BinaryCent Review – Binary Options Trading With Smaller Investments

Each team member passes through an exhaustive training program and users can rest assured that all of them are professionally trained.

For the risk free trades traders are compensated in the form of a trading bonus in case of a negative trade. 

It is owned by Finance Group Corp.


Binarycent is among the latest brands to enter the binary options market and they advertise their service offering the “best trading conditions in the forex and CFD industry”. Were they able to meet our expectations? Find out in this updated and detailed review.

However, BinaryCent does not offer as many underlying assets as its BinaryMate counterpart and is slightly subdued in nature.

For more reference, we have compiled a list of all the available assets and have listed them below: Even though the choice of assets can keep a vast majority of traders pleased, we would have certainly expected the company to offer further flexibility when it comes to choosing the assets.

As of now, traders will have to be content with the slightly lower number of financial assets that are available through the BinaryCent trading platform. Traders have the option of choosing from three different types of binary options, the Turbo, the Intraday, and the Long-term binary options. The option expiry times are dependent on the type of option, and the minimum expiry time for Turbo options is 60 seconds.

Some other leading brokers may offer lower expiry times such as 30 seconds, but second options are among the most popular binary options in the market. The long-term binary options are available for expiry times as significant as 48 hours, which means that traders can anticipate market movements for up to two days in advance. While we feel that the BinaryCent account offers a more traditional brokerage, we sure miss the opportunity to tweak the trades or exit trades well before their closing time.

Binary options trading should offer a bit more flexibility to traders and features such as rollover and double up can certainly make things interesting for investors. One of the chief attractions of opting for a BinaryCent trading account is the ability to start trading with as low as 10 cents.

Therefore, the sheer advantage of BinaryCent is that the broker allows their clients to create a flexible trading strategy that not only helps in conserving funds but also keep binary options trading emotionally balanced. Traders might wonder if there are any fees to enjoying a low-risk trading environment. BinaryCent does not charge any convenience fee for providing its services, and you should be careful about any broker that requests you to pay for their services.

The BinaryCent Trading Platform Traders who are familiar with the BinaryMate platform will be able to spot numerous similarities between the BinaryMate and the BinaryCent platform, not that it is a bad thing. The online trading interface is an independent web-based interface that can be accessed through a web browser. The BinaryCent trading platform is incredibly easy to get accustomed with, and traders can access all of their account features without facing any difficulties.

If you are a beginner trader, the BinaryCent platform offers plenty of assistance to get you going. Even the live video chat feature is a unique novelty feature that provides a human touch to the proceedings. The BinaryCent interface is an excellent binary options trading platform, and can apparently pull its weight when pitted against all the other leading platforms in the market.

BinaryCent Mobile Trading BinaryCent mobile users can access their accounts either through the BinaryCent web trading interface or through the mobile apps for iOS and Android operating systems. Alternatively, the broker also offers free downloadable apps through the Google App store and the Google Play store, which should provide a more convenient and safer alternative to browser-based trading.

There are three different types of trading accounts at BinaryCent, the Bronze, the Silver, and the Gold accounts. Traders will be able to rejoice that BinaryCent has allowed its traders to deposit a smaller amount for trading, which not only controls the risk but also allows a large section of the retail trading market to invest in the binary options trading product. Deposits are usually made instantly, while withdrawals are processed within an hour. Some withdrawals may take up to 6 hours to process, but the average withdrawal time of 1 hour is certainly impressive.

They will depend on the option type and assets you trade with. It is entirely yours — this is capital you are going to use in order to invest. Is BinaryCent Scam or Safe? The BinaryCent brokerage shows great potential. During our investigation, we discovered a significant amount of positive feedback.

Even though the Binary Cent broker is fairly new, it has already attracted a lot of investors reporting their satisfaction with the provided services. In addition to that, another clear sign that Binary Cent is not a scam is the available encryption. Measures have been taken in order to secure both personal and financial information on each and every investor that uses the BinaryCent platform for making investments.

At the end of our investigation, we were able to conclude that it is not a scam and you can trust its capabilities. Gold — This is the highest account tier offered by BinaryCent. You will also get a personal success manager if you sign up for this account.

Another sign that the BinaryCent is not a scam is the fact that they allow you to choose whether to accept the welcoming bonus. Most brokers enforce it on investors and they cannot withdraw afterwards before reaching a certain trade turnover.

The different account tiers also come with a fixed number of risk-free trades. Your first three trades will be refunded if they are with negative results. What gives BinaryCent an additional advantage is that the creators give you access to a Demo account. So, if you are not confident in your trading skills, you can start with that. You can also choose to use e-wallets and wire transfers as deposit methods.

Customer Assistance What most people value about the BinaryCent broker is the fact that it also offers a multilingual customer support. I just had to try it and what I can say is that BinaryCent is a great opportunity for small investors like me. I have always been afraid to deposit because you never know whether it is a scam platform or not.

And this small initial investment helped me get over my fears. I am happily trading with BinaryCent at the moment, slowly building my portfolio and developing my skills. Vitoro, 51, Portugal What has prevented me so far from trading Forex is that it is not exactly clear how are you going to receive your withdrawal if you use a card, specifically a credit card.

With BinaryCent everything is spelled out clearly and I felt safe investing with them. I have made one withdrawal so far and I am totally excited about how quick and easy this happens! Tanilla, 28, Singapore Conclusion If investors have an interest in Forex but not much experience, BinaryCent is a good way to start trading. They accept a very small initial investment, offer risk-free trades, and provide constant customer support. If you have a little more experience, you will find that this broker can answer to your need as well.


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BinaryCent Withdrawal. Withdrawals are processed during one hour according to the BinaryCent website, but given the high number of complaints regarding the withdrawal time, I don’t think that one hour is a guarantee. The minimum withdrawal is 50 USD and the method is whatever the BinaryCent finance team wishes.

BinaryCent is a fully legit and genuine Forex broker. It features bit SSL encryption and stores data in separate servers in order to ensure maximum security. Minimum deposit levels start from $ which is a standard for the market. Binarycent is among the latest brands to enter the binary options market and they advertise their service offering the “best trading conditions in the forex and CFD industry”. Were they able to meet our expectations? Find out in this updated and detailed review. 

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BinaryCent Review. The trading system that Binary Cent gives their clients in a proprietary system that we see is also used by the broker BinaryMate. They offer 3 types of binary options; Turbo, Intraday and Long Term options. The Turbo options are for 30 seconds, 1, 2, 5, 10, 15 and 30 minutes. Long term options are weekly that go out five weeks. BinaryCent is a binary options broker that opened up in This broker is operated by professionals in the industry with years of is owned by Finance Group Corp.

Feb 18,  · Binarycent is a regulated company licensed by Vanuatu Financial Services Commission as a part of the Finance Group Corporation. So, they were reviewed by an independent party and have a parent company, which also seems to be pretty legit/5. The BinaryCent brokerage platform is gaining popularity in the Forex industry. There are good reasons for that – it is a user-friendly and safe trading platform that allows you to start with a minimum deposit of $10 and to make 1-cent-investments per trade. These are probably the lowest terms for trading offered by a broker ever.

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