Thing is the number is not so high on EZTrader, although it is a handful at 91, comprising 10 currency pairs, 19 indices, 58 stocks and 4 commodities. The provided tools include: 

Therefore, the first drop-in centre for our test was the after-sales service. A unique and personal trading platform As mentioned before, EZTrader makes use of a unique trading platform.

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They will ask you what how you experienced trading with EZTrader? You start to tell, they did this. You will make huge amounts of money etc. When someone contacts you out of the blue always question them about how they know all your personal details.

Ask who that partner is. And they will make you deposit everything you have. Normally you would think deduct this fine from the balance. They even received a fine because of the fact that they were endangering their interests clients.

Did it make them stop with doing this? No they have a huge amount of domains that are being used to make more people fall into their recollection scheme. They make more money with that then with legal business. They need lots of people to make lots of victims. How are these scammers not traceable? Most of the victims lack the knowledge to investigate these scammers. And are a shamed of filing complaints to the authorities.

If enough people would file criminal charges Europol would already have these criminals behind bars. How do they cover their tracks? Through a company called offshore-formations. Just by filling this form in you can start your own scam business.

I had very little recourse because they never send a confirmation receipt or settlement receipt. I called to complain and they asked ME to prove my claim! After I realized that the site was just a joke and that it was likely not going to pay off, I kept trading and took screen shots of trades when they closed.

It was my own receipt. Several more large dollar amount trades mysteriously changed price an hour after they closed "in the money" and became losing trades. At least I have the satisfaction of having evidence of the before and after even though it cost me thousands of dollars to collect it.

The site claims that it takes three business days to make a withdrawal. That is a flat out lie. Do you want to be the one hounding some company every few days to try and get your money back? But that part wasn't explained to me on their website. Once you've complained enough, they will refund amounts on credit cards up to the amount you deposit.


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EZTrader Complaints. Being around for so long, it’s easy to find comments about EZtrader. A simple search for EZtrader complaint, scam, fraud, etc will discover lots of information about that company. Most complaints are negative, but that’s conventional since most complaints come from unhappy costumers or competitors.

Aug 16,  · One of their EZTrader manager told me that I can withdraw the fund at any time after I made two weeks initial trade with them. After two weekstrade with 1/5. EZTrader Review EZTrader was a binary options broker owned by WGM Services Ltd., a subsidiary of publicly traded EZTD Inc, see here. Their main office is located at 11 Vizantiou Street, Office , Strovolos, Nicosia, Cyprus. 

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As the Head of the Support Team, my job entails making the EZTrader experience a satisfying one and to constantly improve the quality of our customer service and support. All issues that you may come across are dealt with immediately and resolved as . EZTrader is licensed and regulated by CySEC. They have the license number / The benefit of using a regulated broker like EZTrader is that if you have a complaint, .

EZtrader (or EZ Trader) is a broker for binary options trading that you may already know. Unfortunately, the experiences of most people who have used this broker are not good. Unfortunately, the experiences of most people who have used this broker are not good. The common EZTrader complaints You should judge the merits of each of the EZTrader complaints before you decide for yourself whether you should invest with EZTrader. Traders complain that EZTrader does not allow many of the advanced features introduced in binary options trading.

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