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Seriously, mope around too much bitching about it like she does, and it becomes a case of been there, done that, got boring, seriously stop telling me how terrible it is when I can imagine hundreds of worse scenarios.

They were downloaded with false histories and memories of their times 'before being human' to convince them otherwise. 

They even killed an expendable character named Kenny!

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The Infinite Sea impressively improves on the excellent beginning of the trilogy by focusing on the emotional turmoil faced by pitting complex youngsters against a massive and overpowering extra-terrestrial menace.

Cassie's mother is one of the casualties. Cassie, her father and her younger brother Sam, find a refugee camp in the woods with roughly survivors. A few days later, an army unit with working vehicles rolls into the camp.

The unit's commander, Colonel Vosch, claims there is an imminent threat of a 4th Wave and they will take the children to safety at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, intending to bring the buses back to retrieve the adults. Cassie is separated from Sam, and witnesses the army massacring all the adults, her father included. Cassie scavenges her way toward the base, but is shot in the leg by an unseen shooter and passes out. About a week later, she wakes up in the farmhouse of a man named Evan Walker, who saved her.

Cassie leaves towards the base with Evan, but learns that he is an Other, sent years ago as a sleeper agent and merged his consciousness into a human host. The sleepers roam their designated zones, killing human survivors. Evan admits his humanity was reactivated when he saw her, disagrees with the invasion and lets her leave. He warns that Colonel Vosch and the military are possessed by the consciousness of individual Others.

At the base, the military have used deception and technology to convince the rescued children that the humans outside the base have been possessed. They provide military training to the children, forming them into squads to go on kill missions outside the base. Sam has been placed into a squad led by Ben, a boy Cassie had a crush on, along with Ringer, a tough teenage girl, Dumbo and Teacup. While out on a kill mission, Ringer removes her military implant, causing her to register as an Other-possessed human on the squad's scopes.

The squad deduces the plan to have them kill real unpossessed humans, making them the 5th Wave. Ben sends his squad into the woods and returns to base, claiming his squad was killed, for the purpose of retrieving Sam, who was left behind. Ben confronts Colonel Vosch about child warriors being the 5th Wave and Cassie kills Sergeant Reznik during her one-on-one indoctrination spiel.

Ben and Cassie find each other and leave to find Sam. Evan sets off numerous bombs and advises them to quickly find Sam before the destruction of the entire facility.

Colonel Vosch and the surviving military evacuate with the human children by military aircraft. Cassie, Ben and Sam escape, with help from Ringer, just as Evan completes the destruction of the base.

Ben's squad is reunited and Cassie ponders the strength of hope as humanity's driving force for survival. Characters[ edit ] Cassiopeia Marie Sullivan or "Cassie"— the novel's protagonist, is 16 years old, short, and has curly strawberry-blonde hair. Before the waves hit, she had a crush on Ben Parish, a popular football player. She later has a relationship with her "silencer", Evan Walker. Evan Walker — a boy from rural Ohio who lived with his large family; he is described as having chocolate brown eyes and brown hair.

This made it hard for the remaining human population to trust in anyone now as they cannot tell who is truly human or a silencer. It is later seen that all the Silencers are really humans who were enhanced, most from the time they were fetuses in the womb, by use of alien nanotechnology. They were downloaded with false histories and memories of their times 'before being human' to convince them otherwise. The 12th System was developed to make more Silencers out of humans that they captured such as Ringer.

The Fourth Wave occurs in the first half of the scenario The 5th Wave takes place in, the other half being the titular Fifth Wave. The 5th Wave " Child Army brainwashed to hunt for survivors The Fifth Wave is a group of highly trained young children and teenagers into finishing off whatever the Silencers didn't pick off from the fourth Wave—although these aforementioned "child soldiers" were fooled into thinking that they were assassinating the infested by Commander Vosch.

Each of these kids were brainwashed and set in killing innocent people that glowed green due to the detector scopes given to them by the Others that would fool them into thinking they were killing Others instead of survivors. Only the members of Squad 53 , Cassie, and Evan Walker know the truth.

The Fifth Wave was to begin when the spaceship launched missiles to destroy the cities on the planet in order to limit the places for people to be.

Then the army would sweep them and hunt the survivors down. However, Ringer broke into Camp Haven II and activated the master control for the tracker's killswitches in all of the soldiers to zap them all.

They can kill us? I've seen them blow up the White House. Seriously, mope around too much bitching about it like she does, and it becomes a case of been there, done that, got boring, seriously stop telling me how terrible it is when I can imagine hundreds of worse scenarios.

But not only is The 5th Wave completely derivative of the many, many alien invasion plots of years past, it just has a terrible protagonist in Cassie Sullivan who forcefully shoves the same old regurgitated crap down my throat in the most inane way possible. Before the Arrival, guys like Evan Walker never looked twice at me, much less shot wild game for me and washed my hair. My eyes have never been looked deeply into, or my chin raised to bring my lips within an inch of theirs.

OMG Ben Parish is hot!


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Jan 14,  · Watch video · As a low-budget sci-fi flick, The Fifth Wave starts quite promisingly with a more logical continuation from the opening scenes of "Independence Day". The end of the world is nigh/10(K).

The 5th Wave is a American science fiction action film directed by J Blakeson, with a screenplay by Susannah Grant, Akiva Goldsman, and Jeff Pinkner, based on the novel of the same name by Rick Yancey. The First Wave, as its name implies, was the first of the five (current) waves to be used by the Others. It was a massive EMP strike, an electromagnetic pulse, that effectively shorted out all forms of technology and objects that ran on electricity (i.e.: cars, cellphones, etc.). 

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the 5th wave is one of THE BEST DYSTOPIAN BOOK OF THE YEAR, it has everything suspense, action, a bit of romance, Stong charcaters, one of them was a bit a weirdo (i'm sure you know who that is) overall i loved the combination Rick yancey has created of the Dystopian and Science Fiction genres, it's perfect, really enjoyed it, The narration is /5. "The 5th Wave" joins the ignominious ranks of alien films that never actually depict the aliens on screen. (The ship shows up for 15 seconds in 15%.

Sony snatched up the rights to The 5th Wave trilogy before there was even a trilogy to speak of. Entertainment Weekly reported in May that the studio was already intending to produce a series. Watch video · The 5th Wave Synopsis In "The 5th Wave," set in the present day, four waves of increasingly deadly attacks have left most of Earth decimated. Against a backdrop of fear and distrust, year-old Cassie is on the run, desperately trying to save her younger brother.

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