VAT rules and rates

Subsequent Danish legislation makes international arbitration of investment disputes binding in Denmark.

The Danish labor force amounted to approximately 2. 

The Income Tax Act "Ley de la Renta" establishes, for example, what constitutes deductible expenses or how the accelerated depreciation works.

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Be prepared for Value Added Tax in Denmark 3 Preface The management of indirect taxes as Value Added Tax (VAT) has become increasingly important in today’s highly competitive and regulated environment.

Virtually free healthcare and all kinds of social benefits are available to Swedish citizens. So where is the magic that makes all of this possible?

The answer is taxes, taxes and more taxes. When something happens that falls under its remit, it knows about it, and the forms you need to sign arrive in the post. So your tax return shows up in your mailbox each year already filled in. And when you have a baby, the hospital informs the authority, which registers the birth and sends out the personal identity number. So you can focus on the important business of midnight feeds and dirty nappies.

Sick and tired of dealing with nameless drones in call centres? The Danish rules The Danish rules on withholding tax on dividends paid to investment funds are not fully comparable to the French rules considered in the Santander case, and it is therefore likely that the Danish Ministry of Taxation will continue to argue that the Danish rules are justified.

However, foreign investment funds that have suffered Danish withholding tax on dividends should file protective claims for refunds with the Danish authorities to suspend the applicable statute of limitation. Kromann Reumert can assist with the filing of such protective claims. Change of law On a separate note, it should be mentioned that effective as of 1 January , the Danish requirements for qualifying as a distributing fund will change.

Following the changes, distributing investment funds will be allowed to issue several classes of shares and the requirement to prepare complex calculations of the fund's income will to some extent be simplified. The content of this article is intended to provide a general guide to the subject matter. The government communicated with him — or her — via encrypted channels, he said, after being put in touch by a tax authority in another country. This raises the prospect that other European countries may discreetly be buying data on their own citizens.

They carried out raids on customers of Commerzbank who were suspected of evading tax. All approaches were declined. The government had already started an investigation into eight Danish banks. A preliminary report said the banks had not done enough to ensure offshore accounts were not used for money laundering or tax evasion. The authorities also asked police to investigate whether Nordea Bank, with 11 million customers, had complied with anti-money laundering directives.


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Since Denmark has had an independent Ministry of Taxation and since a combined administration of customs, direct taxation, Value Added Tax (VAT), and other forms of indirect taxation, named the Danish Customs and Tax Administration.

SKAT, the Danish Customs and Tax Administration SKAT is responsible for administering and enforcing tax laws in Denmark. SKAT is responsible for . Denmark’s crisis-torn tax authority Skat will be dismantled and restructured as seven new agencies, the government announced Tuesday, after a series of scandals in recent times. The government says that more staff and offices across the country will save the country’s dysfunctional tax administration. 

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It’s been tough for Denmark’s tax authority in recent years. From missing billions to incorrect property evaluations, SKAT has been embroiled in scandal after scandal, and now it’s time to pay the piper. The government has revealed that SKAT will be shut down and divided into seven separate authorities by 1 July Motor vehicles. If you have questions about: import of vehicle into Denmark (registration tax) current costs (green owner's tax, vehicle weight tax, diesel levy, tax .

Overpaid tax is refunded by November of the following year with interest of % (for tax year ). Tax audit process The Danish tax system is based on self-assessment. The Danish tax administration circulated a press release (No. ) on country-by-country (CbC) reporting on 21 December The press release instructs the Danish companies (multinational group with a turnover of DKK billion) to file a report before the end of

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