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In other words, when you use TorFX to handle your foreign currency transfers, you can relax in the knowledge that your money is safe and totally secure.

The company has minimum transfer limits in place. 

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Foreign Currency Exchange Rates 

We compare Currencies Direct with TorFX Fund Transfer company for sending money internationally. We highlight their differences on fund transfer service & fees, currency exchange rates, destination countries, coupons & reviews.

Each transaction is quick and easy and the process is simple and swift. TorFX accepts currency exchange instructions online or by telephone. TorFX clearly explains the process and provides a dedicated service representative to assist you with every step of the process. Get a free quote With the above advantages, TorFX also extends to you another one — a free quote to get you started. All you need to do is to specify your requirement and the prompt response is enough to get your foreign exchange transaction on the way.

Dedicated account managers take the time to understand your requirements, keep an eye on the markets for you and offer guidance to ensure a quick and seamless transfer. Modus operandi — how does the transfer process work? Opening an account is free and can be done by completing an online application form. For safety, TorFX will call you to verify your identity. When you need to do a transfer, a sales representative will inform you about the current exchange rates and receive your order confirmation.

After the funds have cleared, your foreign currency with the best exchange rate is immediately sent to your beneficiary account. TorFX notifies you when the funds have been received into the destination account. TorFX will call you to verify your identity and set up your online account, you can then monitor the rate in real-time.

TorFX then send the money to the beneficiary foreign currency account at much better rates than you would get using your own bank. Using cash will result in the payment being stopped and the return of funds involves a lengthy process that includes a formal identification process. TorFX does not accept cheques under any circumstances, for any currencies.

TorFX Exchange rates TorFX deals with more than 60 global currencies with very competitive rate margins and generally offers the best or close to the best exchange rates in the market. The company provides free rate alerts. The company has minimum transfer limits in place. If, for any reason, your transfer attracts a fee, you find out about it ahead of time. If you transfer regularly overseas. Contact your account professional to discuss the best arrangement for your needs. Refer to the FAQs section on the Currencies Direct website to find out how much your transfer might cost.

Ease of Use One company scores higher than the other in this aspect of the Currencies Direct vs. TorFX comparison by providing website access in foreign languages. Both companies let you register online. The company operates two websites — a UK-based website for the global audience, and an Australia-based website.

Access to both TorFX websites is only available in English. You can pay for your transfer via an electronic bank transfer, a debit card, or a credit card.


TorFX Foreign Transfer Rates & Fees - Compared 

TorFX are a leading foreign exchange rate broker offering excellent exchange rates.

Contact details for TorFX. A leading foreign currency exchange broker, offering ultra competitive exchange rates for currency transfers. TorFX has been providing bank-beating foreign exchange and international payments for over ten years. As a leading currency broker, our goal is to connect clients with ultra-competitive exchange rates and a uniquely dedicated international money transfer service. 

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Contact. If you have any queries regarding the TorFX News website or would like to suggest how we could improve our service, please get in touch via the details below and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible. UK Office. TorFX News PZ Penzance Cornwall TR18 4DZ United Kingdom. If you need any assistance, you can contact a TorFX representative in different ways. Their Australian Gold Coast and UK’s Cornwall customer service details are at the end of this review. You can benefit by using the services of TorFX if.

TorFX Money Transfer Review Trading via: Online Platform Telephone International Clients accepted. Established: with a single office in the UK and a single office in Australia, but it makes up for that with a large team of + dedicated dealers, and 24/7 international phone numbers. the main contact at Torfx (James) was very 93%. We compare Currencies Direct with TorFX Fund Transfer company for sending money internationally. We highlight their differences on fund transfer service & fees, currency exchange rates, destination countries, coupons & reviews.

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