Email Alerts for up to 5 Searches If you need to track more than 5 companies, product segments, or trade lanes, you should upgrade to the Premium plan, which allow more email alerts. But dont be put off, if you are a short term trader, I request you to do your due diligence, speak to the customer rep, ensure you read the fine prints of the terms and conditions, and you might be okay. 

In addition to Kushnir's plein-air paintings that are featured for the first time in this book, Oh, Shenandoah presents in-depth essays by leading experts—Edward L.

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Jan 05,  · Well MT4 would fit the bill if it had one-click trading off the charts and a broker who wasn't based in or backed by some company in Russia! (Not that I have anything against Russia or Russians you understand) The worst thing I found with GFT was that when placing a trade (market order) it would go into the pending orders .

Over buying and over selling is all in the algorithm and can do more with more at the right times and mostly pertains to short positions and turtles using trickry to disappear. So don't blame it on the machine; blame it on thee investors and beginners grasping a new industrial revolution when it comes to a crash. For granted forex is the market where the money is business is still business and time is all we have on our side.

Don't think for one minute some thought, a magic spell, or yelling at the computer screen is going to change a sunrise or sunset. Now I can't get my remaining funds returned! Closed my account 5 weeks ago but the wired funds have been lost in 'cyber space' and no one gives a damn!

Get out now if you can - looks like GFT will be next to go to the wall! Complaint lodged with NFA. I have 2 computers running on the same internet connection but use one for trading bigger lots. They did not let me exit a trade I got rejected 5 times I had to call the dealing desk to exit. As I was up around 25 pips and then pips.

So please if they have done you wrong file a complaint and not just a bad reivew. For the following reasons: Exotic tabulation of account activity accounting. Poor delayed response news feed within the platform. No phone support after 1 A. Platforms inability to auto check for signal loss reconnection. Easy loss of signal integrity even when computer has full connection with other platforms connected and updating fine.

Administrative costs to trades not clearly disclosed without hide and seek search or hassle of complaint to a rep. As for the charts they are indeed good looking BUT they do have plotting anomolies at times. I have run the platform on some of the most powerful computers and net connections available And still I find the connection loss more than once daily.

The Gft website posts an uptime chart for the day, week, and month. What they are referring to is the actual integral hard system is running, not the out bound feed guarantee I cant say I'd openly acuse them of pump and dump on the signal feed, but I have countless hours of video feed that could point high probability. Increase your odds in favor and fully check the front and backoffice fine print of the broker you send your money to. One thing about sites like this when you read reviews most bad reviews come from bad traders who blame others for their bad trading.

I have been with GFT for a couple of years I left after having an account there for 6 months and came right back to GFT for not only there charts, but for my broker that I work with. He is a licensed forex specialist not a customer service rep like most forex dealers have.

And thats when I came across to GFTUK - they had one of the best plaforms offering number of features and charting package within their platforms. However, after opening an account with them, and making my first long term trade, i noticed something of major concern.

However the account loss that I was shown by the platform did not equate to the monetary loss with regards to the number of pips. After doing some various calculations, i decided to contact customer services and report the anomaly. I contacted customer services, reported the issue and they got back to me 4 hours later. They explained me something that was phenomenal.

Those of you who trade out there, understand how greatly important it is to have a narrow spread on your trade to increase the chances for your trade to work out in your favour. So you still under 50 pips in the red until the market is hitting 1. So now you are physiological stressed and thinking, ok few pips above 1.

Which I did several times!!!! It will go further south. Let's assume the market hits 1. Well I am pips in the negative with the first trade made, and pips in the negative with second trade made.

With my current Broker CCcapitol I am adding position 1. My last 2 trades honored by CCcaptol 1. Now the same scenario with GFT, I have positioned the last two trades 1. YES they have averaged all my 4 trades t 1. Guess what, I am physiological drained and exhausted of the bad day of a bad trading, and I decide to close all my positions which sounds the right thing to do..!

As soon as the market get close to 1. Now, let's assume that by the end of the day I will hold all my positions for the next day, and hoping that the market will eventually reverse and go back to 1. Well this is their tricks..! They are active at the price that they were bought 1. With GFT account at 6 Pm all your position will be closed and repositioned at the market price!

So this is deal Your account now is suffering of an effective drawdown liquidity. To recover the 40k you have to wait until the market gets at least to 1. The GFT has been liquidated in a matter of 55 days. Furthermore, this is what I have received from them today!!!


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Today I'm still trading and continue to receive support from GFT, but the biggest take away for me was the ability to understand the workings of global financial markets and to effectively manage my own money without the need for a middle man.

GFT binary trading business has been acquired by It no longer accepts new binary traders. GFT is a Forex company based in the United Kingdom that offers binary options trading services to customers around the world.9/10(1). GFT Technologies SE (GFT) today published its results for the first six months and second quarter of Its business with digitalisation () Read More. GFT Blog CODE_n Finalist Stitched: managing skills and capabilities in a better way. 

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What we think about GFT Forex. GFT is a global forex broker that recently took the decision to withdraw from the Japanese and U.S. retails forex market, and is now operating out of Singapore, London and Sydney. GFT Forex trading site is completely dedicated to help all the novice traders to choose the right trading platform. On our site, we have also described the functionality of each trading platform provided by the online Forex and Binary Options Trading sites.

GFT has made the difficult business decision to cease supporting U.S. retail forex trading; rather, we are focusing on our institutional relationships which exist in the U.S and globally. As part of this decision, all U.S. retail forex customers have been placed on a position closing only basis as of 7 PM EST, Sunday December 2, Dec 14,  · Global Forex Trading, commonly known as GFT Forex, is known for its dazzling charts and prompt customer service. Before a potential trader can even download the free demo, a “GFT licensed Forex specialist” is on the phone inquiring if he can walk the user through the platform.4/4.

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