Bitcoin Scam Alert! List of Current Bitcoin Scams and Scammers

Be careful of the bitcoin companies with which you choose to do business.

Are there any new types of scams that you are aware of? 

Is this the natural evolution of a decentralised currency such as bitcoin?

How many Bitcoins are there? 

Bitcoin falls under the category of cryptocurrency where one need not have to involve bank or payment gateways to make a transaction. Also, you don’t need to.

The same thing goes for CryptoCoinNews. Finance logo that links to an article about UFOMiners was just a feed of paid press releases that also showed up on other sites. They have been around for the past 3 years. They also have a testimonial section that looks something like this: Copy paste much do you? The first thing I wanted to see was if the images of the miners themselves are legit.

I did a quick Google Images search on the NekrosMiner and found out the following similar images from 4 different websites: It seems as if the same image of the same miner is used in all of these companies. The only thing that changes is the logo. So who have we got left? In my opinion these 4 companies could just as easily be the same person running the same elaborate scam over and over again. If you do decide to buy the product though you will have the option to pay with either Bitcoin, Litecoin or a bank transfer.

I personally investigated BitcoinLoophole. Basically the scammers are promising beginners traders they can become millionaire on complete autopilot.

But I have my doubts. In case your thinking about joining with the Bitcoin Loophole Scam, I suggest you pause for a moment and read my review first. Allow me to elaborate what it is traders are dealing with here. Im sure anyone would love to make this much money everyday, but sadly these allegations are far from reality.

As a result, you can expect to generate millions very quickly. Or so he says without any evidence. Honestly these are the same lies adopted by countless online scams everywhere which steal your money and pollute this industry. Bitcoin Loophole is a rotten Scam and its tricks are unethical. Lets blacklist this fraud once and for all! Who Created Bitcoin Loophole Scam? To be honest, we found zero information about these sleazy developers.

To this day, we still have no idea who really responsible for the creating of Bitcoin Loophole. Their introductory videos shows a quick screen shot supposedly belong to Steve McKay. But is this true? Is Steve a real person? The images above and below show wha. What is Bitcoin Code? Bitcoin Code is an innovative payment currency and a new form of money Peer-to-peer technology is used to operate without central authorities or banks; transaction management and monetization are generally done by the network.

The open source is open source; its design is open to the public; no one owns or manages the network of developers. Any one can develop it. It has been modified in many currencies such as dogecoin, litecoin, Dashcoin, and many of these currencies, which are not mentioned in alternatives.

Similar currencies have their place in the e-markets and we will talk about them in the coming topics, either Bitcoin Code is on the top and the best and the most expensive and demand in the market And anyone can participate.

Through many of its unique features, the installer allows many applications that could not have been previously covered by any previous payment system.


Bitcoin Scams 

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Aug 04,  · Bitcoin is not fake but, the exchanges claiming to sell the bitcoins at cheap percent are many times fake. Bitcoin, still new to business world has made the frauds one-step ahead of fooling the ignorant and getting access to their money. What is Bitcoin? Nobody knows. I do not mean that nobody can offer a string of plausible-sounding words that seem at a glance as if they are describing a real thing, and apply those words to Bitcoin or even to “Ethereum” or any other “digital coin” that is “mined” on a computer (fake). I mean that none of it makes any sense. 

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How Bitcoin’s Technology Protects Your Funds

Oct 28,  · Spotting fake Bitcoin wallets is a bit tougher, because wallets primarily are about storing bitcoin and not buying or selling it. It has less to do with money than it does with the software you may use. Bitcoin refers to two things: Bitcoin is a payment network similar to Mastercard or Paypal, and bitcoins (the currency) are the medium of exchange on the bitcoin payment .

See a copy of the first bitcoin scam email I received below. CLICK TO READ. Here’s first problem I failed to spot. Take a look at the email address the bitcoin scam was sent from. It reads “[email protected] David Parker is the a real co-owner of the website and is listed on the site as so. David Parker is legit. However, . Aug 15,  · Bitcoin's 's low is under a threat even though the bull run was expected to start in Q2. However, there are some strong levels which can make or break the bull run which could possibly cause some concern for Bitcoin's future price point.

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