The information is there--it's just not as visually pleasing as it could be. 

Their explanation was that the trade was done "on a separate book" and I wasn't allowed to see any audit or record of this separate mystery book. Thinkorswim is way to complicated to use and freezes up when you click news listings.

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thinkorswim, TD Ameritrade's pro-level trading platform, is a feature-rich software package that rivals some of the better-known pro-level platforms out there. Every review .

They no longer offer Prodigio robotic trading platform, the biggest money drain out there. Their ThinkScript has potential, but has too many bugs and limited use in commands to do real trading.

The other day I got a false sell signal while in Active Trader and I wasn't doing anything. The activity monitor didn't show that I had sold anything, but the notification box said I did so. The amount on my Forex account went down a buck. Summing it up, TOS trades against you FME, inaccurate data feed forex , questionable software and prone to bugs - definitely no to Forex trading.

You trade forex any where then the money will be flying off your wallet. Forex is nothing but a big casino and if you start making money all broker will do everything possible to make you loose money such as widening spreads, re-quotes, lags, slipages.. It should be mentioned that TD Ameritrade employs a third party to handle TOS's FX transactions, and I doubt that TD Ameritrade would jeopardize either their reputation or that of their ThinkOrSwim platform, but it certainly appears that someone in the food chain is playing games.

That said, if your trading style is such that you can tolerate being popped for a pip at either end, I would recommend this platform. It really is exceptional. Dan, May 5, , Guest I was with Thinkofswim for many years. Don't listen to haters. Order fills are often missed on "Limit" I like the variety of tools that are available on ToS. ActiveTrader is great to enter orders with targets and stops simultaneously. Unfortunately, this "full book" feature never works in paper trading.

After contacting them on several occasions, it got fixed temporarily and then goes down again days later. Great recursive and testing software with ToS using paper money. Absolutely skims from bad market order fills.

Limit fills are always exactly at the limit. ToS trading software, while supposedly l33t, is absolute murder on the eyes and a complete hot mess to navigate. Nothing is intuitive and needed info is often strung across several tabs you need to click through. What is good is the paper trading use the regular account and switch to "OnDemand", the paper trade login is garbage. This lets you test different equity and options strategies easily against historically similar times as you approach the next trade day.

TD Ameritrade does, however, skim from your trades with wildly bad market fills or just-at-the-limit fills for limit orders. If you are a scalper, you will do remarkably worse using TD Ameritrade than pretty much any other software.

Use Etrade for options for best limit pricing where they let you keep the difference in lower sale price, for example. Use RH or Schwab for fast equity trading when it counts. TD Ameritrade are thieves and will steal from you pennies or even dollars at a time with each order. The class action lawsuit was not enough money to get them to stop the practice, and this is a major source of their income. Their explanation was that the trade was done "on a separate book" and I wasn't allowed to see any audit or record of this separate mystery book.

My scalping skills also plummeted after making the switch to TD from Schwab - with my typical trades stopped out or close the second I start them. Magically I was making regular money again when i switched back to Schwab.

Hard to remember the many good points about it with the problems I encountered however in all fairness its possible to be something good Cons: In all fairness everyone there will see it their own way.

It may get worse or get better. However the fact remains for example if I could show you in pictures what I saw you would wonder why I stayed there as long as I did. I could go into extensive detail however as much I could or like to. Therefore their dry wit was something to see too. When there were problems watch their hospitality and service come and go.

When you pick support chat watch the strange reaction and comments then you will see why. Your first time in one of their chat rooms may be your last time therefore if you chat about something they dislike your banned forever for example they socialize about the weather their weight loss and problems however chat about penny stocks it writes censored write about a certain stock censored or stock related.

Very limited in what they accepts however that maybe good or bad. However watch what they write about and they are there almost always and you would wonder why they wrote what they did therefore their dry wit or hospitality.

Broker is TD Ameritrade which is fine Cons: Trades a little on the high side.


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TD Ameritrade’s thinkorswim trading platform is widely considered one of the best available. Originally independent and acquired by TD Ameritrade in , thinkorswim is a desktop application Author: Arielle O'Shea.

Thinkorswim Review Summary Thinkorswim charges competitive commissions on stocks and ETFs: $ per trade. There are no commission surcharges at the company - the same rate applies to all trades, including penny stocks, extended hours orders, pink sheet stocks and large orders (whereas most online brokers levy one or more of these /5. thinkorswim is an online stock trading service dedicated to educating clients about investing in the stock market through web resources and live seminars. With thinkorswim you can place orders and manage your account through / 

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Leading Review Websites About Thinkorswim Trading Platform "thinkorswim is a fun trading platform to use, with great mobile options. The fee 3/5. thinkorswim® Review: Trading Tools Create your own technical indicators, view over chart studies, screen and scan for stocks and options, view heat maps, automate the sale of covered calls, and practice your trading strategies risk-free.

Is thinkorswim a scam or legit? Expert review of thinkorswim: From company info to user reviews, from bonuses to company news. Read in-depth thinkorswim review before start trading. Enter Now! thinkorswim, TD Ameritrade's pro-level trading platform, is a feature-rich software package that rivals some of the better-known pro-level platforms out there. Every review .

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