In other words, any beginner trader who feels that they lack the confidence and experience to approach the markets, will surely find great support, encouragement and the tools required to do so at GTOptions. 

For example, the trading platform can improve on its integration with the news providers, chart providers and other streams of data that can assist the traders with their investment decisions.

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The fastest sports information, live odds and picks.

Investopedia Academy has created a course for those looking to educate themselves about options, and then actively enter the options trading market. With over 4 hours of content and real-time trading examples, Options for Beginners gives you the knowledge and skills you need to begin trading options.

While a bit different from normal options, SPOT options are easy to trade. With a normal option you might not be able to close out the position, since no one is willing to take the opposite side. With SPOT options, this is never a problem, since there is never a need to close out the position - it is a one-sided trade.

SPOT options give you the opportunity to create different scenarios that allow choosing exactly what you believe will happen in the market. In fact, investors who use SPOT options define the specifics of the trade. With SPOT options, the downside risk is limited to the premium paid. The option scenario defines the reward, so it is known before entering the trade. Before committing to the trade, you know the risk-reward tradeoff. SPOT options also have their disadvantages: Once you have bought a SPOT option, it cannot be traded to close out the position.

Should conditions change, you cannot change your mind and sell the option. Your broker determines the premium you will pay based on the factors you set, including the underlying security, the strike price and the expiration date. You can only accept or reject the premium payment. It is difficult to predict the exact time period and strike price of the scenario you are proposing. This can make it more difficult to achieve your goal for the trade. Fortunately, different types of SPOT options help mitigate this disadvantage.

Here are some of the more common types: One-Touch When buying a one-touch option , traders set the expiration date and specific price target they believe the underlying security will achieve to receive the payout. If you choose correctly, you are paid; if you are wrong, you lose your premium. In this case, you should buy a one-touch SPOT that expires in two weeks. No-Touch When buying this type of option, you set the amount of profit that you will make if - and only if - an underlying security does not reach the specified price point before a certain time.

The further away the price is from the price point, the lesser the payout potential, since there is greater probability that the underlying security will not touch the strike price. Buying a no-touch SPOT that expires in one week would be the way to go.

Double One-Touch With a double one-touch option , you choose two price points and set the profit you will make if either one is hit. Usually, double one-touch options are used when traders expect highly volatile market conditions but don't know what direction the market will take. In this case, double one-touch options are similar to long straddle or strangle options. This broker does not accept US citizens, but offers just about anything clients from all other eligible countries will ever want to see in their binary options broker.

One rather unique feature of GTOptions. Overall, GTOptions seems very appealing to both VIP clients as well as beginners, so it is likely to attract both types of clients.

This broker offers everything from trading signals and support to real one-on-one guidance Trading Platform GTOptions. It also offers a VIP service for clients willing to trade at significant size. More specifically on the trading platform, traders will find multi-lingual support, easy navigation, enhanced trading, and unique features such as the Follow Me feature, which allows traders to follow a successful trader of their choice and profit from their trades. The platform is also available on smart phone devices.

This broker is absolutely safe to use, at any level of trading service. Most importantly withdrawals are reliable and timely and the company has been well rated on overall payment handling. Specials GTOptions offers many good features, including the Follow Me feature which allows traders to follow other traders in trading the markets.


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Spotoption provides one the best derivative trading platform as a brokerage setup for Forex, CFDs and Digital Contracts platform.

SpotOption was a privately held platform software provider based in Israel in the controversial binary option industry, which was banned in Israel starting in January. Describes the configuration of Spot Instances in an EC2 Fleet. 

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