The company was a joint venture founded by Birdman and his brother Slim, and the name was a combination of the brothers' first names, Bryan and Ronald. 

He was definitely a father figure to Wayne.

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Jimmy Birman Facing certain conviction and a very likely death sentence Thomas Birman decided to plead guilty to the murders of his sons with firearm specifications. In exchange for his plea agreement Birman was spared the death penalty. He was sentenced to consecutive back-to-back life sentences plus three additional years for the firearm specification. We can find nothing to indicate that Birman expresses any remorse for killing his sons.

No Parole It gets no worse than Thomas Birman. Not only did he brutally murder two innocent children, he murdered his own sons in an effort to get back at his wife for wanting a divorce. Birman accepted a plea deal to avoid the penalty and that is the only deal he should receive. Thomas Birman is a ticking time bomb and putting him back on the streets would endanger any woman or child that crosses his path. Releasing Thomas Birman at any point would be a complete injustice to Jimmy and Tommy Birman and would demean his extreme cruelty to them, In order to further the interests of justice and protect society were urge the Ohio Parole Board to give Thomas Birman the maximum continuance of ten years at every parole hearing until he dies in prison.

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The court granted this motion. Brown appealed to the Court of Appeals, which reversed the trial court, holding that she had presented sufficient evidence to establish genuine issues for trial on her fraud and conspiracy claims.

The Court of Appeals also considered the defendants' argument that Brown's claims must be dismissed because they are based on Barenkamp's testimony before the circuit court in the child support hearing. Where this exception applies, the court reasoned, the defendant loses the immunity normally attached to trial testimony.

The court held that Barenkamp's statement of his income in the child support hearing falls into this exception, and therefore Brown may base her claims on this allegedly false testimony.

We take up both issues discussed by the Court of Appeals. First, we decide whether the intermediate court erred in reversing the trial court's grant of summary judgment. Second, we decide whether the court erred in holding that Brown may sue the defendants based on Barenkamp's trial testimony, because that testimony was part of the larger conspiracy exception. We note that only the Birman defendants-Dr. We shall refer to them, where appropriate, as the appellants; we shall use the term defendants to refer to the appellants in combination with the Barenkamps.

Brown's suit charges the defendants with having committed two common law torts, fraud and conspiracy to defraud. The common law action for fraud may be stated as follows: When a party intentionally misrepresents a material fact or produces a false impression in order to mislead another or to obtain an undue advantage over him, there is a positive fraud.

The representation must have been made with knowledge of its falsity and with a fraudulent intent. The representation must have been to an existing fact which is material and the plaintiff must have reasonably relied upon that misrepresentation to his injury. First Nat'l Bank v. Brooks Farms, S. Brown's claim is that the defendants committed fraud by intentionally reducing Barenkamp's income through two separate schemes-the Secretary Scheme and the Bonus Scheme-so that he could avoid paying the full amount of child support to which Christen was legally entitled.

The alleged false representation was Barenkamp's testimony before the circuit court about his income. Brown argues that she relied on this misrepresentation, in the sense that the court set Barenkamp's child support payments based on his testimony, and that her daughter has suffered financially as a result.

The appellants' response is twofold: Each conspirator must have the intent to accomplish this common purpose, and each must know of the other's intent.

Brown's conspiracy to defraud claim charges the defendants with conspiring to commit the alleged child support fraud described above. The appellants' response is similar to their argument concerning the fraud claim: Our review of the record leads us to conclude that, in the language of Tenn.

Brown has adduced evidence which she claims shows that Barenkamp and the appellants conspired to reduce his child support payments, and that this conspiracy was successful, i. This evidence alone is significant enough to warrant the denial of the defendants' motion.

Brown first learned of the Secretary Scheme when she received two anonymous letters claiming that part of Barenkamp's income was being diverted to his wife to reduce his child support payments. Once such employee is Theresa Havener. She claims to have had daily contact with Barenkamp and Sue Birman. Moreover, Kathy Barenkamp was expecting a baby, which would further strain the Barenkamps' finances. Since the Birmans wanted to help Barenkamp out, Ms.

Havener claims, they had decided to put Kathy on the payroll as a secretary. Havener states in her affidavit: Another former employee, Linda Holloway, reinforces Ms. She sent paychecks to Kathy Barenkamp on a regular basis. Holloway states in her affidavit: Another employee, Dallas Riley, makes the same allegations. Barenkamp's income was being diverted to Kathy Barenkamp in order for him to avoid paying child support to the child of his and Charlotte Brown.

Yost affirms that Sue Birman discussed with her the possibility of allocating a portion of Barenkamp's income to Kathy Barenkamp. First, she denies that she spoke to any company employee about Barenkamp's child support obligations. Second, she discusses Kathy Barenkamp's employment.

I don't think so, other than answering the telephones. Apart from the affidavits and depositions, Brown also relies on allegedly forged documents she claims were used to cover up the Secretary Scheme fraud. Brown's attorney hired Jane Eakes, a certified forensic examiner, to examine the signatures.

Eakes's opinion is that Ryan Masters signed Kathy's name on both documents.


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