advanced than a scenario like the one above. Indeterminate For some tasks, expressing the progress as a percentage is not possible or you simply don't know how long it will take.


AJAX in Delphi 

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