Theoretically no one prohibits from trading on BO, but the government always has complaints in terms of legalising the company itself. 

Where do you think people will be more interested in? No representation is being made that any account will or is likely to achieve profits or losses similar to those discussed on this web site.

OTC binary options 

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I have heard numerous horror stories of how auto-bot trading generated a short time of profitability - and then gets hit with massive equity bankroll drawdowns!

Esp when volatility and momentum patterns change on a longer-term basis. Auto-bots tend to generate bad trading habits - most importantly - the retail trader is most likely to "expect", "anticipate", winning returns - but without accepting any real degree of responsibility and respond-ability during adverse drawdown periods! The "fastest" I have seen in the past are alerts for M15 setups. They share charts, discuss only that setup that is happening in front of their eyes.

This way clients do not have to "jump around" with the moderator s to find trades - they are called to the chatroom because there is a specific trading campaign about to start. These hybrid services are divided on the basis of the 3 major trading sessions Tokyo, London, NY - and usually trade aggressively. As anticipated, hybrid binary options trading services are more expensive - more detailed and focused for the pro-level trader, minimal noise, minimal conversations not assoc'd with the trading at hand, etc.

One rare advantage with the higher-priced hybrid pro-level subscription services: They will almost always give you all their indicators and help setup your monitors accordingly to best fit their hybrid services. I am NOT affiliated nor compensated in any manner by any of the above binary options trading services.

I do use a couple of live services mostly for trading alerts and setups esp for my trading on the listed weekly options from the CBOE. For my Nadex and Eurostyle binary trading - I do use a service to help get me trading alerts that I have found to fit my trading style. In summary - the pros vs cons - of using any alert subscription service s is highly debatable and highly dependent on that trader's time frames and trading style.

You cannot really blame any of these services even as a paying client. The ultimate act of taking a bet, accepting risk, and managing open positions - all ultimately fall on your shoulders! OptionFair Israel restrictions are not aimed at other countries. We recommend this broker to both pro and new traders, because of its transparency and dedication, as well as multiple banking options, quick withdrawal solutions, advanced signals and large spreads.

After careful consideration we have nominated OptionFair as the broker of the year in , so unless you are from Israel and everyone interested in starting to trade with binary options, should open an account at this platform.

Although it does not accept traders from Israel, this binary options broker offers numerous advantageous features and bonuses for traders around the world that are affected by country-specific customer restrictions.

Signing up to any binary options platform requires identification, so users will be notified, is traders from their country are not accepted. Israeli traders will save time and effort by checking lists with the brokers that accept accounts from Israel, preferably lists with binary options platforms that have already been whitelisted.

The are five account types on OptionFair — this is good news for users who like flexibility and gradual upgrades. There are no other benefits involved, but it is still a good option for those who are new to binary options.

Optionfair is also a sponsor of the Fair Binary Options Academy. Benefits start increasing from the Silver account, which offers additional profit, a financial expert session per month, live SMS alerts and trading strategies.

The most advanced account type is the VIP one, tailored for experts. There is no minimum withdrawal amount and requests are processed in approximately five days, which is the average waiting time. The educational resources are worth mentioning, as well. Offering plenty of eBooks and video tutorials, OptionFair is a good starting point for beginners who want to get used to the notion of binary options trading and develop solid knowledge on the topic.

All in all, OptionFair is an excellent binary options trading broker, one of the best in the field in terms of reliability and trading platform performance. The field of binary options is complex yet accessible to everyone, regardless the knowledge or experience.

However, it seems that choosing a reputable broker to collaborate with represents the key to success. One of the best options available on the market is OptionFair, a trustworthy trading platform that will offer you plenty of financial opportunities. In case of any second thoughts, know that until now, this broker has only received positive feedback and there have not been registered any complaints about its activity.

Collaborating with this broker is the best way to obtain the best trading experience. In , it has been FBO Top Reviewed Broker, and this comes as another confirmation of the fact that it should be the first choice partner as far as binary options are concerned. This innovative trading platform is operated by B. TechFinancials, a reputable institution located in the Republic of Cyprus.

Its features have been designed especially to provide the highest quality standards in terms of trading interface, and they offer a varied range of financial instruments, from which the traders can choose the ones that suits them best.

The late hour technology has allowed the experts from TechFinancial to create a series of advanced algorithms, powerful enough to support various instruments and operations.

The team managing and working at OptionFair is formed of experienced professionals, who are always striving to use their knowledge and expertise to the benefit of their clients. They are specialized in online trading but have a complex financial background. Create an account with OptionFair without hesitation, it gives you the possibility to earn money the safe and easy way!

All in all, the broker has a philosophy oriented towards its clients, aiming to offer them a safe and fruitful trading environment. OptionFair has many interesting features to offer to binary options traders. One of these is the OptionFair bonus which depends on the account type trader chooses. Of other features, it is good to mention a multilingual support, advanced platform, risk-free trades and good education possibilities.

OptionFair is a good broker, but they do not accept US traders. This provides them with an additional level of trust from customers, but it does limit the scope of their global presence. OptionsFair also offers many binary options trading types for best portfolio and risk management possibilities.

The binary options trading account types offered by OptionFair include bonuses as the main differentiation. While this is really a lot, we must say that OptionFair bonus limit is among the lowest in the industry. Also with this account all traders get four daily signals which we believe to be an extremely good deal. Providing complimentary service like signals is really great and we believe it is really a straightforward way to improve chances of high returns in binary options trading.

The OptionFair bonus is well complemented with mentioned signals since it provides traders with a chance to invest higher amounts in signals where they mostly have a better probability of achieving success than trading on their own.

Signals are generated daily and by financial experts, so this is truly an advantage that is directly noticeable. While OptionFair bonus is somewhat lower than the industry standard, the amazing signals offers makes up for the difference! All experienced traders will tell you that good knowledge of the basics, along with some intuition that comes from spending a lot of time in the market is the key to success and financial gains.

OptionFair offers a great way for customers to assess their strengths and weaknesses before they even start putting their own money in the market. The feature we are talking about is called the Demo account. All it requires is standard registration with the OptionFair. As always we encourage people visiting our website, to support our cause of providing the best and fairest information, by signing up via Fair Binary Options. After registration, every client will be contacted by an account manager.

If users want to test the platform or see how binary options trading functions, in case this is their first time, they can ask for the demo account. Demo account requires a depositing funds on the trading account.


Regulated vs. Unregulated Brokers – How Are They Different? 

While Nadex is geared toward the individual retail trader, Cantor Exchange is aimed at attracting binary option platforms.

CFTC relieves Cantor, Nadex binary options exchanges of reporting requirements. By Henry Hughes - July 3, - in All News, Cantor Exchange and Nadex. I wanted to compare Cantor Exchange to Nadex, but I found their platform not so user friendly. 

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Screenshot of SpotOption & Cantor Exchange Trading Platform. What Happened To NADEX? With Nadex binary options, if you see a strong directional move in the GBP/USD with obvious momentum, Note: Exchange trading and expiration fees have been excluded.

Page 3 of 4 - %+ Returns on CANTOR Exchange But here's something amazing that NADEX does not do. Cantor gives you Free access to their API. Nadex (North American Derivatives Exchange, Inc.) To our knowledge there are only a few CFTC regulated exchanges in the US including Nadex, Cantor, and the CBOE.

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