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Because he was working a demanding full time job, he had to perfect a trading strategy that would not require him to be constantly staring at a trading screen.

His colorful character and manner shown in this picture to the right explain the reason his students and many fans love and enjoy his research and alerts. 

Well, in early , Paul sent out an email for his one and only live education course.

Paul Scolardi aka “Superman” runs a stock picking blog / service called Super Trades 

Paul Scolardi is probably better known as the Superman trader or Supertrades. He is not new to stock trading – he has been trading the stock market for almost 20 years. Paul is widely considered to be one of the most successful self-made millionaire stock traders in .

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Paul “Superman” Scolardi Stock Picking Products and Services 

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Feb 25,  · Well, this is none other than Paul Scolardi who is also known as “Superman”. Superman Trades Overview Paul is a successful stocks trader and has been in this business for 15 years now/5. "Superman" Paul Scolardi Review If the DC Comics' popular hero and role model Superman were a mortal from planet Earth who traded and picked stocks, then he would be Paul "Superman" Scolardi. Paul Scolardi, affectionately also. 

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Paul “Superman” Scolardi is a veteran stock trader and educator. His Super Trades site offers chat room access, daily stock Watchlists, training courses. As my Superman Review has shown, Paul Scolardi is the real deal (in my opinion at least). A lot of reviewers and traders have done their best to pick him apart over the years, but our research into his service has yielded only positive results.

One of these traders is Paul ‘superman’ Scolardi. In this review, I will be looking at the Super Traders online education system and will give you my unbiased, professional opinion. The course has promised a lot of hype and was created by an industry expert with many years under his belt when it comes to stocks and accounting advice. Timalerts Review That Exposes The Truth Behind Timothy Sykes Service. Posted I looked at supertrades ratings they are really bad which was a surprise as superman Paul Scolardi does really Previous Post Previous Holly Starks Easy Hangout Blueprint Course Has Been Causing Alot Of Hype We Review Why. Next Post Next Bad Habits .

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