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N 2 O is named "dinitrogen monoxide"; NO 2 is named "mononitrogen dioxide"; and N 2 O 5 is named "dinitrogen pentoxide".

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It has a fairly low melting point, and can only conduct electricity unless it is aqueous and polar. Metals and nonmetals form ionic bonds.

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APEX_ITEM and Beyond Greg Jarmiolowski SQLPrompt LLC. •Built-in Tabular Form Limitations •Tabular Form Post Processing Built-ins •Building Forms with APEX_ITEM •Global Arrays •Custom Post processing •APEX_COLLECTIONS •Validation •Locking and Concurrency index by binary_integer; •“Arrays” are in package apex.

The two together can be described by a potential , so that, for example, the stellar surfaces lie along equipotential surfaces. Close to each star, surfaces of equal gravitational potential are approximately spherical and concentric with the nearer star. Far from the stellar system, the equipotentials are approximately ellipsoidal and elongated parallel to the axis joining the stellar centers. A critical equipotential intersects itself at the L1 Lagrangian point of the system, forming a two-lobed figure-of-eight with one of the two stars at the center of each lobe.

This critical equipotential defines the Roche lobes. This is not derivable from the Roche lobe model as the Coriolis force is a non- conservative force i.

Further analysis[ edit ] Potential array In the gravity potential graphics, L1, L2, L3, L4, L5 are in synchronous rotation with the system. Regions of red, orange, yellow, green, light blue and blue are potential arrays from high to low. Red arrows are rotation of the system and black arrows are relative motions of the debris. Debris goes faster in the lower potential region and slower in the higher potential region.

So, relative motions of the debris in the lower orbit are in the same direction with the system revolution while opposite in the higher orbit. L1 is the gravitational capture equilibrium point. It is a gravity cut-off point of the binary star system.

It is the easiest way for the debris to commute between the any of Hill sphere inner circles of blue and light blue and the communal gravity region figure-eights of yellow and green in the inner side. Hill sphere and horseshoe orbit L2 and L3 are gravitational perturbation equilibria points. Passing through these two equilibrium points, debris can commute between the external region figure-eights of yellow and green in the outer side and the communal gravity region of the binary system.

L4 and L5 are the maximum potential points in the system. They are unstable equilibria. Followup July 29, - 2: Rajesh from India My character Sets are different. So what changes I should do, in my code so that I will get the expected result. It's urgent Followup August 01, - 7: Followup August 01, - 7: I'd be wondering how you got ebcdic into utf8 in the first place myself here.

ORA August 29, - 3: Do you know of any Oracle links which may specify the maximum number that the mod function accepts? I checked the Oracle 9. Hope all is well. Regards, Arun Followup August 29, - 5:


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