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Benefits of Using Autochartist Autochartist comes with certain benefits:

Benefits of Using Autochartist Autochartist comes with certain benefits: Even the strength of a pattern can be studied in detail using the Details window. 

The trading risk for each asset can be assessed.

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The Volatility Analysis tool gives the trader insight as to the movement of assets in the market. The trading risk for each asset can be assessed.

Autochartist — Volatility Analysis By clicking the Volatility Analysis tab, a new pop up with 3 tabs is shown, one of which is the forecast of the price range. Autochartist — Price Range Forecast The Price Range Forecast section gives the trader some idea as to the possible range of price movements within each time frame.

This will guide in the setting of stop loss and take profit targets. The display of results for each trade opportunity can be customised in the Trading Opportunities Pane by checking or unchecking the relevant checkboxes as shown below. The Active Trading Opportunities show the tradable patterns in the market. These are patterns which are still in evolution and for which entry possibilities still exist. The tab for trade opportunities that are no longer valid either ended or expired is named the Expired Trading Opportunities tab, marked 13 on the interface snapshot.

Autochartist — Patterns The first diagram shows an emerging pattern, which has undergone a breakout. The pattern is only tradable when the entry conditions are attained following the breakout. The second diagram shows when the target price is reached.

Sometimes, the emerging pattern does not fulfill potential and it breaks down. This would constitute an expired pattern. How to Start Using Autochartist Autochartist presents two ways to start using the service. Sign up for a day free trial, followed by the payment of a monthly subscription. Using a live account from a Forex broker that supports the Autochartist MT4 plug-in, which allows the plug-in to be used for free. Benefits of Using Autochartist Autochartist comes with certain benefits: John, Sep 9, , Guest These guys appear to be South Africans and Israelis operating out of Cyprus , not sure who they work for, perhaps leave that up to your imagination.

Howard, Feb 27, , Guest I got the program free through my broker. Tried it out on a couple of trades so far, and it worked a treat. The new platform released 2 weeks a go is so easy to use. We will se how it carries on from here on. Unfortunately it became an exercise in frustration. For expert traders, a detailed analysis is provided as follows: On the basis of chart patterns, the Autochartist software provides a study of success rate: Additionally, a list of 50 symbols where the Autochartist tool achieved the highest accuracy is provided.

Furthermore, the total number of chart patterns identified for each asset and their corresponding success ratio are also offered for study. On the basis of key levels breakouts and approaches , Autochartist provides a study of success rate: Additionally, a list of 50 symbols where the Autochartist tool achieved the highest accuracy is also provided.

Furthermore, total number of key levels identified for every asset and the corresponding success percentage are also offered for study. Earlier in this guide, we had mentioned that Autochartist tool provides important details regarding the strength of the pattern in the form of bands. The performance statistics also provide an in-depth study of the success rate for the indicators of clarity, uniformity, quality, and initial trend.

MT4 Plug-in Taking into account the popularity of MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5 platforms among Forex and CFD traders, Autochartist has come up with a plug-in, which can provide almost all the features of the web interface inside the MetaTrader platform. The plug-in is also available for JForex platform as well.

However, after the trial period, a trader should either subscribe to their services direct user subscriber or open a trading account with one of the Forex brokers listed on their website. If you already have an existing account with a Forex broker listed on their website, then you may continue to make use of the facility for free. Using the Display all symbols checkbox facility, a trader can restrict the expert advisor to retrieve the data for only a single currency pair.

Similar to the web interface, the subwindow on the MT4 chart provides the list of currency pairs and the pattern being formed. Using the settings, a trader can subscribe to one or more reports in multiple languages. A filter facility is also provided to view the completed or emerging key levels, chart or Fibonacci pattern according to the timeframe of choice.

A trader can study the performance statistics using the links provided in the web button. Thus, it avoids the need to keep multiple charts open at the same time. The volatility range for different timeframes are plotted on the chart.


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Autochartist is proud to announce that it has concluded the acquisition of a controlling stake in Delkos Research ( – a company providing forecasts and content for Futures and Forex brokers based around macro-economic news events. This is the second acquisition that Autochartist has concluded in Autochartist is an easy to understand, powerful market-scanning tool which highlights + best trading opportunities per month, helping traders to decide in an instant what and when to trade. 

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This guide is an attempt to review the abilities and disadvantages of the Autochartist software in detail. To cater to the needs of all the financial market participants, the Cyprus based Autochartist Limited offers its service mainly through a web interface. Looking for an FX software that determines the patterns automatically? Check out Forex Autochartist and see how it works in our Autochartist review!

Read the Autochartist review below for more info. Services Offered. Autochartist is the world’s most advanced and sophisticated pattern recognition and automatic identification tool. The Autochartist technology monitors thousands of financial instruments such as forex, equities, commodities and more on a 24/7 basis. If you are looking for a way to help find patterns or a good technical view one tool that is of note is Autochartist. What it does in a nutshell is scan over the charts looking for certain patterns and then rating those patterns based on previous patterns of the same type.

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