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Screenshot Conclusion It is our educated and informed opinion that Daweda Exchange is in no way, shape or form a scam.

This is another type of account. Again, the short answer is yes, however if it was that easy everyone would be rich right? 

The platform is free, and includes real-time charting and data.

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You can equate Daweda Exchange with Nadex and is one of the scam free system, the only difference is that Daweda Review website is regulated in Europe and some other countries outside Europe. They are binary exchange platform and not brokers.

One of the measures they put in place includes the Daweda ATS, which is known as the automatic trading software. This Daweda review system is available for every trader, especially those that have a regular trading account. The system works very simple and all that you have to do is to submit an amount and inform your account manager. The manager has an obligation to develop an auto trading software for you.

If you like, you can customize this bot to work the way you want it to work. The Daweda Exchange software has to copy your trading instinct. This is good because you can just rest and allow the software to perform the rest of the trading on your behalf.

For a start, you are required to register with the system at the official Daweda Exchange review website. If you are a beginner, the system makes it easy for you to open your first account, which is regarded as the Daweda Exchange demo trading account. This is just a demonstration account. The essence is to help you to learn the system and know how it works before you can commit your real money.

The system would advance to you five hundred dollars trading money, and that makes it possible for you to trade. With time you are going to become experienced and you can learn how best to use the trading platform. If you think that you get more experienced, you can go ahead and fund your live trading account.

This is another type of account. This makes it possible for you to start to trade with other investors through the same platform. Thirdly, you would then have an opportunity to join their special account program, which is known as a special PRO account program. This makes you a Daweda Exchange member.

PRO membership account is a special program and it is meant for professionals. There are lots of benefits that you can derive from using this Daweda Exchange system and here are some of those benefits which we reviewed: It does so by making it possible for you to trade with other traders in the contract. Because of this, the issue of conflict of interest is done away with. It has nothing to do with the system. The trade is between clients. This approach is fair enough because nobody would have any reason to complain against the system.

Most importantly, this trading platform allows its members the freedom to choose their own trade and decide their trading parameter. All you need to do is to go to the order book and choose your own trade the way you deem fit. Perhaps the best thing that you are going to like about the Daweda review system is the issue of transparency. The system makes available to its members the full pre trade information. Because of this, you can see what other traders are doing in the Order Book and this can guide you in choosing the price for your own trade.

Moreover, the Daweda Exchange system has a clear fee structure, which is known to every trade before engaging in the contract trading. You are required to pay a flat fee of fifty cents when you are selling or buying through the platform.

This does not require settlement fees, or any other type of fees as is the case with other trading brokers. There would not be anything like surprise charges and so on. Cash back plan can become effective once the real trading money gets to your trading account with them. The cash back amount that you are entitled to every month depends on the longevity of your trading account, as well as the total contracts you have done with the account. The Daweda Exchange Cash back would hit your account automatically.

You do not need to plead for it before it gets to your account. This is different from a bonus and you are entitled to make a withdrawal any time that you like. This is a way of thanking the clients for the faith they have in the system and to encourage others too.

What is Daweda Exchange Order Book? Details This is a table in the Daweda Exchange Login platform and this indicates the total numbers of contracts that are available at any time to sell or to buy.

It equally includes the prices those contracts are offered. There are different levels here. The first level order is the most important among them because that is the one that you can actually match to create a trade.

This means that the topmost refers to the unmatched orders, compare it and select the one that is agreeable to you and match it. He said he did not know who the Ombudsman was for his firm in Australia or details of the Independent Dispute Resolution Authority. I have emailed him again today seeking a copy of the right audio file and again sought details of the Independent person I can escalate this matter to.

Given that we all are affected by this scam, I thought I will share my experience so that we can all learn from each other. Please respond to this forum and if necessary we can exchange contact details so that we can take joint action — in case individual efforts fall on deaf ears.

Mr Mullen stated this is a breach of the terms and conditions of the free trial. Mr Mullen advised the invoice will not be cancelled and you will be pursued for the payment of monies owed. If you wish to pursue the matter further, you have the option of lodging a claim with the NSW Civil and Administrative Tribunal.

Information, including an application form and fee schedule, can be obtained from the tribunal website at http: I would suggest that you deny any purchase and simply refuse to pay. The onus is on them to prove they provided anything. In my case I agreed to their consultant calling me at a fixed time and date and they failed to call me.


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World Binary Exchange is NOT regulated by ASIC in Australia. They may be an Australian business, but they are not a licensed and regulated broker.

Aug 23,  · Are you afraid of getting scammed by a binary options broker? Go to to find out more about the best binary . Binary options trading is provided by Daweda through a trader to trader exchange. Their base of operation is Cyprus and regulated by distinguishes itself from other traders as it is dedicated to trading pure binaries, unlike other brokers who exchange traded binary options.5/5. 

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Feb 19,  · NADEX – BEST BO EXCHANGE. Hi everyone! Today we are going to review binary options exchange named NADEX (North 5/5. We checked Binary Xchange for scam and fraud. Our comprehensive review will show you if Binaryxchange is legit and whether it is safe.

You can equate Daweda Exchange with Nadex and is one of the scam free system, the only difference is that Daweda Review website is regulated in Europe and some other countries outside Europe. They are binary exchange platform and not brokers. Warning Scam Review! Daweda Exchange is a binary options trading exchange platform, They offer % ROI and a lot more. But is it really worth it? Lets see!

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