Million Dollar Challenge is Scam! Review Exposes Cheating App

They said I had to send the compliance documents in first before I could have my money.

Apparently, William was lying in the sales video, because he wants to give you a false impression that the software has been around and profiting for a long time. We found similar names, but nothing that matches that description as you can clearly see in the image below. 

Have you encountered any online scams before? May 28, at 2:

Is Million Dollar Challenge by Stanford & Marcs a SCAM or LEGIT? 

We checked Million Dollar Challenge for scam and fraud. Our comprehensive review will show you if Million-dollar-challenge is .

All the other featured pictures were scrutinized as well only for me to find out that they are either stolen or taken from online stock image websites.

The images of the platform look nice, but we doubt they are real The owner of the MDC Software claims that the trading robot app generates profits by using patented hi-level technology.

The software is supposed to have the ability to distinguish between strong recurring strategic patterns of the trading market. These trends are noted down by the investments experts who are hired by William Stanford to help in making daily trade decisions. Stanford claims that with his unique trading platform, one can easily imitate the intricate trading decisions of the group.

Are you willing to entrust your hard earned money to individuals who do not possess even a genuine identities? For this reason, alone, I never made the mistake of funding my trade account which I created solely to investigate this scam with any real money. As I mentioned earlier, it is essential for an investor to choose a broker that is not only honest but also experienced enough to help in making profitable trade decisions.

However, the MDC Software recommends brokers who seem way too shady. MDC Software recommended brokers should not be trusted at all. Turns out everything we suspect incriminating MDC for being fraudulent is correct. Protect yourselves by avoiding any dealings with Mr Stanford and his awful trading app. Million Dollar Challenge Scam Review: A vital piece of evidence which completely throws its authenticity out the window, thereby verifying its background is totally fabricated.

Nearly every bogus program available never discloses their real developing identities responsible for creating busted systems that never work. Makes you wonder what else these scammers are lying about, right?! Obviously their main goal is to stay anonymous while ignoring the damaging repercussions resulting from useless apps as traders are left behind empyt handed.

I then asked to close my account and get my balance. They said I had to send the compliance documents in first before I could have my money. I refused to give them anymore personal information or to sign their papers. An hour of phone calls with 3 different persons and I still have no answer. All I want is to get my balance back and cut my losses. This is my first rodeo with Binary auto trading and I have learned my lesson.


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Join Louis in The Million Dollar Challenge review and find out if the Million Dollar Challenge is a scam. Read this honest review for all the details.

The Million Dollar Challenge Software, App, and Auto-trader as well as William Stanford is a confirmed binary options investment scam. Warning, review proves. Million Dollar Challenge (MDC Software) is a robot trading app that has recently been launched in the market. The creator of this software, William Stanford is a self-proclaimed founder and owner of Stanford & Marcs. This review is for all the traders out there, who are looking for facts to confirm the legitimacy of the. 

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Scam review: The Million Dollar Challenge by Michael Morgan

In this review we are going to have a look at a scam that makes such a big promise, that you should immediately see that it is a scam. It is called the “Million Dollar Challenge” by Michael Morgan. We checked Million Dollar Challenge for scam and fraud. Our comprehensive review will show you if Million-dollar-challenge is .

Here’s a rather pointless review of “the million dollar challenge” which is currently being spammed out left right and centre by online markets as something that can make you a million dollars in a very short space of time. Million Dollar Challenge by William Stanford is a harmful auto trading Scam. Read my Review before joining this fraudulent binary software & lose your money.

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