With operations based in New Delhi, India, WGM helps its clients in creating strong online presence for their web-based businesses. 

The company has made a commitment to uphold the highest standards and achieves this through the use of many tools.


Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC) today announced its decision to impose an administrative penalty on WGM Services Ltd, a investment firm that owns binary options brand EZTrader and forex broker EZInvest. The administrative measure consists of a EUR 10, fine.

The management team estimates that 80 percent of their property managers have been promoted from within the organization. The properties operated by Walters Golf Management can credit much of their profitability to one simple concept: The management team recognizes the uniqueness of each area in which they own or operate a golf course.

Each clubhouse, dining facility, pro shop, and golf course is developed specifically for the golf market of its geography. This enables each property to provide its individual market with the high quality service it demands at prices they can afford.

WGM receives numerous calls a month asking them to purchase or manage golf courses and participate in renovations. However, they realize part of their success is that they are very selective in making these choices. Jeff Smith believes, "You are often judged on the last project you completed.

Furthermore, the team puts many hours into their existing properties, which they will not let suffer due to the addition of new projects. The partnership between Walters Golf Management and their vendors is an important ingredient to success. When choosing vendors, the management team analyzes their goals in comparison to those of the potential vendor in an effort to form long term partnerships.

Woojung go to their school together and Eunjung introduces her friend to her husband. They attend the class together. In the class, Eunjung sings together with Jaemin with the "gesture" that makes Jang Woo feel uneasy.

The Brave couple are still experiencing the joys of their honeymoon, even going para-sailing. After the M4 Concert, Won Joon takes So Hyun to a restaurant, where he creates a romantic atmosphere with a lovely dinner and even music.

At the college, Woojung have lunch with their friends. Eunjung and Jaemin plan to make her husband jealous. Jang Woo's annoyed at how close his wife is with another man. Things turn out when Jaemin reveals the plan, Jang Woo and Jaemin pretend that they were fighting and that makes her feel sad. At the end, they get the mission card to go to their new house. Brave Couple finish their romantic dinner with Won Joon getting him and So Hyun couple watches, along with presenting her with a diamond ring asking her to accept his love.

They also spend the rest of the day doing a hopping tour and also talk about what happens once they return to Korea to officially start their married life.

Miss A comes to Khuntoria's house as Nichkhun invites them to help him cook. Woojung reveals a mobile home as their first house. Jang Woo asks Eunjung to cook for the first time at their new house. They go to the mart to buy things to cook and decorations to decorate their new house. Upon returning to Korea, the Brave Couple is given the mission to do some last checks on the things that they want to know about each other and to confirm some things. Won Joon takes So Hyun to his house and shows him around, while So Hyun looks for marks regarding his past with other women, while Won Joon wants to meet some of his wife's friends who can tell stories about her.

They went to do Bungee Jumping. Jang Woo tells Eunjung that he will do everything as she wishes on that day. Together, the friends tell the newlywed couple about living together and marriage itself, along with how they should handle situations, with some jokes in the middle. Later, the Brave Couple receives a mission to go find their newlywed house themselves. Woojung couple enjoy the warm spa. Eunjung wants to see how good Jang Woo's swimming skills are.

Eunjung wishes her husband to dry her hair and make a self prepared meal. Brave Couple move into their new home, with So Hyun asking K. Will and Kim Hyung Jun to help her prepare a surprise for Won Joon, only for Won Joon to run into Hyung Jun at the elevator, but then realize nothing about the surprise. They later receive a mission to pick the five 'must haves' of a wedding house. Khuntoria gets on a wedding decorated bus. Woojung couple went to a herb farm.

Eunjung asks Jang Woo for a "foot massage". The Brave Couple go shopping with the five marriage coupons with an original list in mind, however, once they get there, their list changes and ends up leaning towards all of the items that So Hyun wanted to buy. Brave Couple spend their first night in their newlywed home, rearranging the furniture and even doing newlywed things such as brushing their teeth together and having the wife apply facial cleaners.

However, Won Joon attempts the 'foam kiss,' but also ends up failing. So Hyun then reveals the surprise that she has prepared for her husband, which results in him being very touched. So Hyun invites Kim Sook and Lizzy from After School band to help her in creating lunchboxes for Won Joon and the rest of the M4 crew at the M4 concert, with So Hyun even remembering about his wish that they had asked on first day they met, after their wedding ceremony.

After they eat, it is then time for the concert, to which they exchange hidden signals to look out for. After the concert is completed, Won Joon prepares another surprise event for his wife at the concert venue.

Khuntoria plans a wedding ceremony and parodies the kiss charge scene in "The Greatest Love". They invite both 2PM and f x members and even though the whole of 2PM comes, only Amber is able to make it from f x. After the ceremony, Khuntoria boards a yacht to have time alone and Victoria gives Nichkhun a surprise gift. Won Joon then presents his solo concert for his wife, So Hyun, singing and dancing, singing to her while playing the piano and presenting her with a rose ending with So Hyun being touched to tears.

They then travel to a health clinic because So Hyun was concerned about Won Joon's health since he had recently had a concert. While on the train, Won Joon presents So Hyun with the three-tier lunch box again that's filled with fruits and vegetables since So Hyun is not a big breakfast person. They later play games on the train that they played when they were students going on trips and singing songs. They decide to go play pool and Nichkhun prides himself on being 'the king of pool'.

However, Victoria surprises him by being quite good at the game. The Brave Couple arrive at the health clinic. They go through a series of tests to check on their health through a specific Chinese treatment. Through the series of tests, it is shown that So Hyun's body is not as healthy as Won Joon's making him happy. It turns out that by looking at the age of the blood vessels, that So Hyun is deemed to be 80 years old.

During their meeting with the physician, they learn about this physique personality, with So Hyun being the 'less yang' type, which is easily touched, cares more about other peoples' business, and neglects themselves and their own family, while Won Joon being a 'too yin' type, which the physician said is a great match for the 'less yang' people.

Afterwards, they have lunch and plan a date for which So Hyun wants to ride a couple bike. After planting the vegetables and eating dinner, Khuntoria gives each other a manicure, and jokingly confirms their new couple hobby to be giving each other manicures.

The Brave Couple goes on their date and So Hyun gets her wished fulfilled to ride a couple bike. They then head out on a duck boat to complete her perfect date and they then go into a hot air balloon. Later, at their home, Won Joon posts the reports from the health checkup on their wall so that So Hyun will have the motivation to exercise.

They follow along to an exercise video until So Hyun is then worried about Won Joon's nieces coming to visit, which they are already on their way. While So Hyun was cutting the fruits, the doorbell rang and the nieces then arrived. At the end of the episode, they were given a mission to "Make memories with Jordan", Tiger JK and Tasha's 4-year-old son. For the Brave Couple, it is the first time that So Hyun is meeting her in-laws, with Won Joon's nieces, which she didn't even know that he had.

During the first introductions, Won Joon is also nervous on how to introduce them, but his nieces break the silence by saying 'Aunt-in-law' which Won Joon finds shocking since his nieces grew up in America and their knowledge of Korean culture is quite shallow. The nieces also prepared a present for So Hyun, giving her cereal hoping that she'd eat breakfast in the morning. After eating, they then decide to go out shopping since the nieces will be leaving for America within a few days.

They then stop to get some snacks on the street before going shoe shopping to which So Hyun says that she will buy them a pair as a gift. Won Joon then objects to all of the shoes that they try on, saying that he thinks that they're too sexy, and pick out shoes that are old fashioned for the girls to wear.

They then venture into a museum that has things from the past and they dress up in old school uniforms and even eat lunch boxes in an old school room. However, there is something that the nieces are curious about. Nichkhun however, slowly gets closer to Jordan, neglecting Victoria and thus, making her jealous and wanting attention.

At the end of the day, they go home and enjoy wine with ice-cream and a foot bath and is given a new mission.


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Over the past 50 years, WGM has implemented capacity building programs for stakeholders and governments of every level around the globe. These involve mineral policy/legislative design, design of mineral databases, assessment of human and equipment resources, design and implementation of National Mineral Development . The WGM Psychology Toronto team offers expertise in trauma-focused assessment and treatment, general psychological practice, and comprehensive forensic and legal assessment services. Headed by Dr. Vivien Lee, we are committed to providing the most effective, evidenced-based interventions to our clients and to work closely as a .

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