Interactive Brokers is a scam, 2-3x margin maintenance requirements

Interactive brokers also used different currencies to maximize earnings, which was not requested by their customers.

Security futures involve a high degree of risk and are not suitable for all investors. Finally, keep in mind that, according to Reviews. 

I have a masters degree in math, they try to give you some none-sense about their risk management group coming up with this value. The nature of the regulatory violations in the United States are not as serious as many regulatory violations committed by other forex brokers, but they should still be taken seriously.

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Aug 26,  · The only scam here is not IB but rather all the other big bank brokers who charge $29 per trade. IB is the saviour of all brokers. I’ve traded with a variety of brokers, and IB beats any other broker by a long shot in most categories.

The nature of the regulatory violations in the United States are not as serious as many regulatory violations committed by other forex brokers, but they should still be taken seriously. Interactive Brokers is also regulated by the following regulatory bodies elsewhere in the world: This financial strength should play a key role in deciding how stable a forex broker is, and how unlikely they are to go bankrupt. In theory this reduces the conflict of interest between Interactive Brokers and its clients.

This reported profitability was subject to audits by the regulators, so it should be considered honest reporting. The reporting provided important insights into the results that actual forex traders were getting with Interactive Brokers.

In the end, it is client profitability that matters most. Spreads and Transaction Costs: Interactive Brokers employs a transparent pricing model which has very narrow spreads that are not marked up. Spreads can be reported as low as 0. Commissions are typically 0. The following is a snapshot of EUR. It shows spreads varying between 0. Withdrawals can be done using the same methods excluding online bill payment. When an account is opened, Interactive Brokers will also open a demo account that can remain active for as long as you remain a client.

This permits the trader to practice different strategies before committing real money to trading. An additional, uncommon feature of Interactive Brokers accounts is that they let you trade forex, futures, stocks, options, bonds, and other instruments, all from the same account and the same trading platform.

Experienced traders will recognize that these other markets open the door to many other trading opportunities. Interactive Brokers makes trading in these other markets easy. As such, Interactive Brokers has the following requirements: Overall, Interactive Brokers scores well in this category with the caveat that novice traders with small trading accounts may find this broker unsuitable.

In , Interactive Brokers added a handful of new useful tools and features that stand out: Portfolio information, orders, quotes, and more are all supported. The AI race is on. Rounding out the new TWS features offered in is a new Layouts Library, which provides less seasoned traders access to 24 unique, pre-built layouts.

Also on the ease of use front, fonts for each window can now be resized. After assessing TWS across 58 individual variables, the platform easily ranked among the best in the industry.

Certain tools, such as charting, lack depth compared to those of the top-ranked platforms; however, overall, TWS delivers. Finally, for traders traveling without access to their desktops, or for traders looking to simply monitor their portfolios, place trades, and view watch lists, IB WebTrader is a good solution. After loading WebTrader, I found a detailed summary of my portfolio balances and margin requirements alongside a full spectrum order ticket.

When I say full spectrum, I mean trading for all asset classes is supported. The only limitations are algo orders and other advanced order types. Pulling quotes will provide only a basic high-level summary, an extremely rudimentary chart I recommend you avoid altogether, and an option chain.

Basic stock screening is also present alongside a high-level international market summary tab, Market Pulse. Customizations are essentially non-existent throughout, although streaming real time quotes are found throughout, which is essential.


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Is Interactive Brokers fraud/scam? Is IB safe, legitimate firm? BBB rating, complaints. Is IB account SIPC/FINRA insured?

interactive brokers hong kong limited is regulated by the Hong Kong Securities and Futures Commission, and is a member of the SEHK and the HKFE. Registered Office: Suite , Two Pacific Place, 88 Queensway, Admiralty, Hong Kong SAR Mar 15,  · Interactive Brokers is a scam by having much higher margin maintence requirements they force you into having to trade more, thus more commissions and they can just liquidate your account. Good for me I only transferred in half from current broker,they are getting fired after being on the job for 3 days. 

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Interactive Brokers claims to be a technology-focused trading company that has some of the lowest fees in the industry, and tools that deliver real advantages.1/5(1). Feb 19,  · While Interactive Brokers comes with a $10, minimum funding and is not suitable for casual investors, it leads the industry in international trading and low-cost commissions desired by professional traders/5.

Is Interactive Brokers Scam or no? The question explained in the review, Finding out is Is Interactive Brokers Scams or no? For more information about IB Broker you can also visit Interactive Brokers reviews by forex website, The ratings forex brokers, or currency trading website . Aug 14,  · Overall Conclusion: Interactive Brokers is a forex broker most suitable for experienced, well capitalized traders. The very low transactions costs, coupled with the powerful and flexible trading platform will make it an attractive choice.3/5.

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