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The primary use of this option is to allow for higher performance when restoring a volume from backup media.

Results are strong when well managed with allocations. In researching services and speaking with different folks mtoptions continuosly would come up as the best service to use when fear is in the air; I AGREE!!! 

This option implies the options noexec, nosuid, and nodev unless overridden by subsequent options, as in the option line user,exec,dev,suid. This option is off by default.

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/mt Causes the application to use the multithread, static version of the run-time library. Defines _MT and causes the compiler to place the library name into file so that the linker will use to resolve external symbols.

Earlier, copies of the superblock would be made every blocks: The block number here uses 1k units. Mount options for ext3 The ext3 filesystem is a version of the ext2 filesystem which has been enhanced with journalling. It supports the same options as ext2 as well as the following additions: Otherwise, it specifies the number of the inode which will represent the ext3 filesystem's journal file; ext3 will create a new journal, overwriting the old contents of the file whose inode number is inum.

Note that if the filesystem was not unmounted cleanly, skipping the journal replay will lead to the filesystem containing inconsistencies that can lead to any number of problems. Metadata is always journaled. To use modes other than ordered on the root filesystem, pass the mode to the kernel as boot parameter, e.

All data is forced directly out to the main file system prior to its metadata being committed to the journal.

This is rumoured to be the highest-throughput option. It guarantees internal filesystem integrity, however it can allow old data to appear in files after a crash and journal recovery. Write barriers enforce proper on-disk ordering of journal commits, making volatile disk write caches safe to use, at some performance penalty.

The ext3 filesystem enables write barriers by default. Be sure to enable barriers unless your disks are battery-backed one way or another. Otherwise you risk filesystem corruption in case of power failure. The default value is 5 seconds. See the attr 5 manual page. See the acl 5 manual page. Mount options for ext4 The ext4 filesystem is an an advanced level of the ext3 filesystem which incorporates scalability and reliability enhancements for supporting large filesystem.

This will allow the recovery code in e2fsck and the kernel to detect corruption in the kernel. It is a compatible change and will be ignored by older kernels. If enabled older kernels cannot mount the device.

This also requires an IO stack which can support barriers, and if jbd gets an error on a barrier write, it will disable again with a warning. If your disks are battery-backed in one way or another, disabling barriers may safely improve performance.

The mount options "barrier" and "nobarrier" can also be used to enable or disable barriers, for consistency with other ext4 mount options. The ext4 filesystem enables write barriers by default. The value must be a power of 2. The default value is 32 blocks. Blocks are allocation when data is copied from user to page cache.

The algorithm used is designed to automatically tune for the speed of the disk, by measuring the amount of time on average that it takes to finish committing a transaction. Call this time the "commit time". If the time that the transactoin has been running is less than the commit time, ext4 will try sleeping for the commit time to see if other operations will join the transaction. It defaults to zero microseconds. Increasing this parameter may improve the throughput of multi-threaded, synchronous workloads on very fast disks, at the cost of increasing latency.

This is normally used while remounting a filesystem which is already mounted. This provides roughly the same level of guarantees as ext3, and avoids the "zero-length" problem that can happen when a system crashes before the delayed allocation blocks are forced to disk. It can be used only with conjunction with remount. This allows multi- block allocator and other routines to quickly locate extents which might overlap with filesystem metadata blocks.

This option is intended for debugging purposes and since it negatively affects the performance, it is off by default. This approach allows ext4 code to avoid using inode mutex, which improves scalability on high speed storages. However this does not work with nobh option and the mount will fail.

Because of the restrictions this options comprises it is off by default e. This option is off by default. Mount options for fat Note: This option is obsolete. The default is the umask of the current process. The default is set from 'dmask' option. If the directory is writable, utime 2 is also allowed. With this option you can relax it. By default, codepage is used. The following conversion modes are available: Programs that do computed lseeks won't like in-kernel text conversion.

Several people have had their data ruined by this translation. A version string and a list of filesystem parameters will be printed these data are also printed if the parameters appear to be inconsistent. This overrides the automatic FAT type detection routine. The default is iso Long filenames are stored on disk in Unicode format.

This is particularly useful when mounting devices like digital cameras that are set to UTC in order to avoid the pitfalls of local time. Attempts to chown or chmod files do not return errors, although they fail. Not set by default. It'll be used to determine number of free clusters without scanning disk. But it's not used by default, because recent Windows don't update it correctly in some case.

Defaults to the umask of the current process. Defaults to not parsing the partition table at all. This filesystem type is also seen on some DVDs. See also the udf filesystem. Normal iso filenames appear in a 8. Rock Ridge is an extension to iso that provides all of these unix like features.

Basically there are extensions to each directory record that supply all of the additional information, and when Rock Ridge is in use, the filesystem is indistinguishable from a normal UNIX filesystem except that it is read-only, of course. Octal is indicated by a leading 0.

If the ordinary files and the associated or hidden files have the same filenames, this may make the ordinary files inaccessible. And non-binary settings used to be very dangerous, possibly leading to silent data corruption. This implies that a file cannot be larger than 16MB. The following options are the same as for vfat and specifying them only makes sense when using discs encoded using Microsoft's Joliet extensions. The default is to do no conversion. JFS only supports growing a volume, not shrinking it.

This option is only valid during a remount, when the volume is mounted read-write. Aggressive and worthy of my following. Highly recommend to those who understand option trading and also market moves.

Overall historically they have provided me returns not found anywhere else. What are they thinking???? Aug 3, Rating: When the market is down, they send out puts all over the place, and then when it goes back up again, they just sit quietly while their picks stop out and never inform their customers about those stop-outs.

Not only is this poor form to fail to acknowledge that something they picked didn't work, but it's also harmful to their customers' hard-earned money. What if someone accidentally forgot to set the stop or missed replacing it after their many 'remove-stops-before-opening' plays? If that happens just once or twice, any net gains from their other successful picks would be wiped out. Anonymous July 26, Rating: Actually surprised how well it's going since March of this year.

Was a bit concerned at how aggressive at time they seem but overall the performance has been unreal. Excellent daily communication, excellent format, and outstanding returns. Ryan Jul 9, Rating: All I have to say is Awesome service.

Charged with out subscribing by: Kit Jun 6, Rating: I agree with the comment about being careful giving your credit card details to this service. I requested a trial and cancelled it a few days later and got the email response that my account is closed. I do not know about the performance. But this kind of behavior is not professional.

Jun 1, Rating: I've never done as well with my trading as I have done with using mtoptions. I waited for the market volatility to rise and caught them just at the right time. In researching services and speaking with different folks mtoptions continuosly would come up as the best service to use when fear is in the air; I AGREE!!! I've never been so excited to see a market drop. An Honest Review by: May 31, Rating: The danger of allowing people to post anything rather than an honest review becomes a bit bothersome.

I autotrade the service and the track record matches. I've been with them for the past several years and never had an issue. I go to there recently closed section and it's there. As for membership I pay yearly for the discounted rate and never had an issue.

In fact I suspended my service two years ago for personal reasons and they kept me on free of charge for the period of time I needed. Great service, very good trades, and they post all there trades unlike many of these touts out there. It's a very entertaining service and they are fast which I like.

Seattle Scam Watch May 27, Rating: Be careful giving your credit card details to this scammer as unauthorized charges will result. Past few months by: Gio May 24, Rating: I have also tried this service on or off since I was fortunate and caught the amazing run in fall that these guys produced.

I took a break and have been back trading with these guys in Results are strong when well managed with allocations. Right now they are killing it, when the market becomes volatile, they are at there best.

As for support I never had an issue. Trades email for trading questions and support email for regular support and billing. Try going through there contact page, works great for me. Not that good by: I have tried this service on and off about 3 years. Some good hits but just as many bad hits. I seem to almost always choose the bad hits.

Now I have trouble with them doing unauthorized bills after I have constantly request termination of my subscription. Now they have billed me for this month unauthorized and they are not responding to my request for credit. I think they are legitimate but very slack in management of the subscriptions. I might try them again later if they credit this month's charge. Anonymous Mar 23, Rating: Customer service here is non existant.

I have tried for 4 months to discontinue service. They have not responded to probably 25 emails and a half dozen phone calls. All you get is a recording. Requests for a password confirmation get nowhere. I am locked out and cannot remove my credit card info.

In-Vegas June 18, Rating: I really don't understand the some of the reviews regarding email support as I have never encountered an issue here.

I am here to give praise to them as they have kicked but these last few months and it's been a great ride thus far. Also, I agree with comments below regarding mtglobaltrader; very good service but definitely not s active as mtoptions. Performance though for mtglobal has been spectacular in A Good Service by: Anonymous Jun 14, Rating: Not the best, but definitely not the worst.


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Option Chain for ArcelorMittal (MT) Calls "Calls" is an option that gives the holder the right to buy the underlying asset. Last "Last Sale" is the most recent trade.

MT Options provides an advisory service which proposes trades per week, each trade to be held for no longer than 4 trading sessions. This is a risky strategy, but takes . Reviews, discussions, and comments about the broker MT Options. MT Options currently has 1 review(s). 

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Market research and daily Option picks. Easy online trading and simple to follow. Free option picks with a free 10 day trial to MTOptions. MT-Option Review. When you look at the MT-Option trading platform, you can see that it is the popular SpotOption binary options trading software. The trading platform is the most widely used by brokers because it is very easy for new traders and investors to use. In total they have binary options on more than assets.

Aug 20,  · Updated options chain for ArcelorMittal ADR- including MT option chains with call and put prices, viewable by date. View the basic MT option chain and compare options of Arcelor Mittal NY Registry Shar on Yahoo Finance.

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