Titus A few months ago I was watching, for probably the hundredth time, Alec Baldwin's Glengarry Glen Ross speech and there was a suggested video from your channel. As I have mentioned already, My Millionaire Mentor is not a program within itself.

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“from minimum wage to millionaire mentor: how dan lok went from a poor immigrant boy to the king of high-ticket sales™.” “when i came to canada, i was 14 years old.

My web-based inquiry into his personality came up with no reliable results. There appears to be no data implying that this person even exists. This makes me think that maybe Mr. Matthews is not an actual person. There is no Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn profile. This web-based investment program promises to deliver such profits that your family will be financially secure for the next generations.

In return, users are granted access to the online trading option which handles Internet traffic. My Millionaire Mentor is a Scam! Visit Trusted Software By carefully inspecting all the features that characterize the My Millionaire Mentor trading system, it becomes clear that it is actually a free traffic source that can be followed and monitored and all the traders that use Mr. Apparently, he has managed to connect to potential clients that are willing to pay in order to receive access to traffic in return.

So, users who decide to register to My Millionaire Mentor will turn into Internet traffic brokers. Who then redirect it to the ones who have paid for it. Traders have to become a form of mediators between My Millionaire System and its users. But feedback from the online investment community proves that there is no actual person to have profited from this Internet trading option.

The likelihood that it is a scam platform is very high. I did not manage to come across any users who have actually increased their profits thanks to it. Thank God, it is quite the obvious hoax! Countless videos on Youtube have been made making fun of his ads. Is Tai Lopez A Scammer? Tim Ferriss tends to do the same thing in his podcast interviews.

And each video, in my opinion, is well worth the purchase if you actually listen and absorb what he is telling you. He gives you 67 steps lessons with good examples from successful people and books he has picked out. It was well worth it and I hope to re-watch all of them again one day to remind myself of things.

Hopefully, he updated some of them because some videos are fairly old with old camera equipment but nonetheless good. My warning is make a commitment to watch all the 67 videos. I downloaded the MP3 versions provided and listened to them at 2x speed on my iPhone. Some more than once. I have talked to many people who also purchased 67 steps and many stopped watching and listening to them a quarter or half of the way through.

Additionally, I got an Audible audio-book version of Managing Oneself by Peter Drucker anything by this man is gold by the way with my purchase. I listened to that book twice. You may not get this free bonus when you take the course.

Did I pick up anything useful? There was some interesting insights he pulled out that made me change how I thought of myself and stopped me from complaining. I am leaving an update to this post after over a year since I bought and consumed the 67 Steps course. I want to leave a review of the product after the dust has settled and I had some time to clear my head from the hype. And a different lesson may leave an impression on you.

Overall, after a year of mulling it over and reflection, I do feel he may have just pulled out these 67 topics from his butt. There was definitely some improvisation for many of these videos going on and no actual script. I learned from successful people to always try to haggle the price lower.

They were definitely still in the phase of testing prices. I tried it for the first 3 months and then cancelled. I have spent even more money on other online courses. For this one, I was not satisfied. I went through all his videos loyally multiple times. Around 30 people showed up in the calls when I was a part of them. You could tell the groups were growing as time progressed.

I was able to get in questions but he would not always answer them. Sometimes, he would but it is understandable given the amount of people in the call. I found the videos fairly informative and they talked about some general and specific principles. The topics were all across the board and sometimes fairly general. Some of the videos were on specific books read and how they related. I thought it was not worth the price I would be charged every month so I cancelled after my first 3 months.

The course was not really structured and it was just access to a bunch of videos. I was a bit disappointed about the Mentor interviews. There were only a couple available. These include the man who played Superman in the movie before the last Superman movie.. I definitely think I came out of it better than I was before. But for me personally, the lack of structure, tangible knowledge, and nature of the material left me without a deep sense of displayable skills or knowledge I would think to get out of a MBA or anything like it.

The Mini-MBA material is really easy to understand and no level of complicated math was used in it at all. Basic math was as hard as it got which could be a good thing if you suck at math. There were a lot of anecdotes he used in his videos from his readings in books and some from his personal experiences with other people. I think it is better than nothing and you will come out of it better than you came in if you listen and are willing to learn. Is it worth the excessive price?

I am not sure. If you have plenty of money to spend, maybe. It seems he has been making upgrades to his camera and microphone equipment lately. The style is a bit too informal for my taste. It is him lecturing in front of a camera for around an hour per video. It is unedited and he tends to ramble a bit, get off track, or proceed to anecdotes.

The categories were kind of clunky and it made me feel like things were missing. Some were organized into different karate belt colors yet some belt colors were missing. One of them was a persuasion program.

Other categories were organized into big topics like Mentor Interviews. Regardless, it is cool to see how Tai has built this sales funnel program through his YouTube and social media.

I saw how he booked a ballroom and hired professional cameramen to record it. I admire his landing page and notice how his site actually works enough for people to buy a product online through him if they want to.

If anyone has any interest in what value you think I can provide to you that may help your life, let me know and I can start working on a product. It definitely felt like he was just throwing together videos about whatever he wanted to talk about and doing a mediocre job of organizing them into some system.

It teaches you over 4 months to start and run a social media marketing agency and gives you a certification. Supposedly, it will let you work virtually and travel the world. Recently, I wanted to investigate if this was legit, so I reached out to tons of people on LinkedIn for phone interviews.

Two big patterns emerged from all of my interviews:


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About My Millionaire Mentor. Ryan Mathews would like to be your millionaire mentor and he promises $ to anyone who watches his video.. He claims he’s made $11,, million in the past few years and is now choosing 50 “lucky internet newbies” to become his proteges in his new coaching program.

My Millionaire Mentor is all over the place online but can this system really help you make money? I’ve been taking a closer look and to be honest I’ve got mixed views about this one. I’m going to share my review, verdict and opinion below giving you all the details so keep reading and you’ll soon be able to make a decision yourself on whether this . Millionaire Mentor Group reviews: Millionaire Mentor Group - Spam and scam emails. Millionaire Mentor Group - Fraud. Presentation showed red flags!. Karma's coming for this a**hole very soon. Total Bunk and Scam. Short Review on March 07, Short Review on February 22, /5(10). 

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My Millionaire Mentor Review - Scam or Sweet Opportunity $ Profit Guaranteed Ok people it is time for another review of a “money on autopilot system” that claims you will get rich in no time, and without you having to do any work at all. Millionaire Mentor Review. You might or might not know Tai Lopez, but I have reviewed a lot of his opportunities here on this blog. His latest opportunity is called Millionaire Mentor and promises that it can help you become wealthy quickly.

My Millionaire Mentor is a network marketing company that offers mentoring and training on – you guessed it – how to become a millionaire. Oh, the humble brag. If there’s one industry that’s mastered the art of showing off how amazing you are sheathed in a thin, see-through layer of humility, it’s definitely MLM. Pay It Forward Signups Guaranteed Rotator Millionaire Mentors Alliance.

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