I emailed today asking for a refund as I now realize that the software is a peace of crap. 

I do feel a little scammed here though as I feel that I was taken advantage of by this company.


Reviews for lokersumbagut.ga By traders, for traders/5().

I almost hung the phone up on him. Since then, and as we speak my phone has wrung 4 times now int he past hour from I"m sure their "recovery" high pressure sales teams. I'm going to stick to my guns and pray that they refund my money. Here's some of my thoughts and experiences with this company. Bugs meaning runtime errors that crashed the software. It stays on one screen and you'd have to expand the software window to all monitors if you want to work on multiple screens.

This is very difficult to maintain. You have to manually check charts for current pair pricing. Out of the 4 wins, three were my own as I manually traded while the 1 for 21 record was based on the Wizetrade experts advice from their Wizetrade TV program that is there to help you set up predefined or community based strategies and walk away for the day. As a good sales company I guess no one wants you to ask for a refund within the time frame alloted so I guess they keep on top of you to try and "woo" you until the time runs out.

Over all I did learn allot about forex trading. But unfortunately I learned on my own through the web. I've spent countless hours reading articles and watching vids on youtube. This is something that I should have done before jumping head first into the fire.

But I guess it's one that I needed to learn. I do feel a little scammed here though as I feel that I was taken advantage of by this company. The old addage "buyer be ware" is pounding in my head. I think that I'm going to try to learn as much as I can off the web. Join a few user groups, paper trade for a month and then go live on a free platform from a reputable broker. Thanks everyone for being honest about your experiences with WTFX. I'll let you know if I don't get my money back from these guys.

Ted Kravos, Aug 24, , Guest My dad blew his money on this scam 4 years ago at one of their flashy seminars. We went to all their conventions in Texas. When you buy the first seminar, they try to sell you more, and more and more and more different types of software to go with the first one that doesn't work anyways and when you finally but all their different programs, you finally realize you've been taken and left broke.

We had a meeting in my home town of all the people that bought this software and about 12 people were there and not one person was making money with this software. It turned into a cry session. Fantomas, May 2, , Guest Yea Sometime ago I bought the software after a full day seminar.

Those days they promoted "share trading" only! Paid the "special" seminar promo and 10 days later I faxed a refund request. I mailed back the package and a month later got the refund. I get occasionally emails with Wizetrade Fx promos and Kimo, Dec 17, , Guest Just a flashly trash program. No better that gambling but with much worse odds than Vegas. This went on for most of the hour and a half, an overview of the system, picking stocks, and taking questions from audience attendees.

A hundred a day, a thousand a day, or a hundred thousand a year, it's all up to you, with the help of Wizetrade and the simple red and green lights, which take the guesswork out of trading. The presenter tries to be charming and he almost suceeds with his little jokes and funny faces.

He talks about his family, "heck, I'm going to teach my teen age kid to do this," he says. He makes you feel relaxed, like he's one of you, just a poor bastard trying to supplement his income and put food on the table. I bought it all and I wish I never had! So, at the end of the seminar or presentation they offer you a package. With the understanding that I had fifteen days to return the course if I didn't like it. Sounds good, who cares anyway! Later, when I asked for the DVD traing material that was included in the package price, I was told that I would have to attend another one day seminar and I would be able to pick up the DVD's there.

Now, if you think the first presentator got your juices flowing , this new guy was even better. The same stuff, but a lot more in depth and focused. He was slick in retrospect, they always are. Green-buy, red-sell sales pitch from the seminar and TV just don't apply.

The guy sitting at the cafe by the beach like on TV who just told you that he made seven hundred dollars while he sipped his latte and made a trade, doesn't tell you that he now lives in his Oldsmobile in back of the Seven Eleven because he lost his house playing the stock market! You have to read charts and graphs and it's very, very involved AND very risky, especially for the novice like me.

Remeber, MOST individual investors lose in the market no matter what anybody tells you They will not refund your money!!!!! After looking at the form, it stated that I was unable to return the course and agreed to keep it note: I went back to the table to question the nice looking lady with the Texas accent.

She told me she was sorry, but there was nothing she could do about it. I could almost taste the cheese! I asked how they could make me promise not to return the product, without ever viewing the other half of it the DVD's? I should have already gotten the DVD course in the first place!


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Wizetrade makes an effort to simplify stock trading with their patented red light/green light analysis of stocks. Wizetrade also advertises the ability to: review a number of stocks at once, find active stocks, execute stock projections, report buy and sell points for stocks, and offer support.

Reviews for lokersumbagut.ga By traders, for traders/5(). Find out what users are saying about Wizetrade Commodities. Read user Wizetrade Commodities reviews, pricing information and what features it offers.5/5(1). 

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