Then you have to do it again at least one more season , if not more, because any one of those players is not enough to win a championship. 

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Young guys can walk into an NBA game any day of the year. Get to your mid 30s, not so much. So to bring the gang back , we would basically be losing a year. But we were the champs. That meant a lot. It also meant that if we kept everyone together we would have to make do with our existing roster. We would have little room to add new players.

In particular we would not be in position to add someone who could come in and be a cornerstone for our future. IMHO we would be stuck with an aging team and not be in a position to make a big impact on our roster.

So we made the decision to stick with the folks we had under contract for the lockout season. We made a trade that we would thought would help, but obviously turned into a disaster.

The good news was that it was a compressed season and we thought it would go by quickly and after the season we would have cap room to go after players we thought would be impact players and also fit our culture. Culture is very important to the Mavs.

Your best player has to be a fit for what you want the culture of the team to be. He has to be someone who leads by example.

Someone who sets the tone in the locker room and on the court. It is about the demeanor and attitude he brings. It is amazing how when the culture is strong, the chemistry is strong. Its possible to handle one guy who may not fit it. When you turn your team upside down and try to figure out what the culture of the team is, you take the greatest risk a team can take.

Dirk sets the tone for our team. He works as hard, if not harder than anyone. He helps our younger players understand what he expects and what they need to do to excel. On the court he is selfless. He would rather not have to score a point if we would win the game any way. He would rather pass the ball and let anyone else score than be forced to take the shot.

Until its the time of the game where we need a point. Then he is ready to step up as often as we need it. But he knows, that his impact on a game is far more important than any averages or what appears in the box score.

His work ethic is something I want to be in place long after he has retired. But to do that we have to transition with him, not in a void. Go back the past 10 years and look at all the teams that traded their best player. The week I bought the Mavs I was asked by Nellie if I wanted to bag the season in order to get the best draft pick that we could.

At some point this franchise has to learn how to win and develop a culture of winning. And that turn around for the rest of the season helped define who we were and are to this day. So flash forward to the end of the lock out season. We had hoped that Dwight Howard would be available. First he opted in on his contract to the surprise of many. We had multiple meetings with players.

THere was disagreement among our staff about which players would or would not be a fit for the Mavs. We made the decision to sign one year deals , hope we can make them work and hope that we had a team that could compete for the playoffs and be better than we were before. We actually thought we could pull it off. So as I relay Johnson's philosophy to James, now 32, the question hangs in the air: Didn't he worry about empowering personal friendship over professional experience?

To James, Carter is what makes entrepreneurship worthwhile. James, only 20, yearned to become his own kind of boss. A few years from now, an America Online columnist wrote in , when LeBron needs knee surgery, he'll have his plumber do the job. Of course, back in , when James jerseys were non-metaphorically on fire across America, such jokes landed differently. At the time, NBA commissioner David Stern called the show "ill-conceived, badly produced and poorly executed.

The same could be said of ESPN. That fall, CNBC reported that it "was one of the most detrimental acts -- not related to any anti-social behavior -- by a sports personality since the Q Scores were first developed more than 45 years ago. But as America resolved to hate-watch James, LRMR pivoted, seeking an outside opinion on public relations that would have made Magic proud.

Adam Mendelsohn, a political strategist who'd advised Fortune 50 clients and served as deputy chief of staff to California Gov. Mendelsohn's mission was to forecast the series of consequences that come crashing down, domino-like, whenever an intensely scrutinized celebrity makes a public decision. But it was Mendelsohn who managed the announcement. This time LeBron took to print, breaking the news with a heartfelt, Ohio-focused Sports Illustrated cover essay that helped complete an EKG-like trajectory.

Like Anakin Skywalker, James went from hero Nike slogan: And if Riley's Heat -- like Gilbert's Cavs in -- also felt viscerally betrayed? The production was unassailable. By returning to the Cavs, LeBron won over the millions of viewers who hate-watched him in "The Decision. Wachter, a Los Angeles-based financial adviser whom James hired after leaving the Goodwin brothers, always believed their partnership was answer enough.

LeBron and Maverick, when they first started out in Akron, went through the trouble of finding a financial guy in LA who turned out to be 25 years older than they are. They did the research! Of course they're intelligent. They're unusually intellectually curious -- they both are.

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