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I am not affiliated with TrendSignal in any way aside from being a customer and this will be an honest review from my perspective of the whole program so far.

I purchased Trend Signal back in February and have now completed all the training sessions that they provide and have been to the offices down in Milton Keynes. 

Generally there are relatively few trades during the day, most of the trades happen at the 10pm daily time slot.

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With the power of compounding profits I am optimistic. Very reasonable considering that I took a big hit right at the start. I do believe in the Trendsignal strategy and that you can follow the rules without using any discretion and make money, however it is absolutely no get rich scheme. There are ups and downs but the long term trajectory should be up As a reasonably experienced trader I have noticed a real benefit in putting my experience together with the Trendsignal education and appear to have hit a sweet spot using my old chart knowledge coupled with the Trendsignal exposure to new markets and discipline.

Yes, but since taking the course I have been a far better trader and believe I have changed rather than just had a couple of lucky months. I leave my review as 8, over and out Member 1 review, 0 posts 0 of 1 members found this review helpful.

Sep 04, Worth the investment! If something sounds too good to be true, then it usually is. I am not affiliated with TrendSignal in any way aside from being a customer and this will be an honest review from my perspective of the whole program so far.

It is early days, I've only been using program for little over a month but I will be updating this every couple of months to keep it relevant. I am not a beginner. I have been dabbling, unsuccessfully, for about 2 years before TrendSignal. I understand the concepts of trading and technical analysis but I have had no formal training aside from reading countless books. Don't worry if you are new to this, everything you need to know will be covered as part of your training.

To begin - I wasn't a big fan of the sales pitch. I attended the sales webinar which was heavy on potential earnings but light on anything tangible. I was definitely sitting on the fence afterwards but eventually decided to go ahead. I have only been using the daily strategy on the forex pairs and in the month of August '17, I am pips up. That is only using the daily strategies as I don't have time at the moment to do the 4h one. To cut a long story short, you can make a lot of money out of this but you need to take it seriously, treat it like a job and follow the rules which includes risk management, probably the most important element of this whole system - in my opinion.

This is not a get rich quick scheme, it is a program that will provide you with the tools and training to make more informed trades and shift the odds in your favour. Make no mistake, you will have losing trades, to expect otherwise would be ridiculous, but with this system, you will have more winners. As for the training and support - brilliant. I cannot fault them at all. The trip down to the head office in Luton was well worth it. Even if you think you know everything they will cover, you will still benefit from atttending.

Most importantly, it will give you a better understanding of how their strategies work. That was the turning point for me, I went from still being very skeptical of their strategies because they seemed like a black box to understanding more about what drives them and understanding that they work on very sound principles. It just helps with the faith when the trades seem to be turning against you.

The one on one training sessions were just as good although it will probably be different for each person. There are obviously a set of core things that need to be achieved in each session but the trainers are patient, have a lot of experience of the system as they use it themselves and will likely tailor the lessons to the individual. In short, I cannot recommend them enough and in my mind, it is definitely an investment worth taking but you need to be clear that is what it is.

I look forward to finding out how the next few months go and I will keep you updated. If you have any specific quesstions, leave a comment on this review and I will do my best to respond quickly Member 1 review, 0 posts 1 of 1 members found this review helpful.

Sep 01, A very disappointing way to lose money and time In order to make use of TrendSignal you also have to pay for annual fees for Ensign software and if you want to continue to get access to thier website and updates you have to pay for that as well.

There's no easy way to make a quick buck. The only winners here are your broker and Trendsignal. If you join up, you will most likely lose money, be warned. Mar 21, - 5 Stars Ok so as promised last month, I've come back to let you know how I got on with the February results. Whilst January ended as a losing month for me, February was excellent with just over 1, pip gain.

This was particularly profitable because a large percentage of this pip gain came fro the 4hour S4 strategy for which Trendsignal users place a higher stake per pip. Clearly this has leapt the profits up to a pretty impressive level. Best of luck everyone. The aim of the package is to provide an easy to follow trading solution for beginners with repeatable results demonstrating a profit in the longer term.

Trendsignal do offer a money back guarantee for a short period of time but I can tell you it will be totally useless because you need to use a system like this for 6 to 12 months before being able to say if this is any good or not. I have been trading with Trendsignal since November and have found them very pleasant to deal with. They provide a significant amount of training and support including a day at their offices near Milton Keynes to go over the strategies and previous results.

There are also live webinars broadcast at 8am on a Monday and Thursday mornings which are very helpful for keeping up to speed on the current market and reviewing open trades.

There are strategies for trading 4 hourly charts at 6am, 10am, 2pm, 6pm and 10pm and various strategies for trading daily charts at 10pm. The system generates buy or sell signals at the end of the candles for the relevant period, users must wait for the relevant candle to close and then place their orders as quickly as possible to try to secure a price as close to the candle close price as possible.

In practice, the system works reasonably well if you are able to dedicate the time to it at the relevant time slots. The Trendsignal sales staff will tell you this takes no more than 5 minutes but in reality it can take anything from 5 to 30 minutes depending on the number of trades coming in.

Generally there are relatively few trades during the day, most of the trades happen at the 10pm daily time slot.


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