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Expect to pay half the rate an attorney or real estate person will charge. My husband and I have already talked about visiting Belize again and we want to do the cave tubing tour again, this time with a water proof camera. 

I get Office on the machines we use, and setting up a new system has improved significantly -- and it is less expensive.

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Buy Belize needs to read this review and look into the issue (if any) according to poster's claims. Other people also mentioned real estate in their reviews. You may find this information helpful for further shopping at Buy Belize.

Ask around, get recommendations and consider our recommended attorneys in the Belize Attorney page. Going rates for buying property through a local attorney are between 2 and 5 per cent of the property value.

A real estate agent will charge more and is really working for the owner and himself to get a high price and commission. If you are looking to save even more money you can hire a local land facilitator.

These are retired government employees who have worked in the lands department and know the inner workings of this bureaucracy. They are also known as land fixers. Expect to pay half the rate an attorney or real estate person will charge. We always recommend using a vetted attorney-at-law to finalize your real estate purchase. Belize attorneys have legal and fiduciary ethics that they should follow.

Realtors and real estate agents can be anyone from an honest professional to a tree-shade land peddler from the U. The preferred way of owning real estate is through Title Free and Clear, either as an individual or through a corporate body. The property can be mortgaged with a bank or credit union.

Titles Free and Clear, are issued for land and condominiums. Property prices are generally quoted in U. Purchasing a property is pretty straightforward — the time for completion is usually 30 to 90 days. Real Estate Financing Foreigners can obtain financing in U. Rates are about 8. Most foreigners purchasing real estate pay cash from their own money, or borrow funds in their home countries where interest rates are lower.

One advantage of financing your real estate purchase through a local bank is that the bank will have in-house attorneys to protect its loan portfolio. Consider hiring an attorney not associated with the lending institution to review your loan mortgage documents. If you are buying property as an investment or future retirement home, you can hire a property management company to rent out your property when you are out of the country and pretty much have tenants pay for most of the cost of the purchase.

Retiring in Sanctuary Belize: Renewed Hope Choosing a Place to Retire One thing you need to consider is that you'll become less mobile as you age, and you'll need more medical attention. In addition, you'll be on a fixed income and you'll want to stretch your savings as far as possible. From an economic standpoint, Belize is still ideal with low or no taxes on income or property. Violent crime remains low -- which is important because you become increasingly vulnerable -- and labor is low, so you can hire the help you'll increasingly need.

All of these appear to be in place in Belize and haven't changed. However, there are other areas that also need focus.

Ease of doing things -- particularly making secure financial transactions -- is important, because you'll be increasingly easy to confuse.

You'll need to trust the people who are managing the place where you live, and you'll need access to good medical care and cheap drugs as your body slowly breaks down. On this last, Belize is somewhat like Mexico, in that far more things are available over the counter and they are much more reasonably priced then in the U. Where Belize Is Falling Short We arrived during an unseasonable series of heavy rain storms, and it felt like we were suddenly in a war zone.

There were crater-like potholes on most roads, and many were so deeply submerged we could no longer see the road bed.

While the current was slow, hitting a deep pothole under the water was like an extreme off-road experience. This was true even on the Hummingbird Highway, the Belize equivalent of an interstate. One of the most lucrative businesses, based on the condition of the stores, seemed to be selling tires, suggesting that replacing them was very common.

Belize Reality While there aren't many cars -- rush hour might be five or six cars behind a slow-moving truck -- a lot of folks drive at unsafe speeds, given the road conditions, and a slow-driving elderly person who am I kidding, I'll never drive slow could easily become a speed bump.

Speaking of speed bumps, on the best road we drove, there were more than 40, many poorly marked, and each large enough to launch you, as a ballistic object, at the moon.

If I'm having trouble seeing them now, it will get much worse as I age, and a fast drive to the store could become a terminal event, assuming the roads are passable, which isn't always the case, we found. Connectivity on our latest trip was a problem. It alternated between going down and providing bandwidth that made a dial-up modem seem attractive.

The Sanctuary lost connectivity for five days all together, which shouldn't have happened and would be a deal killer for anyone trying to work there. The big hospital and airport that were supposed to go in lost funding, along with a casino, because the Canadian government cried foul and stripped the funding. This appears to be a common occurrence in Belize and likely is keeping it from getting to critical mass as a major Central American state.

And the crime rate, they also sweep that under the carpet. Think third world country with starving locals who see rich Americans as an innocent animal walking right into a trap. Youre better off buying a repo in Florida, they speak English there too and you can pop over to the Bahamas if you want offshore banking. Reviewer is in unhappy mood. Please immediately contact the author of this review to discuss not as described of real estate.

Buy Belize needs to read this review and look into the issue if any according to poster's claims.


Where Belize Is Falling Short 

Buy Belize reviews: Professional so far. Caution and common sense people. These People Don't Act Honest or Normal. Buy Belize - Customer Care Review. Buy Belize - Review in Real Estate category. Be Careful!. Buy Location: Dove St #, Newport Beach, , CA.

Buy Belize needs to read this review and look into the issue (if any) according to poster's claims. Other people also mentioned real estate in their reviews. You may find this information helpful for further shopping at Buy Belize. Belize Real Estate News. November 15, - How To Avoid Belize Real Estate Scams and Con Artists. Belize real estate scam victims have trouble communicating with those involved in their Belize real estate transaction and have difficulty receiving updates on their Belize property investments. 

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Choosing a Place to Retire

Googling “Buy Belize scams” brings up , hits. The more general “Belize scams” brings up million hits. And all of this for a country with a . Like anywhere in the world, local Belize real estate scams do exist. Be wary of fast-talking real estate brokers, attorneys or anyone making a high pressure pitch. Do not be afraid to walk away or take your own deliberate time on any real estate transaction.

Aug 29,  · I've been executing on a long-term dream of retiring in Belize. I've been putting some rigor into the effort to make sure the perception of the dream doesn't outpace reality. I've often been brought in on projects that should have been shut down early, largely because executive staff had lost track of reality. Dec 14,  · Belize Tour Guide Company Limited: lokersumbagut.ga is a scam! - See 32 traveler reviews, 6 candid photos, and great deals for Belize City, Belize, at TripAdvisor.1/5.

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