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Here are some equally important ones, though, that exist in both platforms:

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For more information go to www. Delta is the measurement of the sensitivity of the price of an option to the price movement of the underlying stock. Delta can be useful in predicting profits, having a feel of the probability of the option ending up in the money by expiration under normal conditions and for hedging. In predicting profits, an option with 0. By summing up the delta of your options, you would know how much profit you would make with a predicted move on the underlying stock.

Delta is also a measure of the probability that an option would end up in the money by expiration. An at the money option has 0. The deeper in the money the option goes, the bigger the delta and hence the higher the chance it will end up in the money. Options with delta of 1 would almost definitely end up in the money by expiration under normal conditions.

Delta is perhaps most important for hedging in the area of delta neutral hedging. Read the related links below for more info. More than 10 years of your life wasted on a myth. But that is just another marketing story. There is absolutely no research to be found about these numbers. I see your name is linked to a vendor website.

Frits Altenburg December 21, at 8: I posted here last year and have to admit that I just had a good run and got out while I still was ahead. That goes from vendors and their charlatans on forums to the CME sponsoring the vendors. In reaction to my website I had thousands of emails including those from people whose lives were ruined by this business maybe partially their own fault.

I will do my utmost to put an end to this. If you want to help me, take a look at the website and sent me an email. Merry Christmas to you all! Mike February 10, at 5: Maybe my system works or I have gotten extremely lucky so far. I suppose only time will tell. I must say though that I hope it gets better as I keep refining my system, learn from my mistakes and especially learn to trade taking emotions out of the equation. Was chasing profits i. Conventional wisdom has it that fear and greed are the two primary emotions when day-trading.


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Delta Trading Group wants you to know that success in “Day Trading” is attainable by anyone, at any age, at any point in their life. If you can use Facebook, and are willing to have patience learning a new skill, you too can become a successful trader.

Curious if Delta Trading Group is worth the money? After an exhaustive 2 week review, we have the answer that you need to make an informed decision/5. Delta Trading Group-Update. Several days ago, I posted a review of the Delta Trading Group, and included a brief write up on the owner, Dr. Clifford Vance review was not particularly nice. I specifically called out the good Dr. Cast for not really being a doctor and that the PhD thing was pure nonsense, fantasy that he created out of thin air. 

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Delta Trading Group Oakview Drive New Albany, MS Other common complaints to BBB against door-to-door meat sellers include claims that the customer received less meat than what they Category: Meat - Wholesale. Delta Trading Group E Broadway Blvd. Suite Tucson, AZ () © DELTA TRADING GROUP, INC.

Apr 27,  · I have been working at Delta Trading Group part-time (More than a year)Author: Former Employee - Day Trader. 5 Delta Trading Group reviews. A free inside look at company reviews and salaries posted anonymously by employees/5(5).

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