Best Settings For PUBG (PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds) – High FPS, Optimization, Competitive

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Robot has a few helpful settings that can be managed according to your needs. GO After you have chosen which mouse you are going to use check out our recommended mice for CS: 

Make sure V-Sync is unchecked.

Advanced Settings for PUBG 

The Advanced Boot Options menu is a selectable list of Windows startup modes and troubleshooting tools. In Windows XP, this menu is called the Windows Advanced Options Menu. Beginning in Windows 8, Advanced Boot Options was replaced by Startup Settings, part of the Advanced Startup Options menu.

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Also, make sure that you have your graphics card settings optimized in order to deliver more performance. Find a good spot, so you are able to spot people in dark corners, etc. Set Anti-Aliasing to Very Low. Set Shadows to Very Low. This will increase visibility since there will be no more saturation and bloom.

Set Texture to anything you are comfortable with. Keeping this at Medium should suffice for most users. Set Effects to Very Low. This will remove a lot of bushes and grass. Having this setting on Low should cover a quarter of the map, which will be more than enough. Having it any higher will punish your FPS for no apparent gains. Make sure V-Sync is unchecked.


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You can customize the Option bot to trade for you using your own settings, based on trend analysis's or you can go with the default settings, and the Option Bot will start gathering the data, finding the best trades and then automatically executing the trades without you having to do anything else.]. Best Settings For PUBG (PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds) – High FPS, Optimization, Competitive By Eddy Baker September 20, 21 Comments PUBG (PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds) is a massive survival game that has gained immense popularity since it went to Early Access stages on March 23,  

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Binary Options Robot says that the best settings are those settings that will perfectly fit trader’s requirements. There are no perfect Binary Options Robot settings because each trader has its own demands and settings will be different for each trader. Robot won’t be trading. Binary Options Robot Settings Are Managed on Dashboard When. I am currently working on a collection of different small bots. There will also be add-ons to the bots like hats that can be printed extra. So far I have gotten 3 done and am starting to work on the first extra hat.

Best Settings on Binary Options Robot. Binary Options Robot has definitely taken the lead as the best binary trading software in binary options trading. CS:GO Best Settings Guide Counter-Strike: Global Offensive has a wide variety of options available that can customize the gaming experience to suit your own personal playstyle. This guide gathers an aggregate of values from our CS:GO Pro Settings and Gear list to give you a starting point to find the best settings for CS:GO.

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