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Technical trading, or technical analysis, is the measurement of charts and price action, looking for patterns and making educated guesses, speculations, from those measurements and patterns.

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They can be categorized in terms of the tools used, the time frames intended, the amount of risk associated with and many other ways, these being the primary. These can be trend following or not, long or short term and utilize bullish or bearish positions. These strategies focus on support and resistance levels, reversals within the range and short term trends as asset prices move up or down from support to resistance and vice versa.

These signals have a higher chance of success but take longer to develop and longer to unfold than other types of signals. A technical analysis indicator is, most often, a mathematical formula which converts price action into an easy to read visual format. Common types of indicators include but are not limited to moving averages, trend lines, support and resistance, oscillators and Japanese Candlesticks. Money Management Strategy is 1 of the 2 pillars of risk management, the other is money management.

You control risk by targeting only good signals, weeding out obviously bad signals, and never putting so much money on one trade that it will wipe out your account. Money management is the control of your overall trading fund. It should clarify trade size, and long term financial management — leaving you to focus only on trading.

A well thought out money management structure should simplify: Trade size Future growth Stress A trader with a clear financial plan should not need to be concerned with whether they can trade tomorrow, or if their trade size is correct or how they might grow investments in line with their progress.

All those decisions are controlled by managing their overall capital with a clear plan. Read more on money management. Japanese Candlesticks This is the most common method of viewing price charts. The candlesticks give an easy to read view of prices, open high low and close, that jumps off the charts in way that no other charting style can do.

They are the basis of most price action strategies and can be used to give signals as well as to confirm other indicators. Read more about candlestick strategy Support And Resistance These are areas of price action on the asset chart that are likely to stop prices when they are reached.

These areas, often represented by horizontal lines, are good targets for entries and possible areas where price action may reverse. Trend Lines These lines connect highs and lows formed by asset price as it moves up down and sideways. A series of higher lows and higher highs is considered to be an uptrend and a sign that prices are likely to move higher, a series of lower highs and lower lows is considered to be a downtrend and a sign that prices are likely to move lower.

The trend line can be used as a target for support and resistance, as well as a an entry point for trend following strategies. Moving Averages Moving averages take an average of an assets prices over X number of days and then plots those values as a line on the price chart. Moving averages come in many forms and are often used to determine trend, provide targets for support and resistance and to indicate entries. There are dozens of methods of deriving moving averages, the most common include Simple Moving Averages, Exponential Moving Averages, volume weighted moving averages and many more.

They can be used in any time frame, and set to any time frame, for multiple time frame analysis and to give crossover signals.

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