I believe some people are just more comfortable working to get the best deal on Nicehash, rather than trying to predict markets. If so, leave a comment and let's chat. 

The fixed price contract is another option here, and it is for those who want to know the prices of the cloud mining contracts beforehand. This innovative set up allows for users to decide between investing into a mining package or allowing them to amass profits by selling their hashing power.

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lokersumbagut.ga - is a modern cryptocurrency calculator for ASIC miners and GPU-rig miners. lokersumbagut.ga will help you calculate the profitability of mining on all major algorithms, such as.

The thinking goes that because you will be mining in "bursts" from Nicehash, you might submit a large number of shares but if the block is only found quite a bit later, your shares are not taken into account because they are not part of the last N number of shares taken into account for the reward. If the pool is big enough and finds blocks often enough, then my experience is that PPLNS will not really play a role. The less regularly a pool pays, the higher the risk that the price of the coin you are mining can fall before you can sell it, or convert it to another currency.

If you're planning to stay in the same currency, then you don't have to worry about this risk. Some pools allow you to set shorter payment intervals but charge a fee, you would need to weigh the risk against the additional fees incurred.

Pools with lower hash rates per block are more profitable, but keep in mind that luck plays a role and the pool hash rate fluctuates all the time. Therefore, do this check across pools for a few days and check the trends. If a pool consistently has a higher average hash rate than other pools, then it might be a good idea avoiding it and mining against a pool with a consistently lower hash rate per block.

There are well known large pools out there that I firmly believe are stealing from miners. You will pick up on this quickly if you do your research. Some pools set their difficulty too low, making them unsuitable for Nicehash mining. If so, use them as they likely run at a higher difficulty, making for more efficient mining. Place your order Once you have completed all of the above, you are ready to mine.

You can now create your order. Although it generally is preferable to match the Nicehash region with the mining pool's region, there is no reason why you cannot mine Nicehash EU against a US pool, or vice versa. If one region is significantly cheaper than another, then go for the cheaper option. Once your order is running, the following can happen: You can increase your price to get the miners assigned back to you, but this will obviously reduce your profit.

Alternatively leave your price "as is" and wait for the price to fall again for your order to resume. You will be mining at a slower hash rate, with the idea of increasing your hash rate again when conditions become more favourable.

Note that you are only allowed to lower your price every 10 minutes, and only by a small amount at a time. If your profitability is falling rapidly, this is not a good option.

The remaining funds will be returned to you, as well as a percentage of the order fee. However, when you create a new order later you are effectively "penalised" via the fixed fee levied on new orders. You therefore cannot cancel orders too often, as those fixed fees will add up and eat into your profitability. This is good news for profitability, but only if you can get the price on your order reduced. As per the point above, you can try to reduce your order price but this is a painfully slow process.

Alternatively, you can cancel your order and create a new order at the lower price but you cannot do this too often, due to the fixed order price being levied on all new orders. Calculate the potential returns for a coin. Deduct Nicehash fees, mining pool and exchange fees from the potential returns calculated. At that point, it will no longer be possible to sell hash power and make a meaningful profit selling the coins. Not What You Bargained For? If you are here for the quick buck, this is certainly not a good situation for you.

But this is a standard economic situation that we understand well. If you thought otherwise, perhaps you should take that economy course to understand why you were wrong. But if you are here for the long run which is a rather silly thing to say two weeks before SegWit , he he , not everything is lost.

As long as have even a minimal amount of BTC left after paying my electricity bill and covering amortization costs for my hardware, things will still be OK. As long as I have confidence in the future of Bitcoin, achieving even a small amount of bitcoin profit will be enough for me to keep mining.

Further Actions Needed In another blog post, I wondered about best mining efficiency. In periods of market equilibrium, costs optimization is of highest importance. What is your take on all of this? Do you share my opinion or do you think I am out of my mind?

Once you create an account the buyer will place a new order where he will dictate which price, which algorithm and the duration of time they wish to mine. Next, the sellers start fulfilling the order and starting earning bitcoins for every valid share. Is NiceHash a Pyramid Scheme? NiceHash is not a pyramid scheme. Unlike the vast majority of crypto-mining operations that we review, NiceHash has a sustainable business model that revolves around an intuitive seller and buyer dynamic.

This innovative set up allows for users to decide between investing into a mining package or allowing them to amass profits by selling their hashing power. Regardless of which avenue an investor chooses to get started with at nicehash. On average this site receives a total of Used daily by hundreds of thousands of users is testament enough that NiceHash is a legitimate and trustworthy Bitcoin investment opportunity. Whether you are looking to sell hashing power or mine cryptocurrencies, users are able to generate tangible profits which is an element that most other competitive cryptocurrency mining operations have eluded in accomplishing.

Our advice for those of you looking to make a splash in the Bitcoin and cryptocurrency domain would be to consider NiceHash. Honestly, you would be hard-pressed to find a more legitimate opportunity in regards to crypto-mining.


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Do not be in doubt - check the potential earnings of your hardware.

Hi all, new to buying hash power, just wondering which calculators you use to gauge profitability? I'm using. Sell hashing power Mining with CPU/GPU ASIC mining Mining farms NiceHash Miner Algorithms Find miner Latest payments Profitability calculator. Buyers Buy hashing power Live marketplace Pricing Compatible Pools Development Pool operators Software developers APIs. NiceHash. 

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Their profit calculator shows result from past 24 hours and 30 days only. You know that mining difficulties frequently change, so I suggest to use past 24 hours and multiply by 30 to get a month data. Here you will find a historic log of the top 5 Nvidia & AMD GPU's for mining and what you can expect to make using the nicehash profitability calculator.

NiceHash Profitability Calculator. Skip to content. Features Business NiceHashCalc. DO NOT SHARE YOUR lokersumbagut.ga or NICEHASH lokersumbagut.ga Description: This application is a console applictaion that gets your current BTC balance on Coinbase and your unpaid balance on NiceHash and performs calulations to project earnings. . Automatically estimates the profitability of buying hashing power on NiceHash.

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