That's what I was told when I contacted their customer support. You will be redirected to a page where you will choose a broker to use with Walter's free system. 

Why are there bad reviews?

Free Money System Review 

Free Money System Review January 15, JamesThomson Reviews, Robot, SIGNALS 0 The Free Money System is the newest binary automated trading platform that claims it can help binary traders earn “free money” with only a .

You just make a deposit into a brokerage account. Maybe he's making some money from fees or commissions? Maybe he's just giving it away for free for real. He says in the video he's guilty about making that much money and wants to share the secret. So, on that level, I can't really say Free Money System is a dangerous product. Free is free, and the "Free Money System" never requires a credit card.

The video is pretty fun to watch, to be honest. It looks like people are making HUGE cash with this system.

Are the financial elite afraid of the Free Money System video? Walter says a number of brokerages are trying to ban the video and his Free Money System. Maybe he's really found something real and it could crash the system if the public found out about it. I actually just got an email from someone today saying their broker was really upset about his system, and told them to stay away from it!

The broker was really mad and called this person on their phone! What is going on here? As far as I can tell, it's a limited-entry system, so only a handful of people will get it. I think it might get closed down this week.

That's what I was told when I contacted their customer support. Just like Erica experienced in the video click here for her story , I started making money right away with this system.

The account specialist set me up and has been so helpful. I'm so excited about this!!! I use binary options systems all the time, but there's something about this system that is very different! Did Walter tap into a system the financial elites use? We know the financial elites make billions a year using secret systems like these to siphon off wealth from the Forex market and other markets. It sounds like Walter really got a hold of something real.

Just like he describes in his video, he knew someone who was one of these financial elites who acted like it was "no secret" among people in his circles that a system like this exists, and he himself had already made millions off of it. These elites live in a different world from the rest of us -- where it is "normal" to make millions of dollars a month -- so maybe Walter's finally gotten something that works out to the public and he's trying to help us?

It sure looks that way to me. Why are there bad reviews? As I explain above and in my videos, countless "dummy" copycat sites have been set up by scammers and hackers, because they realize how special this system is and they're trying to take advantage of it.

They redirect you to different brokers. It looks like thousands of people are being scammed because of this! Walter's original, REAL site is being drowned out by tons of scam sites that look like his but use slightly different links, things like, "officialfreemoneysystemsite.

People are really upset and calling it a scam, but I really think what's happening is they are being redirected to these scam sites. I don't think many people even know about the original site anymore, because the Internet is getting flooded with these copy-cat sites!

I was fortunate enough to have found the real site days ago when this was released to the world. I've got the real link, and I know that because it's working for me and other people who are using my link. Since he was offering the free money system binary signals software for free, I took the opportunity and signed up without wasting any time.

Without paying anything, I was able to sign up for free money system and started receiving binary signals with which many traders have been seeing success and making money online. Now, there is one important thing I need to tell you.

STEP 2 — When you visit the link above, you will see an email field to fill up. Now this is pretty important! This is an important cause behind most of the errors. So make sure you enter an email ID that was not used before or create a new one. If you are correct, you profit, if not, you lose your investment. How is this automated or even broker managed if you are going all of the work? We suggest you find other trading platforms. The Free Money System simply lets you make guesses on trades rather than knowledgeable trades.

Conclusion We feel that this system is not reliable. At this time we cannot determine if it is in fact a scam, but we recommend that you find a more legitimate platform that makes good on its promises. Please do not open an account with Free Money System.


Using the Free Money System Automated Trading Software 

The free system of money to do deals for you. I use this program for a few days, and I was happy with my results. Boring thing waiting at your computer as you watch this program and wait to make trades for you.

Exclusive “FREE MONEY SYSTEM” Review UPDATE: January – I’m no longer using free money system. It’s quite old now and the accuracy dropped below 30%. Another great review Jack on the free money system or millionaire blueprint. Before I started my online business I looked into Trading and even went to a few seminars about them. A lot of these so called Trading gurus were offering courses of . 

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My review of Free Money System by Walter Green is a bit long but I’m going to answer most of your questions so you can see for yourself that Free Money System is a waste of time and money. The main idea behind Free Money System by Walter Green/ The Free Money System, found online at, is a new video presentation from Walter Green, who promises that he has created the first “done for you” money making system that anyone can use to become a millionaire/5(3).

The Free Money System Offers are too good to be true; read this review to find out why. Free Money System Review Free Money System is a Forex Robot that claims to be “free” software which will make you a multimillionaire whether you like it or not. Just like this statement is ambiguous, so is the whole system too.

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