Noida online trading scam: Three held for duping people of Rs 3,726 crore

They are just thinking of themselves and not about the members.

On clicking the link, a pop-up opened and automatically closed after 30 seconds. So, Now social trade if finding ways to protect themselves and making fool of people. 

Also, My advice to everyone would be, if you really want to invest and test the waters. Facebook had already blocked link shortners like adf.

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Social Trader is a pretty old scam software, supposedly created by Jonathan Cooper in , which claims that it could make you earn.

How much is the cost for the Social Trader This may not be entirely new as of now as you have come across such systems which are completely free. This particular system has a counter on their website which shows that there are only 15 copies left. The developer does not charge anything from the trader, directly, but will require you to put down a deposit with one of the binary options brokers that they have approved.

The brokers that they use are also fairly new in the market and our opinion is that the binary options system has high risks for one to invest as of now as the result is not very guaranteed.

If you really need to invest, choose a system that is proven. Screenshot How does the Social Trader work? The way the Social Trader works is by making predictions on market movements based on the market analysis it does. The systems collects previous data and basing on the history of trading associated with an asset, it establishes trends then makes predictions on whether the value will drop or rise in the future. These URLs were sent to subscribers on phones for clicks. Investors were told the company got business from a third party to increase their 'likes'.

Noida man dupes Sub-inspector dupes trader of Deposits in banks cross Rs 3 l Conman who duped people The scheme operated through a maze of dubious URLs online links sent to phones of subscribers that they were asked to click. Cheekily, these would sometimes be links to Facebook or Twitter profiles of other subscribers.

A fake server was set up where these links would terminate. They had floated a fake company called Ablaze Info Solutions Private Limited that operated from there. The STF team that raided the office found passports, purportedly of some high performers and employees of the fraudsters, who were to be rewarded with a trip to Australia.

Buying likes is common practice among companies that want to look better on social media. Amit Pathak, senior superintendent of police, STF, said the trio had launched Social Trade as a pyramid scheme in , telling people they could earn sitting from home.

For this purpose, they used Ablaze, which rented a four-storey building in Sector 63 for its office. Compared to Saradha, where 1. The company, run by a years old engineering graduate, Anubhav Mittal, along with his sides Shridhar Prasad and Mahesh Dayal lured take up members of a certain amount, and for then ask them to like Facebook and Twitter links.

Buying social media likes is a common practice in the corporate world. Mittal scam was wrapped this popular practice. For experts, Social Trade throws up larger challenges. But Mittal wanted quick money, and a lot of it.


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'Like' scam: Noida man dupes 6 lakh people of Rs 3, crore 'Like' scam: Noida man dupes 6 lakh people of Rs 3, crore The Social Trade website — — was transferred to.

Social Trade Scam or Not I posted a V ideo on My Youtube Channel, Few appreciate and few criticise. Criticisers ask me to know about Social Trade then make video. Social Trade Scam News: Till Now, We had already posted each and every activity related to Social Trade plan and Scam. Anubhav Mittal has been charged with running a Rs crore online ponzi scheme. 

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But when using reputable online brokers to social trade, it simply cannot be a scam. You are simply given data on a variety of different traders can choose to follow them and see which trades they are placing. Is the Social Trader a scam? The thing about binary option trading is that it is fairly a complex and technical and it was quite unexpected that a software like Social Trader can comprehend the process and actually produce accurate results all the time.

Social Trade Scam has been announced by Zee and News India. Recently it is released by news channels has been shut down and closed. Social Trader is a pretty old scam software, supposedly created by Jonathan Cooper in , which claims that it could make you earn.

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