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Although, sometimes, APN settings need to be updated even for brand new Straight Talk Wireless phones.Below is a list of popular phones that will work with Straight Talk SIM Bring Your Own Phone.

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Man i got a iphone 3g and i have straight talk 45 dallor plan and YESSSSSSSSSSSSS the answer is YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS the straight talk sim works in the iphone. so for all u people saying that it wont work i tried it and it WORKS but 1 thing thou internet will not work cause u need the apn network address to manually put it in and im trying to figure that out.

Second “type” is the new “ buy $15 SIM Card and use it with your Android / iPhone ” plan.Straight Talk does not allow Verizon phones to be used with their service, even if they are flashed.Wireless service is subject to Straight Talk Terms and Conditions, visit StraightTalk.com. SmartPay is an independent company that is leasing you the phone.

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All Straight Talk plans include unlimited texts, and most include unlimited minutes.

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When the need arises, your company might want to check on your emails and access your device to do so.There is an official website for Straight Talk that sells phones, SIM cards and plans directly to the customer.There are many folks out there that are having trouble with their Straight Talk MMS Settings, mainly not able to send or receive MMS on their Straight talk phone.

Will only work on Verizon Straight Talk, PREPAID phone plans.

Straight Talk includes International Texting on its $45

Likewise they have no credit checks, age limits, contracts, monthly bills nor activation fees.In order to setup Straight Talk internet connectivity on your iPhone you have to manually update the Access Point Names or APN settings.

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However, if you purchase the phone using a different carrier, they may not be as versatile.

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Transferring your existing straight talk service to a new phone or sim straight talk and net 10 bring your own phone plans iphone 6 gray 32gb moving your straight.

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From my understanding, Verizon phones use both GSM and CDMA networks, which make them compatible with all major carriers including Straight talk.

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Straight Talk has pay-as-you-go plans as well as prepaid plans.

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Having a different phone for work is also an extra measure of security and privacy.You can change a Verizon phone to one of the plans if your phone is unlocked and you have an IMEI number.

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Plans typically expire after 30 days, but customers can purchase select plans in three-month, six-month and yearlong increments.Re: att sim card in straight talk phone My wife recently purchased a straight talk phone.Within this month I plan on ordering Samsungs Galaxy Y S5360 Hello Kitty edition cellphone from Amazon.