Traders who were using a licensed and regulated broker did not have any problem withdrawing there money, because their trading account with insured by the government. 

Hold on Warren Buffet.

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Mar 10,  · It seems they require a risk deposit of $5k and provide free training. What has been your experience with Maverick Trading? Do you think the.

I am supposed to get a call from a recruiter in a few days for a "suitability" interview. I've read that the fees for the FX division that seem a bit less. Anyone here know what they are currently? I just wanted to trade with their capital. I can now honestly say I make money consistently as a trader.

Chuck Braun, Jan 8, , Guest I thought I knew a lot about fx trading but I was so surprised how much more i learned going through their process. They forced me to actually write and submit a trading plan.

I can't believe I didn't do this in the first place. Looking forward to having a better foundation. I was funded last week as promised and so far so good. Greg Fulton, Nov 10, , Guest When I joined I was a little skeptical but I figured to worst that could happen would be a loss of money which i've experienced plenty of in the markets. The first thing i learned from these guys is why I was losing my money which was worth the cost of everything.

I refused to follow a system and traded on my whims and feelings. They force you to develop a trading system and trade that system. This really helped me gain some much needed discipline and consistency Kevin P, Jul 24, , Guest So glad to say i'm officially a professional trader. Employment contract in place, fully funded account and profitable 5 out of my first 6 months. Maverick FX has been great for me and what I have needed all along was someone watching over my shoulder and telling me when i'm acting like a jackass.

This company does NOT provide jobs, they are all independent contractor positions. You learn about the basics of technical Trading and basic options combinations; there's a lot of do-it-yourself which manly means watch videos or attend live classes.

You do save a lot of time learning it this way versus having to go read books. They also have a stock chart simulator so you can practice your newly acquired technical analysis skills without cheating i. The simulator is great, it saves you probably a year worth of real life trading, without losing money.

I think you can actually get the simulator without paying the high amount of money you have to pay them, though. Robb is extremely helpful and a good teacher. Cons Let's start with the price. Whether you're trading with "their" money or not if you're still in the learning phase , you're going to be paying that money. A twice a week, hour-long, meeting with the rest of the group to talk about what's going on and what stocks to get into. Who decides what stocks to get into during those meetings?

After a month or so, you realize the same information you got from the meetings is the same information you got yourself before even going to the meeting because obviously we all learned it from the same source. Oh yeah, you also get "Trade Alerts". Except these are not really trade alerts because you can't act on it.

They teach you all these "set ups" which are rules you need to follow, but you realize the trade alerts don't follow any of these rules.


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27 Maverick Trading reviews. A free inside look at company reviews and salaries posted anonymously by employees/5(27).

Jul 10,  · However, Maverick trading takes on those "theoretical" prices and logs them in as a "trade". They may get % profit at the end of the year, but that's unlikely the truth if you would have used real Former Freelancer - Options Trader. Maverick Trading is both a stock-options trading educational company and a ‘prop trading opportunity’. found the educational experience to be of high quality and very useful. But very expensive at $6k upfront and $ per month, in perpetuity/5. 

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I have been trading FX for about 8 years, and I joined Maverick last year for a few reasons. First of all, it's true that they only have leverage, just like anyone can get in the U.S., but as a Level 1 trader, I provided $ into an account, and the firm put up $, so that makes the leverage substantially better/5(13). Also - be aware that r/forex is not your trading journal. Users posting empty trades will find them removed. You must be willing to explain your analysis and reasoning for the trade. Has anyone had experience with Maverick Trading Inc.? submitted 3 years ago by RestandPlay. What kind of experience can you hope to gain there? I know you have.

May 31,  · Maverick FX Review To start, I’ll give you a breakdown of the service and let you know what Maverick FX is offering the Forex marketplace. Then, as the review progresses I’ll take a look at the community response and analyze the viability of 3/5. Maverick Trading, established in , is an award-winning trading firm that focuses primarily on equity and equity options. We are looking for new trading associates to .

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