Why You Should Never Force a Trade

He seemed like a know it all pushing stories on stocks and preaching how awesome he was performing.

One of the main keys to trading is patience. 

Meanwhile, swing trading can be done on an individual basis for relatively little startup money. Just like a quarterback under pressure, you need to be able to see the difference between forcing something that really isn't a smart option and playing it safe.

Learn My 3 Trading Plays 

“Superman” Paul Scolardi Review. This strategy of mental stops is a direct violation of what many financial advisors teach, yet no one is able to argue with the superior gains that Superman brings home. This is all the more true since he has verified all of his results. Superman is making serious money trading.

Investimonials was a real game changer for the investment education industry because it exposed a lot of frauds, and also allowed the real traders to start receiving the respect that they deserved.

He trades in some obscure names, went both long and short, added to winning positions, added to losing positions, did not mess with penny stocks and stayed in the mainstream markets. He was trading big stocks, little stocks, high volume and low volume, there was no apparent bias.

He is not a Timothy Sykes type position trader that sniffs out penny stock pump and dump schemes and then specializes in shorting.

And so, in I decided to take the plunge and join the live trading room. The Trading Room Experience The trading room is moderated by Paul and a few of his proteges, whom have also proven themselves to be pretty good traders, as verified by trading statements.

However, I was only interested in what Paul was trading, I just wanted to copy his trades and make money. However, keep in mind, that I mainly screen record trading rooms.

And I typically will have about 6 different computers all recording different trading rooms. My assistant will later go back into the raw footage and time stamp when trades were called for entry and for exit.

Types Of Trades What we discovered with Paul is that he has three different types of trades. The first would be the classic news scalp. The second would be a chart pattern swing trade. And the third and most interesting would be the fundamental position trade. All three compliment each other quite nicely, but be aware that you have to be ready to quickly to pull the trigger quickly on the news scalps.

The Second type of trade would be the chart pattern swing trades. The chart pattern swing trades were interesting in that Paul would take a large position, and then he would add to the position. Even adding to a a losing position, which is counter intuitive and many would say is crazy, but Paul would add up to two additional positions on top of the original position.

Some of these swing trades would last a few days. He would take a portion of profits, let it run and take more off, then attempt to take off the last portion on a parabolic move in his favor. He would use mental stops and not allow his big exit stop orders to be exposed to other trades.

This can be confusing and irritating for someone attempting to copy his trades. There are many free sites where research can be done. I teach all of this to my students. Stress As you can probably tell by this point, day trading is highly stressful. You are essentially monitoring your positions on a minute-to-minute basis. You must be disciplined, decisive, and have more than a cursory understanding of the markets.

After all, you're going up against corporate finance professionals who make their livings off of this. The general strategy used in swing trading makes it so that with some studying, even people who know nothing about finance can become successful. Don't misunderstand, it's not necessarily "easier," and there are definitely pitfalls to trading in general. However, if you're not ready to commit to trading full time, swing trading is generally the better and less riskier option.

I hope this has cleared up the confusion. Executing The Scam Young Jeezy then explained to me how he created his millionaire trader persona, complete with fake trades showing massive profits…all he did was create demo accounts with the intention of uploading fake trades into Profit.

Once the dual accounts were created, next you buy 10, shares of a popular stock in demo account A, and then sell 10, shares in demo account B. The net effect is that one of the two accounts will always show a winner. Everyday, simply upload into Profit. After a short period of time, you can now show a Profit. Everyone once in awhile, he explained that he would pepper in a losing trade to make it look believable. He also created several You Tube video testimonials.

Young Jeezy refused to give me the web addresses and video testimonials, but he did send me a long list of websites of others pulling the same hustle, and others that had also created fake video testimonials. If you watch this video, its pretty laughable.

Also, the internet is lliterallyclogged up with people attempting to earn a quick buck with this exact same testimonial hustle.


“Superman” Paul Scolardi Review 

Oct 20,  · Though he’s often referred to as “The Superman of Stocks”, Paul Scolardi’s superpowers are all self-made. A veteran stock trader of 17 years, Scolardi is known for his preternatural.

Paul Scolardi gave an hour speech which was highly entertaining. During the speech he revealed that several of those students that took the course back in January had all earned over $, in profits trading Pauls methods/5. Check out how you can learn SuperTrades brilliant swing trading strategy from Paul Scolardi himself! This is the strategy that I personally used to make $20k+ in my first year of stock trading! My experience with Paul and how he trades was a good one and I truly believe that he deserves to call himself the Superman Trader. 

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Paul “Superman” Scolardi Stock Picking Products and Services

Feb 25,  · Classic News Scalp Strategy This is a strategy that enables you to take profits based on small price changes within the stocks market. Paul shares some vital entry and exit strategies/5. “Superman” Paul Scolardi Review. This strategy of mental stops is a direct violation of what many financial advisors teach, yet no one is able to argue with the superior gains that Superman brings home. This is all the more true since he has verified all of his results. Superman is making serious money trading.

Paul Scolardi He graduated from the Arizona State University in with accounting. Paul worked as a Certified Public Accountant before he left corporate employment, and now, he dedicates most of his time trading and teaching his stock strategy full-time. View Paul Scolardi’s profile on LinkedIn, the world's largest professional community. Paul has 1 job listed on their profile. See the complete profile on LinkedIn and discover Paul’s Title: Founder & CEO at Super Trades .

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