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But in the end, it was wanting to keep his robotic surgery credentials that got Mustain to dive into the new technology.

Aurora Six the stunning and single female member wields the Sun Gun. 

Sparx pilots the Fist Rocket 3, the right hand of the Super Robot.

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The Super Robot Monkey Team is set in Shuggazoom City, a city that takes up a good portion of its planet, named Shuggazoom. The rest of the planet is called

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Her main weapons are her Robotic Fists. Voiced by Kari Wahlgren. Although his talent with machines is unmatched, he is quite oblivious to everything else around him, but has an obsession with naming the monsters the team encounters. As the monkeys are robotic themselves, it is usually up to him repair any damages. He has a dream of being in the circus , more specifically becoming a trapeze artist. He also has a soft spot for anything young or smaller than him, as seen in The Stranded Seven when he gives the seemingly useless piece of metal on the end of his tail to a young cat -like character, whom he called "Lil' guy.

His main weapons are his Energy Saw Fists. He is voiced by Clancy Brown. The Skeleton King was once the Alchemist, a kindly master of the elements of science and magic whose soul was corrupted by The Dark Ones an evil race of trans-dimensional entities , thus becoming their most loyal servant. Before the corruption could be completed, he created the Hyperforce to protect the cosmos from his own evil.

During the climactic battle, Skeleton King's decapitated head merged with the unleashed Dark One to become the "Skeleton King Worm" and traveled across the universe, transforming once peaceful worlds into desolate wastelands in its wake.

Eventually, the Hyperforce ended the Skeleton King Worm's rampage by destroying it before it could destroy another planet Earth. After getting severed from the worm, however, Skeleton King's head was recovered from the depths of space by Mandarin and returned to Shuggazoom, where it was later stolen by the Skeletal Circle, a group of Skeleton King's mortal disciples led by Ma and Pa Shenko Valeena's Parents , who thought to use the head's power to curse Shuggazoom City until they were interrupted by the Hyperforce.

During the battle, the head was split in two to reveal a Crystal Skull which was collected by Mandarin and Valeena. The search ended in the "Pit of Doom" the place where Skeleton King lost his original body , where Valeena was successful in resurrecting Skeleton King in a new form similar to Darth Vader.

Upon his resurrection, he blasted Valeena into ash and raised a black castle of Formless Ooze within the Pit, which currently serves as a fortress for him and his undead army as he plans to wage war "between the living and the dead" on Shuggazoom City.

He is voiced by Mark Hamill. Mandarin[ edit ] The orange monkey who originally lead the Hyperforce, he was the wisest out of all of the six monkeys, Although their job was to protect Shuggazoom City, Mandarin felt above serving his guardian and wanted to rule it. As a result, he was exiled from the team and into an off-world prison until his accidental release, triggered by a signal from one of his robotic gloves, which was found in a secret compartment in his old room by Chiro.

He then joined forces with the Skeleton King, only to be replaced with a formless ooze replica of himself. The Mandarin replica would fill Mandarin's role in the series from then onwards. James Hong voices him. Mandarin 2[ edit ] A Formless Ooze clone of Mandarin who the Skeleton King created to replace the original Mandarin, Mandarin 2 retains the memories, personality, and powers of his predecessor.

Following his master's first death, he joined forces with Valeena to resurrect him, in which they were successful. After the Skeleton King killed Valeena as a form of "gratitude" , Mandarin joined his master once more to aid him in waging a war between the living and the dead. His main weapons were original Mandarin's sword and shield, but later a claw hand and a large bone hand, the latter of which Gibson destroyed in Episode 52, thus making him nearly powerless.

He is voiced by James Hong, who voices the original Mandarin. Valeena[ edit ] Valeena Shanko better known as the Skull Sorceress was a member of the Skeletal Circle who was brought to Skeleton King by her caring but critical parents as a child to accept his full power.

Unfortunately, Skeleton King's influence saw her fit to rule the Savage Lands from an abandoned ancient temple. Her first appearance is in the episode of Antauri's resurrection , where she had kidnapped Jinmay in an attempt to sacrifice her to the Skeleton King Worm but the Monkey Team interfered, freed Jinmay, and knocked Valeena off the temple edge and into a pit of ooze. She returns in later episodes near the end of the series run as one of the main villains.

Later the team returned to Shuggazoom in The Ghosts of Shuggazoom, later than she was revealed to be behind everyone turning into zombie like ghosts. She was defeated again and trapped inside of a necklace that Mandarin wears in the Night of Fear to show the Monkey Teams true fears. It is revealed in one of the episodes that her whole goal was to resurrect Skeleton King after his first defeat. She succeeded along with Mandarin, but as a token of "gratitude", Skeleton King blasted her into ashes.

She was voiced by Hynden Walch. Formless[ edit ] The Formless are the monochrome skeleton-like creatures created from black ooze and act as the foot soldiers of the Skeleton King. Guardian Formless, more violent and dangerous, appear in Episode 27 and Episode They belong to Valeena, the Skull Sorceress.

It was later transformed into the powerful Skeleton King Droid as a result of having a piece of the Skeleton King's essence in it after taking parts of a probe that abducted it. Also voiced by Mark Hamill. Elevator Monster[ edit ] A psychic being that serves the Skeleton King. He looks like an old man , except that his waist and below is an elevator -like protrusion instead of feet. He has the ability to transport anybody who comes into the elevator to a completely different spot. He disguised himself as an old man in an elevator, leaving many people inconspicuous.

Voiced by Clancy Brown. Gyrus Krinkle[ edit ] A sad and lonely man who grew up with a robotic mother. He is a fan of the Hyperforce, and this fanaticism eventually turned into an obsession.

In one episode he creates his own virtual world using an invention he created where he can manipulate anything he wants to his will and sucks Chiro into it, but he ends up having his own physical body sucked into the world, but he appears in a painting of him with the Hyperforce as you hear him laugh, assuming he is living out his dream.

He is voiced by Jeffrey Combs. Professor Maezono[ edit ] Now a disembodied brain , Professor Jakus Maezono was one of the human scientists who worked on the Prometheus Project and assisted in the creation of the Super Robot. He wanted to transfer his consciousness into the Prometheus Five model, thus allowing him to live forever as the ultimate super-weapon. Takeuchi, his friend and fellow scientist attempted to stop him but was killed in the process. Voiced by Dee Bradley Baker. Sakko[ edit ] A tiny monkey who acts as a spy for Skeleton King.

He was originally presumed to be Jinmay's pet in the first episode, but he pins her down and opens up her chest, revealing that she is a robot. He fails Skeleton King and is taken away by a strange jack in the box looking robot with legs, but he appears in later episodes and with an eyepatch. He is voiced by Gibson's voice actor Tom Kenny. He first looks like a box carton in which you get at a restaurant to hold your food , and has three friends one being a meat cone, a shake, and a giant fries who mutate into strange zombie creatures.

It is found out that he is planning to eat people by fattening them up, being an obvious tribute to Motel Hell and Soylent Green.

Also voiced by Kevin Michael Richardson. He is currently imprisoned in the Ranger 7 Moon Base Prison. Once a mortal man who replaced every part of his body except for his brain and what appears to be one remaining eye with a mechanical part. He hovers over Shuggazoom in his first appearance in a giant scrap pile in space, and appears later in a floating Victorian style ship, and wearing a metal suit resembling a Victorian style general. He is voiced by Eric Idle.

Morlath[ edit ] Also known as the Mythic Lord of the Northern Ice, this gigantic frost demon was trapped in a cavern in the Sea of Ice outside Shuggazoom City until he encountered the Skeleton King, who offered to free him if he lent his power to freeze the city.

Instead of freeing him, however, the Skeleton king imprisoned Morlath into his power and was able to use his power as a result. He was freed when the sceptre was destroyed during the Skeleton King's battle with Chiro and Antauri in the episode I, Chiro.

He later guarded the Ice Crystal of Vengeance which was a piece of the Skeleton Kings essence in season 4, only for it to be stolen by Valeena and Mandarin. He was soon afterwards destroyed by the Super Robot. He had a daughter, Ice Witch. Master Zan[ edit ] Antauri's teacher, works for the Skeleton King. He was part of a group of mages that protected the cosmos from a group of creatures called the Dark Ones which have been dormant in the center of many planets, but Skeleton King power is too powerful, so he had no choice but to obey him and is using the Power Primate to awaken the Dark One Worm but it leads to his demise by being blasted with the Power Primate from Chiro.

Voiced by Michael York. Wigglenog[ edit ] A genie like alien creature who has the power to grant three wishes, and much like a genie, is set free when the three wishes are granted.

Chiro first wishes that they had some real action, second Gibson is wished to Otto would be smarter, and the third and final wish is Sparx wishes for an anti-wigglenog bazooka but it ends up firing flowers because the rule is you cannot harm a Wigglenog or wish to cause harm to it. Otto outsmarts the Wigglenog and wishes they never met him after faking him out with one extra wish. The Wigglenog is voiced by John Kassir. The cult only appeared in Episode The Dark Ones[ edit ] A species of evil entities with the power to destroy creation that were created by an unknown cosmic force when the universe was young.

While many were confined in the Netherworld, some of them are dormant in their planets' cores. They have so much evil that any organic life is painfully weakened in the Netherworld.

The Skeleton King Worm was a member of the Dark Ones that was sealed within the core of Shuggazoom, waiting to be awakened to begin its mission to destroy the universe. Skeleton King, a devoted disciple to The Dark Ones, created the Pit of Doom as a conduit to connect the Citadel of Bone and the corrupted Power Primate to awaken the Worm from its slumber before merging with it.

It was later destroyed by the Hyperforce before it could destroy Earth.


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