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If you are completely new to trading and have not placed one trade in the market, you will literally never know if spending the money helped you or not as you have no previous trading record.

I will show you how to use advanced charting software including eSignal Charting and TC Charting. The James Dines letter being one of them. 

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Options Trading for a Living Becoming an options trader that buys and sells options is one way people trade for a living. The idea of making a living from being involved in the financial markets is the main attraction for most people when looking into trading. Unfortunately, the path to becoming a professional trader isn't a straightforward one. There is a significant amount of incorrect and misleading information on the subject of trading. Sometimes new traders mistakenly believe some of the incorrect information, and unless they rectify the issue may never become a professional trader. 

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For traders like this, learning to trade options and analyze the markets can be a disastrous attempt at first. But rest assured, if you practice and learn you CAN become very successful trading – don’t let anyone convince you otherwise! Below, I list the top five reasons why most people fail when trading options. Seth Freudberg gave a great presentation on how to become a professional options trader. He covered everything from psychology to practical trading tips. Also, Andrew Falde joined in at the end to.

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