I'll be updating this post frequently with feedback as to what sort of leads each site provides, and general sentiments.

I must say I'm still very surprised at the response rates between both sites. 

Once your ad is complete, you'll get instructions on how to access the documents or transfer them to your car's buyer. Time to repost to Craigs List and see if that drums up any more interest

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A younger sounding woman left a message saying she saw the car on Craigs List and had some questions about the vehicle. When I called her back 30 minutes later, her tone of voice told me she wasn't very serious about buying a car. She wanted to know the mileage k and hung up. This brought me back to the days of selling cars and having to answer a lot of questions that I knew didn't matter in the long run. My second lead appeared in my inbox this evening, again from Craigs List.

One thing did catch my eye about this lead This person had somehow seen the ad I originally placed before my edit Not sure how he found a price from two days ago that was fixed, but it could present a problem with negotiating price if he's a serious buyer.

Maybe the used car market is really as bad as everyone says, or maybe just that not many people have received their tax returns yet and are ready to shop? I received one additional lead from Autotrader a couple of days ago. A gentleman called wanting to know how many miles were on the car. I told him, and he said he was shopping around for a first car for his daughter, and that he might call me back. One thing that has proven a little annoying, and takes me back to the car sales days, is that I've taken the time to write a very detailed description about the vehicle, and the mileage is displayed prominently on both Autotrader and Craigs List.

For whatever reason, people always ask questions that are already answered in the description. Just part of selling vehicles online I guess, but I have to wonder how many pointless calls are averted by having the detailed info on the ads. Surely I must be saving time by giving the details up front. This begs the question though: From a dealers point of view this depends on personal preference, but I'd rather let the car sell itself so I have time to focus on other activities.

I wanted to take a closer look at the impact a shorter and more vague description has. Sure enough, I got two calls from Autotrader shortly after modifying the description. Both people left messages, and when I called them back and left messages myself, they never returned my call. Who knows, but having SOME leads come in keeps hope alive for me that it will actually sell, and I imagine a dealer would feel the same way.

I have pretty much consigned the car through a local dealer I'm working with so interested parties can get financed on it, and also to see if Automart or Autoextra produce any decent leads. I received one call today from someone who sounded serious off Craigs List and actually showed up at the dealers lot where I've got the car sitting. Supposedly he'll be back tomorrow with a down payment. Another customer saw the car on Craigs List and filled out the dealer's online credit application, so things are looking good for Craigs List in this experiment.

Hopefully I'll have the "dramatic conclusion" over the weekend. In the three months since first posting, there have really only been 7 total leads and the car is still sitting on the lot.

Why isn't it selling? Is it a junk car? Is the market bad now? Am I trying to get too much for it? Am I holding out for my price? This car would not have sat in a dealer's inventory for this long unless they really didn't care about turnover rates.

I'm not worried about cash flow or sales numbers, but if I were a dealer these things would certainly come into play. One thing that does surprise me is that Automart and Autoextra have not produced any leads at all. Time to repost to Craigs List and see if that drums up any more interest I know most people on Craigs List seem to browse from newest to oldest rather than search, so I guess it shouldn't be a surprise.

I posted 1 week ago, and literally 5 minutes after posting I had a response. I couldn't believe it. After talking with the first guy he filled out a credit application and would pick up the car in a day or two. Great, it was sold The guy got to the dealership too late last Saturday to do anything, so he was a "be-back" for Monday.

No-show, and a follow up email revealed he spotted another car that he was approved for. On to plan B. The second guy also filled out a credit app and was very serious about the car. I put him on ice for a few days until I knew what the first guy was really doing since he was willing to pay full price.

Once the second guy's credit was pulled, he couldn't get approved without a down payment which he wasn't willing to do. Enjoy reading our tips and recommendations.

We value your privacy. After filling out all their information about what I wanted, all it would show was smashed up wrecks. Why would it think I wanted a smashed up wreck. The site is worthless. July 20, I had used Autotrader many years ago when they published a magazine and distributed it locally and always had good experience.

Not so today as it took me three different attempts to post an ad. First time after I entered all info including description and photos then went to the pay part the link was dead.

I phoned them and was told to go to various other sections which I did and as a result lost all my input. They said they were sorry and would help me word another ad. I do not need help with that, just being able to place it. Next attempt I started over from scratch but only got as far as entering my email address which I had to re-enter online below only to get error message that emails do not match, despite the fact that they matched perfectly.

I tried again but used a different email, but had the same results. Called Autotrader and all they could advise was try again from scratch. I did so and this time it worked and I spent another hour downloading photos and rewording description, but it took my credit card and gave me an ad id.


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